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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-24 01:43:39
TNA Knockout Velvet Sky has either finished or will be finishing up with TNA shortly, according to numerous sources. One source tonight noted that Sky is "as gone as can be without having pen to paper".

Sky, one of the most popular females in the promotion, has been with TNA since 2007. A former Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team champion, most recently, she was cast in a Montgomery Gentry music video through the company.

Sky's status with the company has been tenuous for several weeks, although she's been in negotiations for a new potential deal. Most signs have pointed to her exit.

Sky worked the TNA Basebrawl event in Memphis several weeks back, which may end up having been her final appearance for the company. She is currently booked for a Legends of the Ring convention in New Jersey the same weekend as TNA's Bound for Glory festivities as well.

Love's former Beautiful People partner Angelina Love also recently left the promotion.

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