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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-09 12:00:00

Mike Johnson Reporting

Combat Zone Wrestling returned to the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday 1/17, drawing 600-650 fans. The show was a marathon event, starting at 7:40 and going on until after 12:30 AM, featuring the debuts for Justin Credible and Tony DeVito, the return of New Jack, a title change and more.

Complete results of the show saw:

*Nick Berk and Barr defeated Joey Corman and Samir. Samir and Corman have worked here before as the Overboyz, but worked under the team name Hallowmass with white facepaint.

*Scotty Matthews defeated Die Hard. Matthews has worked here once before against Tony Mamaluke in what was a good match. This was OK but nothing noteworthy.

*Jon Dahmer defeated Cory Kastle, Niles Young and GQ in a Four-Way Match. They tried hard but this just never clicked. There was a scary moment where Dahmer went to hit Kastle with an over the shoulder piledriver off the ropes but Kastle's weight shifted and both fell over the top rope to the floor.

*The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels defeated All Money is Legal. AMIL are trainees from the old Doghouse in New York City. Good back and forth match with lots of near falls. The best thing on the show at this point. The crowd was into AMIL, chanting "Please come back."

*B-Boy defeated Jonny Storm and Grim Reefer in a Three-Way. Storm came out to mess with the crowd wearing a Carolina Panthers jersey to get heat but part of the crowd cheered him for it.

*Sumie Sakai defeated Mercedes Martinez. OK match although Sakai's matches are getting repetitive. Martinez destroyed valet Rick Feinberg after the match and dumped thumbtacks on him. Sakai hit a senton on the tacks, driving them into Feinberg.

CZW champion John Zandig (where was the title belt?) came out and began doing an interview when New Jack came out. Jack said that later they would beat the hell out of each other but he asked Zandig for a favor as he had something to say. Then, it was New Jack Story Time as he explained that his webmaster had told him that the Dudley Boyz rap about him on the new WWE Originals CD (which is true as I've heard the track and they basically say he's worn out and "playa hating" them). Jack talked about how in ECW, he was the one who wore camouflage and had a long whistle at the start of his music, but once they went to WWE, suddenly the Dudleys didn't want to wear tie-die anymore and their music started like his. Jack continued on with a long, expletive filled promo saying that he if you took a roll of toilet paper and rolled it all out, there was his police record, talking about people he had shot and killed as a bounty hunter and that he once shot a man for giving him bad drugs. The crowd was completely loving this as it was New Jack cutting a promo as only his style suits him to do. He asked if the Dudleys thought they could talk trash about him and he wouldn't show up at their house and get their kids. He said that they can't hide behind Vince McMahon and then went off on Paul Heyman owing him "200 hundred million thousand dollars" and compared ECW and CZW as "an eight-track and a DVD" but noted that without ECW, CZW never would have been born. He said, "F---k Eric [Bischoff]" for good measure as well.

Jack and Zandig eventually exchanged words and brawled into the crowd. Tony DeVito (ECW's The Baldies/ROH's Carnage Crew) attacked Zandig. He and Jack brought him back into the ring and beat him down. The Wifebeater hit the ring with a weedwhacker and ran off DeVito and Jack. Zandig challenged them to a tag match next month, then changed his mind and made it a tag team street fight later in the night.

*CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Sonjay Dutt defeated Jimmy Jacobs (with Becky Bayless). A really good match which saw Dutt hit the Hindu Press for the pin. I really liked the work in this one a lot. Bayless looked like she was going to fall out of her top at any point. The Grim Reefer attacked Dutt after the match to set up a future match.

*Sabian defeated Joker, Ruckus, and Chris Cash in a great Four-Way. Ruckus tried to get out of the match saying the other three were "b*tches" and should all wrestle to see who meets him later on. They attacked him. It ended up turning into Sabian and Ruckus against Joker and Cash. Ruckus brought a ladder into the match, playing off the Joker-Cash ladder match at Cage of Death 5. Ruckus climbed up and teased jumping off then jumped down and gave the crowd the finger. It ended up with Sabian covering Joker after Cash had taken him out. Cash challenged Ruckus and Sabian (who teased an alliance) to face him and Joker in a tag match at the next show.

