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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-23 21:14:58
Numerous TNA sources have confirmed that the contracts for TNA TV champion Devon and Bully Ray are set to expire in 4-5 weeks. The pair have been negotiating new contracts with the company but sources indicate that no real movement has been made towards signing the duo to new deals.

Bully Ray is in the midst of his career resurgence after recreating himself following the Team 3D split. He's become one of the best heels in the business as well as one of the best talkers. Ray also works backstage as an agent for the company.

Devon, as TNA TV champion, has been working regularly with younger talents on the roster on both TV and house shows, helping a number of stars along the way, including Robbie E and Garett Bischoff.

It should be interesting to see where they each end up as they obviously could fill similar roles in WWE as veterans both backstage and inside the ring. Obviously, they have been important pieces of the TNA product since coming to the company in 2005, so it stands to reason that TNA wants to keep them as well.

We'll see whether they come to terms or move on in just a few weeks.

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