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By Dave Scherer on 2012-06-30 10:23:00
Spyke from the FCW Street Team reporting.

 Here are the results from tonight's (6-29-12) FCW Summer Slamarama Tour Live Event in Melbourne, FL:

Brodus Clay, Naomi, Cameron, Paige, and FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz were signing autographs.

Pre-show Dance-off:

Colin Cassidy disses the Melbourne crowd and then proceeds to dance to NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" with a female member of the FCW Universe.
Next up was Natalie dancing with a male participant. Abraham Washington (AW) refuses to dance and has his lady partner dance FOR him for money!
Jason Jordan and CJ Parker danced with some kids. The FCW Universe was asked to declare the winners via applause.. The kids with Jordan and Parker won, naturally.

1) Leakee d. Colin Cassidy via Samoan Drop & pinfall - Standard match. Leakee is announced as 1/2 of the FCW Tag Champs.

2) Big E Langston & Lincoln Broderick d. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) via The Big Ending & pinfall.

3) Aiden English d. Garrett Dylan via The Director's Cut (arm wrench/scissor kick) & pinfall.

4) FCW Divas Summer Slamarama Swimsuit Contest: Participants were FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz, Natalie, Paige, Audrey Marie, Caylee Turner, & Sofia Cortez.
Byron Saxton was the guest announcer/judge. Paige was overwhelmingly declared the winner by the FCW Universe in attendance. Just as Byron was about to announce
Paige the winner, Summer Rae comes into the ring and she is declared the winner. This brings out Naomi and Cameron. They push Byron over and the Divas begin to dance
to "Somebody Call My Momma".

Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring and says runs down Melbourne crowd and announces MASON RYAN!

5) Mason Ryan d. Joel Pettyfer via Jackhammer and pinfall. - Joel is a new talent signed from England.

6) Corey Graves & Jake Carter w/ AW d. Jason Jordan & CJ Parker via roll-up pinfall after AW causes the distraction.

7) FCW Divas Championship Match: Caylee Turner d. Raquel Diaz via pinfall to win the Divas Championship! Raquel was crying post-match.

8) Triple Threat Match: Brad Maddox (FCW Jack Brisco 15 Champion) d. Bray Wyatt & Leo Krueger via pinfall on Wyatt. Wyatt went down early in the match, and appears to be severely injured! Match ended quickly after some confusion. Wyatt was taken to the back fairly quickly. Looks like a shoulder injury/dislocation. The show then ended.

It was announced that FCW would be returning to Melbourne on July 28th.

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