*Danny Maff defeated Homicide via submission in a first round match in the "Extreme Strong Style Tournament." What is Extreme Strong Style? Well, if this match is any indication, it's strong style mat and submission wrestling mixed with brawling. Homicide came out with his shoulder taped, which was the focus of Maff's offense. Homicide went for the Cop Killer but Maff flipped over and went for the burning hammer. Homicide escaped but when he tried to lift Maff, he was caught in an armbar and tapped out. Good match although I think the crowd was burnt out as they sat their watching and not really reacting. The crowd wasn't into the mat work either, although it was good. The tournament is scheduled to continue until the end of the year. Adam Flash and Messiah attacked Maff and Homicide. The H8 Club made the save, but faced off with Maff and Homicide. I'd pay to see that match.

The Hi-V came out for an interview on the lower stage of the ECW Arena. Dressed in suits, they declared that their survived the Cage of Death and were no longer professional wrestlers, but they were businessmen. Their manager Dewey Donovan was in a wheelchair based on his "injuries" from taking a bump off of the top of the cage. Ian Knoxx came out and said that although he separated his shoulder (the night before in Allentown, PA), he still wanted a piece of former partner Adam Flash. The HI-V beat him down with chairs. Rebel's Army came out with super soakers and water balloons and bombarded the Hi-V. The Backseats said that they challenged them for a six man with a partner of the Backseats choosing later in the night and would still put their CZW Tag Team championship belts on the line. Rockin' Rebel told them it wasn't water in the balloons and the crowd chanted "You got p---d on."

*CZW Iron Man champion Jimmy Rave defeated Alex Shelley in a submission match. The crowd loves Rave but I was more impressed with the work of Shelley, who I think is going to mature into a real player in the next year. The match was solid.

*In a six man tag with the CZW Tag Team belts on the line the team of the Rockin Rebel, Greg Matthews and Derek Frazier defeated The Backseat Boyz and debuting mystery partner Justin Credible to win the CZW Tag Team Titles. The crowd popped big for Credible's debut and chanted "Welcome back." At one point in the bout, Frazier dropkicked Credible hard and he went after him and later ducked out of an elbowdrop and gave him the finger. While Credible wasn't happy with being stiffed, he was working his anger to play it into the match. Danny Rose came out after the bout, announcing he was returning to the company as a member of Rebel's Army. They tossed beer to the crowd and celebrated in the ring. I was surprised to see the Backseats, who are the franchise of the company, lose the tag belts here.

*The H8 Club (Nate Hatred and Nick Gage in their first bout together as a team again) defeated Adam Flash and The Messiah. Messiah's head got cracked on a bump and he was bleeding slowly but deeply from the back of his head. OK tag match. I think the crowd was really tired by this point.

*CZW champion John Zandig and Wifebeater defeated Tony Devito and New Jack in a good streetfight. Everyone except DeVito was bleeding. Wifebeater laid out DeVito under a piece of metal paneling and then destroyed it with a trash can. New Jack stapled Zandig in between the legs. Little Zandigs everywhere shuddered. It ended up with all four brawling to the stage. New Jack and DeVito were laid out on tables on the lower stage. Zandig powerbombed Beater off the top stage thru Jack (who looked to be trying to escape) and the table. I believe the spot was Jack escaping and DeVito taking Beater but Beater was tossed too far. DeVito ended up being legdropped through the table by Zandig off the top stage for the pin. Both teams challenged the other after the match after Jack told Zandig he turned into a "little b*tch like he always does" after he made a tag and not a street fight singles match with Jack. It ended up with Zandig vs. Jack being announced for next month and I believe the stipulation was that the match would happen only if Jack agreed to face Zandig at the promotion's third Tournament of Death this summer.

CZW NOTES: CZW returns to the ECW Arena on February 7th for the promotion's Fifth Anniversary show with what appears to be Zandig vs. Jack, Jacobs vs. Reefer, and Ruckus & Sabian vs. Cash & Joker thus far....There was almost a tragedy after the show as a van carrying a crew of New York City-based workers was hit by another car that hydroplaned on the I-95. Thankfully, no one was injured and everyone was able to continue the travel home safely....Former ring announcer Robby Mireno was backstage. He will be staying with the promotion in a new on-air role that will debut shortly. The promotion filmed vignettes building his new character before the ECW Arena show....Ian Knoxx is out 3-6 months due to his shoulder separation. The timing is a real shame as he was taken to the next level with his series of bumps at Cage of Death 5 the month before....The promotion debuted in Allentown, PA on 1/16 drawing about 200 fans for a house show described to me as "G rated CZW" as the show was built on wrestling without any cursing, gore, over the top violence, etc. headlined by the H8 Club and Ian Knoxx defeating Adam Flash, Messiah & B-Boy in a Falls Count Anywhere bout.

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