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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-06-24 21:00:00
ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs All Night Express

King and Haas start us off and the crowd tells Haas what they think of him, so he tags out and Shelton goes at it with King instead. They go back and forth until King gets a series of hiptosses and armdrags, and Shelton bails out to the floor. The crowd is going NUTS for the ANX, they badly want to see them win the title. King unloads on Shelton with right hands, rams him hard into the corner, and backdrops him out before taking him down with a headlock. Benjamin manages to tag Haas and he comes in to work King over while exchanging pleasantries with the fans. Shelton comes back in, but King quickly recovers and turns things around, taking Haas out and hitting a double team splash/slingshot legdrop with Titus. King winds up in the wrong corner and gets choked out by Haas, then Shelton leaps up with an enziguiri to the face and Haas covers for 2. Shelton tags in and gets a seated rear chinlock on King, then he pulls him up and hits a snap suplex for 2. Haas hangs King upside down in the corner and charges in with a knee like he's Kevin Sullivan. he picks King up and tries another charge, King leapfrogs Haas and rolls him up for 2, but Haas lays him right back out and then tags Shelton in so he can hit some kneedrops. Shelton pulls out the sick ass spot of the night when he picked King up like he was going for a wheelbarrow suplex, but instead drops King forward over his knees. Haas comes in and abuses King until the referee steps in, and King uses the distraction to roll Haas up for 2. Haas and Benjamin go for a double suplex on King, but King counters to a double DDT and makes the hot tag to Titus, and he comes in like a house of fire. Titus cleans house on both guys, backdropping Shelton and them nailing Haas with a big boot to the head and a leaping bulldog. Titus with a big boot/roaring clothesline combo on Shelton for 2, he goes up top and Shelton tries to do the leaping suplex,but Titus drops under Shelton and drops him face first onto the top turnbuckle. King comes in with Shotgun knees on Shelton and covers for 2, but Haas comes in and suplexes King out of his shoes, then gives Titus the Hacker Slam and Shelton covers for 2. King tosses a chair into the ring to Shelton and dares him to use it, the referee sees and tells King to get lost, but Titus sneaks in and hits Shelton with a DDT onto the chair for a false finish. King takes Haas out with a dive over the ropes, Titus goes for one as well but Shelton blindsides him and knocks him outside. Now all four men are on the floor and Titus gets busted open (I didn't quite catch how), and he ends up back inside as a smiling Haas gleefully pounds on his skull as blood mists into the air with each shot. Haas unloads on Titus in the corner and cuts off the hot tag, then chokes Titus out with his boot. Shelton tags in and stomps the crap out of Titus as well, and the referee stops him to check on the blood, but then Shelton and Haas come back to beat on him some more. Haas takes the microphone and asks the referee if he's going to stop the match, because they're going to kill him if he doesn't. The referee lets it go, so Haas says the blood's on his hands, and he goes back to destroying Titus. They set Titus up for the Leap of Faith, but King comes in and takes Shelton out with a tornado DDT. Haas goes after King and takes him out with a big boot, but Titus catches him with a schoolboy rollup and pins him to win the title.

Winners and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: All Night Express

Crowd goes NUTS when Titus got the pin, and the celebration is on as the ANX breaks the wine open as Haas & Benjamin stand in the ring in disbelief. They go out to the floor and lay Titus and King out, but the new champions get back up and head to the back with the belts (and wine bottles) held high.

Steve Corino comes out before the main event and says that he's proud to be evil,and he's going to sit on commentary for the main event so Kevin Steen has representation from someone who cares about him, unlike "that fat piece of s*** Jim Cornette." This bings out Cornette, who says that he's not stupid because he knows that Corino will get involved if his boy gets in trouble. Corino's a contracted announcer for ROH so he can sit in on commentary, but Cornette will sit right out here with him, and if Corino gets involved the slightest bit, he's going to do something about it. After ring introductions, Kyle O'Reilly comes out to get the microphone and says that he's not in Davey's corner because Davey didn't like how he handled his loss to Adam Cole. He respects Davey, but he's not going to let Davey slap him around on TV, and he's not out here to stab him in the face, he's going to stab him right in the eye because he's telling him to his face that he's tired of being Davey's little bitch, and that's all he's going to be as long as he stays with him. No more Team Richards, no more Team Ambition, there's Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly, and New York can kiss his ass. O'Reilly drops the microphone and walks off.

