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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-19 20:30:00's WWE Summerslam 2012 PPV coverage is brought to you by THQ's WWE '13 videogame, which will be released on 10/30. For details on pre-ordering the game and all the features and talent that will be featured, click the graphic below:


WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio came out in a Batman inspired outfit.  I wonder if will do an exclusive action of that?  Miz had the inflatable letters spelling AWESOME for his entrance.

Miz shoulderblocked down Rey.  Miz is in best physical shape of his career.    He worked over Rey early,  Rey ducked a clothesline and used a Lucha head scissor takedown.  He sent Miz into the corner but was cut off.

Miz nailed Rey who rolled through and landed on the outside.  He dared Miz to follow but ran back in when he did and cut off Miz.  Miz countered that by slamming Rey chest-first over the barricade.    He tossed the challenger back into the ring and covered him for a one count.  Miz locked in a rear chinlock, using his knee to dig into the small of Rey's back.

Rey made a comeback but was caught and nailed with Shock Treatment.  Miz peppered Rey with a series of punches while trash talking him.  Miz covered Rey for a two count.  He locked in a cravate, trying to wear Mysterio down.

Miz worked over Rey and scored several near falls but Mysterio drilled him with a kick for a two count.   Mysterio kicked Miz but was picked up for a slam.  Rey turned that into a DDT for another near fall.  He went to the top but Miz mer him there.  Rey won that battle and was knocked off.  Rey came off with a headscissors into the ropes.  Rey nailed the 619 and went to the top for a splash but missed.

Miz went for a move but was caught with a forward roll for a two count.    Miz caught Rey with the Skull Crushing Finale and scored the pin.

Your winner, WWE Intercontionental champion The Miz!

Another good back and forth match.  Very solid undercard so far.  Miz was really on here and has really upped his game as a worker since returning from filming Marine: Homefront.  Mysterio hit some nice flash moves.

They announced AJ would deal with Kane putting his hands on Josh Mathews on Raw.

WWE '13 Fact: Players will be able to have the UFC Dream Match of Ken Shamrock vs. Brock Lesnar in WWE '13, although obviously not under MMA rules.

Teddy Long and Eve were coming out of AJ's office and talked about what a good job she was doing as GM.  As they left, WWE champion CM Punk entered and told AJ that he wanted to reiterate that putting him in a match against two opponents where he can lose without being beaten isn't right.  AJ was zoned out and not listening.  He said that she was doing this because he turned down her proposal on Raw.  She just stared like a drone without emotion.  He said she was disrespecting him just like Cena and all the uninformed fans have been but promised he would retain the title.  He walked out and she was still somewhere on the Grid in Tron, because she sure wasn't there.

Piers Morgan is sitting behind the announcers.

World champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio.

They locked up and Sheamus backed him into the corner.  They tried to muscle each other back and forth but the referee broke them up.   This time Del Rio backed up Sheamus, who nailed him with a punch.  They locked up and fell out of the ring to the floor.

Sheamus went into the ringside table.  They battled back and forth on the floor.  Sheamus tossed him back in but was kicked in the head as he returned through the ropes.  Del Rio worked over Sheamus in the corner.  Sheamus kicked off a charge and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.  Sheamus worked over Del Rio with a series of rights.

Sheamus used a rolling senton for a two count.  Sheamus placed Alberto on the top rope and Sheamus went under putting Del Rio on his shoulders.  Alberto grabbed the buckle to hold on and ripped it off.  Del Rio escaped and went for the cross armbreaker but Sheamus slipped out and went for the Brogue Kick.

Del Rio drilled Sheamus, knocking him to the floor and rammed him backwards into the steel stairs.   Del Rio came off the top with a shoulderblock and covered him for a two count.  Sheamus fought back but was kicked in the leg and covered for a two count.

Sheamus fought his way out of a chinlock and nailed a series of headbutts but was cut off.  Alberto stomped him down to the mat and covered him for a near fall.  Del Rio mocked Sheamus' mannerisms.   He teased going for the Brogue Kick but was cut off with a Polish Hammer.  Sheamus began working him over but was sent shoulder-first into the ringpost.  Sheamus went to the top but was nailed.  Alberto yanked him, bad arm first, off the ropes, driving him down for a two count.

Del Rio continued working over Sheamus who tried to muscle him onto his shoulders.  Alberto rolled through and locked on the cross armbreaker.  Sheamus tried to fire up and pulled Del Rio up and dropped him into a powerbomb.  Carlos Newton was smiling somewhere.

Sheamus nailed White Noise for a two count.  He set up for the Brogue Kick but Alberto stepped out of the way.  Sheamus caught him in the ropes and worked him over with a series of shots across the chest.   Sheamus rained down with punched in the corner but Del Rio dropped down and drove him into the exposed buckle.  Del Rio nailed the leaping enziguiri for a near fall.

Ricardo, who got up on the apron to celebrate, then tried to toss Del Rio a shoe but the referee saw him.  Alberto was so mad, he dragged Ricardo in and nailed him.  Ricardo rolled out but his shoe was left in the ring.  Sheamus nailed Del Rio with the shoe and hit The Irish Curse for the pin.  Del Rio had his foot on the ropes but the referee missed it as Sheamus pulled it off.

Your winner and still World champion, Sheamus!

Good stiff bout.  I wasn't a fan of the finish but the work was good and this was a completely different match from everything that preceded it.  This was way better than the entire storyline that set the bout up.

WWE '13 Fact: WWE '13 will allow fans to not only customize characters to play WWE '13 with but share those creations for others to download and use.  So, if someone creates versions of Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman for themselves, you'll be able to import them for your own use.

WWE Tag Team champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players

Truth went right after Darren Young and took him down and rained down with the punches.  The crowd began chanting "Kobe Bryant" in reference to the AW firing.  Truth worked over Young, who cut him off and ran him into The Players' corner.

Titus O'Neal slammed down Truth for a two count.  He locked in a front facelock to wear down Truth as the crowd tried to rally him.   Truth made the hot tag to Kingston really fast and he unloaded with some offense on Titus, then drilled him with the Boom Drop.

Kingston set up the Trouble in Paradise but Young distracted him, allowing Titus to roll out of the ring.  Kofi followed him but was doubleteamed and nailed with a clothesline.  Truth tried to help but the referee forced him back to his corner.  Meanwhile, Kofi was trashed outside and deposited back in the ring.

Kingston tried to fight back but Titus was too strong.  Titus picked up Young for a suplex and dropped him down on Kingston for a two count.  The crowd began chanting for Kingston as Young tied him up on the mat.   Kingston tried to fire back but was nailed with a sideslam.

The Players tagged in and out, working over Kingston.  Kingston countered with a DDT on Titus.  Truth gets the hot tag and cleans house on Young with a series of clotheslines and a right hand.   Truth hit a spinning flying forearm and drilled him with a sitdown gourd buster but Titus broke up the pinfall.

Kingston was tossed over the top by Titus but Kingston skinned the cat, and ducked down when Titus charged.  Kofi nailed a crossbody over the top to the floor. Young rolled up Truth but was nailed with an Axe Kick for the pin.

Your winners, WWE Tag Team champions R Truth & Kofi Kingston!

OK match but nothing memorable.  You know this is a hot crowd when they are into the Tag Team title match.  They worked hard.

WWE '13 Fact: It takes almost a full year to create a WWE personality's game model from scratch, which is why you'll sometimes see departed talents, such as the Bellas and Kharma, featured in games even after they have departed. With so much lead time needed, they just can't unplug one face and place another one in.

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