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By Mike Johnson on 2012-06-21 12:01:02
As we've noted over the past year, there has been an ongoing lawsuit between former TNA star Shannon "Daffney" Spruill and TNA stemming from payment of medical bills for injuries occurred during her run with the company.

As the story went on, there were additional rumors online that Spruill's lawsuit also featured a sexual harassment charge against Terry Taylor (not reported here at  Taylor at the time was head of TNA's Talent Relations. has acquired documents related to the lawsuit and based on these documents, here is where the lawsuit stands and what exactly the issues are:

*There is absolutely no charge of sexual harassment against Taylor or anyone else in TNA.  So, wherever those stories came from, they were completely, absolutely fabricated.  There's nothing, not even a cryptic reference, in any of the filings.

*The lawsuit is based around Spruill's injuries at the Bound for Glory 2009 PPV, which according to the documents exceeded over $26,000.  In the lawsuit, Spruill alleges that TNA made a $600 payment on the bill.  When Spruill received a letter requesting payment for the balance, she alleges Terry Taylor told her that the company would pay the remainder.  TNA did not, leading to Spruill receiving several more demands for payment.  Spruill also claimed that one letter stated that TNA had declined to pay the balance, citing her as an "independent contractor", despite what she had been told by Taylor.

*The lawsuit alleges that TNA's Texas attorney (Texas is where their parent company is based) had advised the company to delay payment in an attempt to eventually settle the debt for a smaller amount.  Spruill's side claimed to have proof of this via emails forwarded by Taylor to Spruill. 

*As a result of this, and the Texas TNA attorney negotiating a smaller payment with the medical provider, Spruill's side had the attorney named as a witness in the case and will be having him provide a deposition in the case, currently scheduled for 7/5.   The attorney attempted to fight this, as he wished to represent TNA in the case in TN, but the Judge ruled with Spruill's side. The attorney argued that the emails used violated his attorney-client privileges with TNA, but the court ruled that those privileges ended when Terry Taylor forwarded the emails to Spruill.

*The lawsuit alleges that TNA did eventually settle the claim in the amount of $8,000 but not before Spruill had to deal with being called by creditors and receiving additional material demanding payment for over a year,

*TNA initially claimed that the statue of limitations had expired by the time Spruill had filed her lawsuit.  In their response, TNA claimed that they had not paid any of Spruill's medical bills, although there were records of the aforementioned payments as well as another $9,556.00 payment made for medical treatment needed after Spruill was injured at an April 2010 Impact taping in Orlando, FL against Rosie Lottalove.  TNA later withdrew the argument.

*Spruill's side has filed a motion requesting TNA President Dixie Carter also be deposed in the case.  TNA has argued that Carter doesn't have the knowledge or information on Spruill's injuries or TNA's contracts with talent.  There is a hearing set for next Friday 6/29 as to whether Carter will be deposed or not.

So, that's where the case stands, factually.  Hopefully, this clears up some of the heresay and silliness that have bounced around the story online.


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