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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-26 14:04:39
On today's WWC Saturday TV show it was announced that Shelton Benjamin will also take part of the festivities during the "Aniversario 2012" weekend shows. Benjamin will be teaming up with John Morrison to face Primo and Epico in a match that will take place as part of the main show on Saturday June 30th at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, PR.

Another match that was announced today for the main show is Velvet Sky facing Melina.

Today's show was focused around the situation involving Carlito, Ray Gonzalez, Thunder & Lightning and Barrabas. They played clips of Carlito looking for Gonzalez all over his home town of Dorado until he was able to find him playing golf at the Dorado Beach Golf Course.

As Carlito approched Gonzalez, Ray was telling him to stay away from him. Carlito got closer to him and Ray pushed him away and told him to leave. Carlito then told him that he was just there to talk to him and told him that even though the have never been and will never be friends they have one thing in common, being that they would like to get revenge for what Thunder & Lightning did to them a couple of weeks ago in Bayamon, where they basically left them a bloody mess after putting both of them through tables. Gonzalez asked him why would he consider coming to him looking for help.

Carlito reminded him that 11 years ago Gonzalez had flown to Dominican Republic where Carlito was vacationing and asked him for help with his problem and he left what he was doing to come to Puerto Rico and get things done.

Gonzalez remained thoughtful for a few seconds. Carlito extended his hand to seal the deal; Gonzalez looked at him, extended his hand, but then made it into a fist and Carlito did the same. They touched up and went on their way.

The last segment of the TV showed Gonzalez calling Victor Jovica from the golf course and asking him for a meeting with him, Carlito, T&L and Barrabas and letting him know that Carlito and him were going to propose something to them. This seems to be leading up to a tag team match during the Aniversario shows.

I am sure there will be some stipulations attached to the match to make it more interesting. As I've mentioned in past articles, this angle has been getting a lot of attention and they seem to be developing a good storyline behind it to build it up.

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