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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-14 23:30:00
The Great Outdoors vs. DJ Phat Pat & Fallah vs. SM Squared vs. ?

The last team I unfortunately couldn't hear over the loud speakers.   Equally unfortunately, my netbook decided to load a windows update and lock up on me so I missed pretty much the entire bout but it was a good bout that the crowd was into.  SM Squared retained the PWS Tag titles.

AR Fox vs. Rich Swann vs. Starman vs. Apollyon vs. Lucifer Darksyde vs. The Dynamic Sensation in a Suicidal Six Way

The winner gets a PWS Tri-State championship bout.  Sensation and Star Man started out and went back and forth.  Starman sent him to the outside and teased a dive but Fox tripped him and got into the ring.   Star Man got the better of Fox early but caught a dropkick to the back.   Swann tagged in and did some really great athletic back and forth stuff with Fox followed by a series of near falls.  They faced off and the crowd applauded.

Apollyon hit the ring and clotheslined both, then slammed them.   Darksyde tagged in and they faced off.  Darksyde nailed a big dropkick that sent off him othe outside.  They went into a crazy dive sequence with everyone hitting big dives to the floor.   Apollyn tossed Swann over the rail.  Everyone brawled into the corner of the venue.  Star Man climbed up a poll in the corner and dove off onto everyone.

Back in the ring, Star Man laid out Swann but Fox broke up the pinfall.  Fox ducked a clothesline and nailed a leaping kick to the head of Star Man.   Fox hit this crazy twisting splash in the corner on Star.   Sensation caught him with a superkick for a two count.   Apollyon nailed a TKO on Sensation.  He and Darksyde faced off.   They agreed to team up but were overwhelmed by the other competitors.

Star Man went to the top for a dive but was caught by Apollyon.  Two others grabbed Star and they all slammed him down in unison.   Darksyde hit a sitdown powerbomb from the muscle buster position for a two count on Sensation.   Fox began tagging him with a series of strikes.  Darksyde laid him out and nailed a moonsault.  Star Man rolled him up and pined Darksyde.  The place went nuts for that.

Your winner, Star Man!

Really fun and insane match with some great dives and brawling.

One Warrior Nation vs. Timmy Aiight

Short but not sweet.  Nation wins.

They held a student Battle Royal.  Literally every family member of every student was at this show.  They introduced all the students then had the NYWC wrestlers from Long Island come out and complain they weren't on the show but these students were.  This led to brawl that the students won and then they had the Royal.  The crowd was really into this as it was a bunch of outsiders vs. their friends.  Then  they did the Battle Royal and since everyone cared about seeing their friends and family in this thing, it was really heated.

PWS Tri-States champion Tony Nese vs. Matt Hardy (with Reby Sky)

They went back and forth on the mat and exchanged holds.    Nese caught him with an inside cradle and locked Hardy in a submission hold.  Hardy battled back and slammed Nese into the turnbuckles then nailed him with Snake Eyes.   Hardy locked on a cravate.   Nese fought back and whipped Hardy into the corner.  Hardy reversed but Nese hit the ropes and came off with a bodypress for a two count.

Hardy went to the floor where Nese nailed a dive to the outside.  They battled back into the ring where Hardy punted Nese in the gut several times.   Hardy nailed a gourdbuster.   Hardy locked on a reverse bear hug, trying to force the air out of Nese's lungs.  Nese made a comeback and nailed a quebrada for a two count.    Hardy ducked a clothesline and was nailed by a Nese leg lariat.

Nese drilled him with a series of kicks in the corner and locked on a rear chinlock.   Nese worked over Hardy's back and sent him into the corner but was kicked off during a charge.  Hardy teased coming off the ropes but Nese nailed him.  Hardy made a comeback with a Side Effect for a two count.    He nailed another for another two count.  Hardy came off the ropes with a standing elbow for a two count.

Nese went to the top where Hardy caught him.  Hardy went for a superplex but Nese pushed him off and hit an awesome 450 splash for a close near fall.   Nese was caught in the Twist of Fate at the time limit expired.

Time Limit Draw.

Mr. Belding came out.   He said they don't have Zack time outs in the ring and he said they were going to give them five minutes.  He then admonished a fan that tossed toilet papaer in the ring.

They battled back and forth with near falls.  Hardy locked on his guillotine choke.  Nese tried to fight out but sunk down.  He fired back and ran Hardy into the turnbuckles.  Hardy and Nese battled back and forth.  Nese dropkicked him hard in the corner and nailed a running knee strike. He nailed another.  Reby Sky got on the apron to distract Nese.  Hardy attacked him from behind and went for the Twist of Fate.  Nese slipped out and shoved Hardy into Sky, who took a bump to the floor.  Nese rolled up Hardy for the pin.

Your winner and still PWS Tri-State champion Tony Nese!

Solid match,.  I'd like to see what these guys could do with 30 minutes.

Sky apparently hurt her shoulder taking the bump and was getting checked out by EMTs backstage.

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