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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-19 20:30:00
Welcome to's WWE Summerslam 2012 PPV coverage, brought to you by THQ's WWE '13 videogame, which will be released on 10/30. For details on pre-ordering the game and all the features and talent that will be featured, click the graphic below:


Over the course of the evening, PWInsider will feature some unique facts about the new WWE videogame in between match coverage!

WWE United States champion Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana)

Cesaro described how great he was in five languages before the match.

They locked up several times with Marella getting the better of the exchanges. Marella scored a near fall with a double leg takedown into a pinfall. Cesaro cut him off and worked over Marella in the corner. Marella avoided a charge into the corner. He went for the Cobra but was blasted from behind. Cesaro grabbed his arms and nailed a series of headbutts. He rode Santino to the mat and cinched in a rear chinlock. Marella tried to crawl towards the ropes and his Cobra but was pulled away.

Cesaro turned it into a side chinlock. Marella fought to his feet and nailed a Saito suplex. He tried again to retrieve the cobra but was pulled away. Cesaro worked over Marella. He grabbed the cobra and ripped it apart, getting a lot of fan reaction for it.

This enraged Marella, who made a comeback but missed a diving headbutt. Cesaro fought back but was nailed and Santino pulled another cobra out of his, well, rear end. Aksana distracted Santino but Cesaro cut off Marella and nailed him with a face-first spike piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner and new United States champion, Antonio Cesaro!

Solid opener. Nice to see Cesaro get the nod.

WWE '13 Fact: Mike Tyson is the first member of the WWE Hall of Fame's celebrity wing AND the first Raw Guest Host to be featured in a WWE videogame.

Backstage, Triple H told referee Scott Armstrong that tonight's match was not going to end in a DQ or a countout. He told Armstrong to let them fight and let it end in a pinfall or submission.

Great video package on Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar main event.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcomed everyone to the show but were interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who introduced Dolph Ziggler.  Big pop for Ziggler in Los Angeles.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho came out with his ribs taped from the Smackdown attack.  They said that he insisted he worked the main event of Smackdown despite the injury and insisted he wrestle tonight.

"Y2J" chants at the bell.  He chased Ziggler to the outside, around the ring and back inside.  Ziggler tried to nail him but was caught with a leaping elbow.  He ran Ziggler into the buckles and chopped him, then beat him with a series of right hands.

Ziggler leapfrogged Jericho bur was chopped down with a big chop.  More loud "Y2J" chants.   Jericho went for a suplex but was punched in the injured ribs.   Ziggler began working them over to wear Jericho down.  He nailed Jericho with a series of punches to the mid-section in the corner.  He whipped Jericho into the ropes.  Jericho held on and backdropped Ziggler over the top to the floor when he charged.

Jericho went to the top for a dive to the outside but missed.  The referee began counting him out but Ziggler returned to the floor and whipped Jericho into the apron outside.  Jericho was tossed into the ring and covered for a near fall.  Ziggler ripped at his face and told Jericho,"You can't hang with me!"

Ziggler scored with a dropkick to the ribs for a two count.   He tied up Jericho on the mat as the crowd chanted for Jericho.   Jericho mounted some offense and they battled back and forth.  Ziggler cut him off with a Stinger Splash for a two count.  Ziggler drilled Jericho with a hangman's neckbreaker.  He stepped on Jericho's chest for a pinfall but Jericho kicked out.  The announcers said he didn't expect to win but was showing off.

Jericho rolled up Ziggler for a two count but was cut off with a clothesline.  Ziggler missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a dropkick and a series of shoulderblocks.  Ziggler cut him off with a kick to the ribs.  Jericho kicked off a Ziggler charge and nailed an axehandle off the middle turnbuckle.

Ziggler reversed a whip and smashed Jericho into the buckles and nailed the Famouser for a two count.  Ziggler went to grab Jericho but was maneuvered into a Walls of Jericho attempt.  Jericho kicked him off and nailed a enziguiri kick to the back of the head for a two count.

