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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-20 20:35:00

After the Ryback squash, they aired a commercial for Best of the Clash of the Champions.  Now that is just cruel!

The announcers noted that John Laurinaitis petitioned the Board of Directors to get his "fired" stipulation lifted tonight but failed.

John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis: No DQ, No Countdown, Laurinaitis will be fired if he loses

Laurinaitis looks like he's wearing a People Power wet suit.  He tried to run away at the bell but was caught and tossed back in the ring.  Cena worked him over and pulled his shirt up, chopping him in the chest.  He then chopped Ace across the back.

I cannot believe we are watching the Sheepherders' flag bearer headline a PPV in 2012.

Cena does an Airplane Spin.  Ace is all dizzy and stumbles out of the ring.  Cena is laughing.   Cena takes the ring bell and rings it near Ace's ears.  He slams Ace's head into the ringside table several times.  He mades him way to the Spanish announce table and puts Ace in the seat and puts a headset over him.

Cena takes the other one and they did an AWFUL commentary parody of Booker T and Michael Cole.  It was as if they wanted to do a version of when the Rock used to pick up the headsets, but in this version, the Rock sucked. 

Cena tossed Ace back in the ring where Ace wanted a handshake.  The fans booed that.  Michael Cole said he looked better in the Japanese videotapes.  Cena killed Ace and slammed him.  He grabbed a mic from ringside.   He returned to the ring and told Ace he was going to put him in the STF, reminding him that he's fired if he gives up.  So, he promises to let go if Ace can last ten seconds.  He gets the fans to chant along.  Ace survives. 

Cena says there's good news and bad news.  Cena says he made it but the move is going back on.  We rinse and repeat.  This is just terrible.  Cena went to ringside for a drink of water, then said that perhaps Ace needs one.  Some fans were chanting, "This is awful."  Not a lot but enough to be heard.

Cena poured water all over Ace's face, then his....genitals....uh, really?

Cena then grabbed a fire extinguisher but Ace begged him not to do it.   Of course, Cena sprayed him with all of it.  Ace ended up on the floor, crawling, covered in foam.  Cena slammed him into the guard rail, then dropped a full trash can full of garbage over him.

Ace tried to run over the rail but Cena grabbed him.  Ace slammed the arm Brock Lesnar injured over the guard rail.  Laurinaitis was going to run away but realized Cena was hurt and he had a chance to save his job, so he slammed Cena into the apron.  He rolled Cena into the ring and worked him over with a steel chair.  He covered Cena for a one count.

Cena quickly came back with the chair, overpowering Ace.  He did the five knuckle shuffle, but came down with the chair instead.  He pulled up Laurinaitis but was nailed with a low blow.  Laurinaitis climbed over the rail and into the crowd.   He tried to limp away but collapsed in pain and limped away and out of the building.  Cena recovered and stood in the ring wondering what the hell was going on.

Suddenly, Big Show returned in street clothes, dragging Laurinaitis through the crowd and back to the ring.   He brought Ace back into the ringside area and carried him to the ring, then flipped him over the top into the ring.  Ace begged off, trapped between them. 

Laurinaitis tried to crawl away but Show stepped on his hand.   He stumbled into Cena, who went to grab him.  Laurinaitis tried to run away but was grabbed by Show for a chokeslam.  Show shoved him into Cena for an Attitude Adjustment.  Cena lifted up Ace, but Show nailed the knockout punch.

Show stood in the corner, just watching the scene.  The announcers watched the replay to show that it was intentional.

Laurinaits took a long time to recover and rolled over Cena, then pinned him.

Your winner, John Laurinaitis!

Show offered Laurinaitis his hand after the match and raised his arm.   Show walked off and to the back, leaving Laurinaitis to crawl out of the ring, somehow having survived.

The show ended with a beat up Laurinaitis making his way to the back and an unconscious Cena laying in the middle of the ring.

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