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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-20 20:35:00
Josh Matthews interviewed WWE champ CM Punk.  They showed the footage from Smackdown on Friday.  Punk said that to be truthful, he feels like crap but he's happy John Laurinaitis will be out of a job tonight.  Punk said that if you told Vince McMahon ten years ago that CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan would be a main event on one of his PPV, Vince would ask who they were and then his head would explode.  Punk said that while them being in this position would be meaningful after the years of high quality matches they have had, the way Bryan has changed means it wouldn't just be a five star classic but also.....and AJ showed up.  AJ said it's going to be a lot of fun to watch.  She wished Punk good luck.  Punk seemed amused and walked off.  AJ smirked like she knew something.

WWE champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Big Punk chant after the ring introductions.    They went back and forth with some nice wrestling counters and exchanges.  Dueling chants immediately.   Bryan was tied up in the corner and Punk worked over his knee.

Punk used a side headlock takedown.  Bryan made his way to his feet but was taken back down.  Punk nailed a kick to the legs and began working over Bryan's hamstrings and the inside of his knee.  Bryan backed away but drilled Punk with several big uppercuts and forearms, taking Punk down in the corner.

Bryan was whipped into the corner but ran up the buckles and flipped over Punk;  He went for a Fireman's Carry but Punk slipped off and kicked the leg he was working on.  Bryan went down and Punk locked on a kneebar.  Bryan fired back with uppercuts.  Punk was whipped into the ropes but held on when Bryan went for a dropkick. 

Punk nailed a Curb Stomp on Bryan for a two count.  Punk went back to working over the knee, lifting Bryan up and drilling it down.  Bryan went to the floor.  Punk slid out but was caught and shoved hard into the guard rail.  Bryan draped him on the rail and dropkicked him into the timekeeper's area.

Bryan tossed Punk back in and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count.  Lots of "Yes" chants.  Bryan drilled Punk with a series of kicks to the chest.   He snapmared Punk over and locked in a sitdown abdominal stretch.  Punk tried to use his leg to kick off Bran but it didn't work.  He finally began knocking Bryan off, but was caught and drilled backwards to the mat.

Punk avoided a dropkick and went for a spinning toehold.  Bryan cradled him for a two count.  Punk was sent into the ropes and caught with a running knee to the mid-section for a two count.   Bryan went for a bow and arrow and finally pulled Punk into the air after yelling "Yes!" with each attempt.  Booker T called it a surfboard.  Booker.  Ugh.   Bryan grabbed Punk in a submission hold out of it but Punk fired back with a series of elbows trying to escape.

Punk mounted Bryan and drilled him with a series of shots, covering him to no avail.  Punk was hurt and worn down.  Bryan nailed a series of charging knee drops onto Punk's back.  He missed a third.  Punk nailed a Perfectplex for a two count.  Booker called it a float over suplex.  Ugh.

Punk chopped Bryan into the corner but was caught with a kick to the gut.   Bryan nailed a snap butterfly suplex.  Billy Robinson would be proud.  Bryan went to the top and nailed the flying headbutt for a two count.  Bryan locked in a rear chinlock.  Punk fought his way out.  They crisscrossed in the ring and hit a high cross body on the other in mid-air at the same time.

They battled to recover first.  Punk and Bryan made their way to their feet and beat each other with punches, chops and clotheslines.  Punk nailed a rolling neckbreaker.  Punk went for the running knee in the corner but was kicked off.  Bryan charged but was powerslammed for a two count.  The dueling chants returned.

Punk went for a suplex but Bryan landed on his feet.  He kicked at Punk and charged him.  Punk sent him over the top to the floor, then hit a tope to the floor.   Bryan was rolled into the ring.  Punk came off the top with a move but was dropkicked in mid-air.   Bryan began kicking him in the chest over and over, screaming yes.  He was caught with a Dragon Screw legwhip.  BOOKER T CALLED THAT RIGHT?!

Punk locked in a figure four.  They slapped each other in the move.     Bryan made it to the ropes.  Punk told the ref "I have until five" and smiled.  Old school Bryan fans will get that reference.   Punk rolled up Bryan for a two count.  They avoided each other's moves until Bryan kicked Punk in the head and covered him for another two count.

The crowd began chanting, "This is awesome."   Bryan drilled Punk in the corner with a series of knees.  Bryan set up Punk on the top but Punk shoved him off.  Bryan nearly fell but saved himself for the planned spot, crotching himself on the top rope.  Punk clotheslined him off the top for a two count.

Punk and Bryan exchanged headbutts, then forearms and chops.  They miss kicks. Punk goes for the GTS but Bryan uses a crucifix for a two count.  Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Punk sends him over the top.  Bryan skins the cat but is kicked in the head with a roundhouse kick.  Bryan gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Punk pulls him away and covers him for a two count.  Bryan kicks out.

They battled on the mat.  Punk slammed Bryan down and went to the top.   Punk went for the flying elbow, looking to the sky in honor of Randy Savage and nailed it, but his bad ribs were hurt and he couldn't immediately make the cover.  The fans chanted for Savage.  Punk finally made the cover for a two count.  Bryan drilled him in the knees and began beating the hell out of him with knee after knee.

Bryan missed a charging dropkick in the corner.  Punk nailed the running kneelift but when he went for the bulldog, Bryan put on the brakes and turned it into the Yes Lock in the center of the ring.  When Bryan pulled back, he manuevered himself onto his own shoulders and the referee counted three.  After the three count, Punk began tapping.

Your winner and still WWE champion CM Punk!

A HELL OF A MATCH.  The finish was meant to be controversial and show that Bryan had his number to set up rematches.

Bryan argued with the referee after and threw a tantrum in the ring, screaming that Punk tapped.

Backstage, Eve Torres was walking with David Otunga.  They encountered a smiling Teddy Long,  They asked why he was so happy.  Long said he was just happy to be here.  They told him that if he thought he was going to get his old job back, they know it won't happen.  Long said that maybe they will end up with Ace's job, then said that he thought that maybe they will end up fired.

Backstage, Eve Torres was walking with David Otunga.  They encountered a smiling Teddy Long,  They asked why he was so happy.  Long said he was just happy to be here.  They told him that if he thought he was going to get his old job back, they know it won't happen.  Long said that maybe they will end up with Ace's job, then said that he thought that maybe they will end up fired.

Ryback vs. Camacho (with Hunico)

When Camacho and Hunico came out, I thought they were going to give us Sin Cara's return.  No such luck.  Lilian Garcia announced the wrong person, saying Hunico was wrestling.  Michael Cole knocked her.

Ryback had pyro to add to the Goldberg motiff. 

Ryback overpowered Camacho early.  Camacho nailed him and went for a suplex.  Ryback wouldn't go over and reversed it easy.  He drilled Camacho for a two count.  Goldberg chants aplenty.

Camacho dropkicked him in the knee.  Hunico nailed him while he was in the ropes.  Camacho had Ryback down briefly.  He shoved Camacho into the corner and killed Hunico with a crazy clothesline on the apron.

Ryback killed Camacho with several powerbombs.   He nailed his Human Torture Rack into a fisherman's buster for the win.

Your winner, Ryback!

Paint by numbers Ryback match.  While I can appreciate the additional matches being added to the show, what the hell is this, Wrestling Challenge?

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