ROH World Title Match, Anything Goes: Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards

Steen goes right out to the apron to start the match, Davey kicks him off and through a ringside table, then they start fighting on the floor. Davey stops to go after Jimmy Jacobs, but he turns around and runs right into a pop-up powerbomb on the ring apron. Steen rams Davey into the guardrail and slams him on the floor, then throws a couple of metal guardrail covers on top of him and comes off the ring apron with a splash. They go back inside and Steen goes for a Swanton, but Davey gets the knees up. He goes back after Steen, but Steen catches Davey and suplexes him into the corner. Davey turns it around and kicks Steen out to the floor before following him out with a dive. They wind up fighting around the ring and onto the ring apron where Davey suplexes Steen and drops him headfirst on the apron. Davey sets up a table at ringside and puts Steen on it, then goes to the top rope and double stomps Steen through the table. He rolls Steen back inside and connects with another top rope double stomp that gets 2. Davey goes after Steen with a chair, but Steen blocks and hits a Codebreaker using the chair, then slams Davey onto the chair for 2. Steen goes up top and Davey goes up after him, suplexing him onto a pile of chairs in the ring. Davey covers and gets 2, then gets another table and sets it up in the ring. He sits Steen up top and goes for another superplex, but Steen gets him in the eyes and hits a super fisherman's buster through the table that had so much impact that half of the table bounced across the ring after they went through it. Steen sets up a couple of chairs face to face, but Davey nails him and suplexes him onto the chairs instead. Now Davey is standing over Steen with a chain and chokes the champion with it, then wraps the chain around his boot and Kawada kicks Steen before sitting him up and kicking him in the head. He covers for 2, then gets pissed off at the referee and lays him out with a kick. The crowd liked that one. Davey gets a ladder out from under the ring and slides it under the bottom rope, but Steen pops up and surprises him with an F5 that gets 2 from replacement referee Paul Turner. Steen now puts him out with the Package Piledriver, then he tries to do the same to Davey onto the ladder, but Davey escapes and hits the DR Driver onto the ladder. He covers, but we're out of referees, so after the crowd counts to around 14 or 15, he grabs the original referee and drags him back in. Jacobs comes in and goes after Davey and pulls the steel spike out of his boot, but Jim Cornette comes into the ring and grabs the spike away. He threatens to go after Jacobs with it, but turns around and gets kicked low by Corino. Jacobs gets the spike back and goes after Davey with it, but Davey ducks and suplexes Jacobs into the corner. Steen gets ahold of the spike and hits Davey low with it, then hits the Package Piledriver to retain.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Steen says that he's closed out the last two ROH shows with the microphone, and he's going to make it a hat trick. He's waited a long time to stand in front of those people in this ring, in this building, with this belt. He hates hypocrites like Jim Cornette, but right now he wants Davey to know that for the last 18 months, he's been a hypocrite because he's needed to be to get a title match. The stuff he said about Davey being an undeserving champion wasn't true, he thinks Davey is one of the hardest working people in the business and he is the best in the world. He then says that the fans are the most hypocritical people in the wrestling business, and to illustrate that, he talks about how the fans cheered when Generico beat him and sent him packing (leading to a Generico Ole chant), but then six months later he showed back up here and he was like a god here. Everyone thanks Cary Silkin for everything he did for the company, but they went nuts when he was going to break his neck with the package piledriver. The fans buy tickets to an ROH show, then chant for Bryan Danielson and CM Punk, two guys who probably don't even remember this company. The fans turn on every World Champion: they did it to Nigel McGuinness, Tyler Black, and Davey Richards, and they can't turn on him because he doesn't give a s*** what they think. He's going to be the last ROH World Champion, and now instead of saying f*** ROH, he's going to say what he means, which is f*** Ring of Honor.

That's it for Best In The World 2012, thanks for following out live coverage and we'll be back with fallout later in the week.

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