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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-09 12:00:00

by Mike Johnson

Combat Zone Wrestling returned to the ECW Arena on Saturday 5/1, drawing 250-300 fans. Full results of the show saw:

*Joker and Sabian (with Robby Mireno) defeated Cory Kastle and Niles Young. Mireno's Blackout stable has turned into one of the most over acts in the company.

*Jon Dahmer defeated Rick Feinburg with an over the shoulder piledriver. At one point, this was booked to be Rockin' Rebel vs. Dahmer but the plans were changed due to unhappiness with the proposed scenario and Rebel didn't wrestle on the show. Dahmer laid out a stiff beating on Feinberg.

*DJ Hyde defeated Jude with the Psycho Driver. Jude ended up with deep gash in the back of his head but was OK after the show.

*Ruckus defeated Derek Frazier after Joker interferenced. Rockin' Rebel, who was dressed in street clothes and sitting on the stage of the ECW Arena hit the ring and brawl with Blackout. It appeared the Rebel run-in was an audible that was called and not something planned.

*Nick Berk defeated Emile Sitochi with a Indian Death Lock. Sitochi is from the Netherlands and is a trainee of Chris Hero's.

*B-Boy defeated Alex Shelley, Danny Maff, and Roderick Strong in a good back and forth Four-Way Elimination bout.

*As the promotion went to intermission, Teddy Hart came out to the biggest reaction of the night. Hart began calling out John Zandig (who left the building early in the show due to a construction job he is working on; CZW staff headed by Mike Burns ran the majority of the event) and declared he was hijacking the show and dared anyone to stop him. Homicide came to the ring and there was a short intense brawl including some sick chairshots. It ended up with Hart challenging Homicide to face him at the promotion's 7/10 Best of the Best 4 event. Hart and Homicide got the best reactions of anything at that point in the show.

*Backstage, The Messiah and Adam Flash entered the ECW Arena and saw Adam Flash reading a newspaper. They attacked him and beat him down, then dragged him to the ring. They placed him on a table. The lights went out and when they returned, Sabu was on the top rope and hit an Arabian Facebuster off the top rope through a table on Knoxx, who was prone face-down on the table. Messiah announced that Zandig wasn't there so Wifebeater and Nick Gage could pick anyone they wanted as their partner.

*Chris Cash defeated GQ in a ladder match after a death valley driver off one ladder onto another ladder, which was bridged between two chairs.

*BJ Whitmer pinned Brad Bradley with an exploder in the next bout of the Xtreme Strong Style tournament. A portion of the crowd turned on the bout, chanting "Boring" while another portion tried to shout them down.

*Chris Hero defeated Jimmy Rave to win the CZW Iron Man Title, 1 fall to none in a 20 minute Iron Man bout. Rave and Hero brawled to the back at the close of the time limit, leaving Hero with the only pinfall.

*CZW champion The Messiah, Sabu, and Adam Flash defeated Nick Gage, Trent Acid, and Wifebeater in an elimination tables match. Wifebeater and Messiah were both elimination when Messiah hit a sunset flip powerbombiut of the ring, and the referee ruled both were gone. Nick Gage hit a piledriver from the apron to the floor on a table and were ruled eliminated. Acid was laid out on a table propped up in the corner and Sabu hit Air Sabu into a leg lariat off a chair for the win.

Notes: The promotion will no longer be running Friday night shows prior to their Saturday Philadelphia events. The house shows didn't translate into strong attended events....Jay Lethal, Deranged, Jill Love, Lit, Monsta Mack, and Allison Danger were among those visiting at the show....CZW returns to the ECW Arena on 6/12...The promotion is down to two locations for their Tournament of Death this summer and hopes to announce a date and locale shortly.

Special thanks to Joe Mistretta, Ish Morales, and Alex Bakalas for contributing.

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