Jericho sent Ziggler into the turnbuckles but Ziggler went up and over and locked on a sleeper while riding Jericho's back.  Jericho escaped but Ziggler cut him off and tried to pull him up for a superplex.  Jericho fought him off and whipped out a rana off the top.  Jericho crawled to Ziggler for a cover but Ziggler kicked out at two.

Jericho went for Ziggler, who leapt up and caught him with a stiff DDT for a two count.  They battled back and forth until Jericho nailed a running bulldog.  He went for the Lionsault but Ziggler put his knees up and nailed the Zig Zag.  Ziggler covered him but Jericho kicked up at the last second.  Lots of "Y2J" chants.

Jericho nailed the Codebreaker but Ziggler rolled out of the ring.   Jericho followed to the outside in front of the announcers and rolled him back inside. Vickie grabbed  Jericho's leg as he entered the ring, allowing Ziggler to use a small package for a two count.

Jericho sent him into the ringpost shoulder-first and locked in the Walls of Jericho for the submission.

Your winner, Chris Jericho!

Good PPV opener with some nice sequences and near falls.  Ziggler looked really good here and Jericho was pulling out lots of nice stuff in what's his PPV swansong for now.

Jericho celebrated in the ring while Ziggler and Guerrero looked on, upset, from the stage.

WWE '13 Fact: Some of the well known names who handle motion capture of WWE personalities and moves for THQ's WWE series include former WWE star Harry "DH" Smith, TNA stars Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens, Sonjay Dutt, ROH's Mike Mondo, former WWE Diva Angela "Savannah" Fong, and former WWE developmental talents Michah and Tracy Taylor.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane.

The crowd chanted "Yes" and Bryan screamed back "No."  Bryan tried to score with some kicks early but they had no effect.  Kane wiped him out and stomped away at him in the corner.  The crowd chanted for Bryan.

Bryan ran Kane into the ropes and was tossed off.  He flipped over, landed on his feet and was drilled with a kick to the face for a two count.  Kane was dropkicked in the legs, which Bryan targeted with kicks, following Kane around the ring.

Kane grabbed Bryan and tossed him over the top to the floor.    Kane stalked him outside.  Bryan returned to the ring and nailed a sliding dropkick to the outside.  Bryan nailed a dive through the ropes onto Kane.

Kane returned to the ring but was nailed with a missile dropkick for a one count.  Bryan began reacting to "yes" chants and got angry.  He began drilling Kane with a series of kicks to the chest.    He went for a kick to the head but Kane ducked under and clotheslined Bryan hard.

Kane whipped Bryan into the corner and clotheslined him.  Kane followed up with a hard running clothesline in the corner and nailed a sideslam.   Kane came off the top with a clothesline.  He went for the chokeslam but Bryan kicked out and went to the outside of the apron.  He nailed Kane but was caught with  right hand. 

Bryan drilled Kane with a shot to the jaw to no effect.  Kane lost it and began stomping the hell out of Bryan.  The referee warned him he would be DQ'd if he didn't stop.  That allowed Bryan to nail the distract Kane and attempt to lock in the No Lock.  Bryan couldn't get it so he kicked Kane in the head and went for the diving headbutt.  Kane caught him as he went down and rose, chokeslamming Kane.  Bryan's reaction to all this was great.

Kane signaled for the tombstone.  Kane went for it but Bryan used an inside cradle and caught him out of nowhere for the surprise pin.

Your winner, Daniel Bryan!

Solid match that was better than you'd expect on paper.  They worked a nice pace and told a good story of Bryan trying to overcome Kane's power.  The surprise win at the end was a nice touch.

Kane stalked Bryan, chasing him out after Bryan ran out following the pinfall.  The cameras followed Kane destroying the backstage area and looking for Bryan.  Josh Mathews tried to get an interview.  Kane grabbed him and asked where Bryan was.  Matthews said he left so Kane trashed him.  He stormed off, ripping apart the backstage area, screaming for Bryan.

WWE '13 Fact: WWE '13 will have increased gameplay logic to prevent such wacky things as Rey Mysterio superplexing The Big Show out of the ring and other illogical things that wouldn't happen in real life, not even in the world of professional wrestling.

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