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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-09 12:00:00

by Manuel JR Bergugnat

Combat Zone Wrestling held its first show in Italy in Pistoia at the Palasport Arena and the first wrestling show from an US promotion in Italy in 10 years on 10/23/03.

Here the results:

*Adam Flash defeated Axel Fury.
Axel Fury is the first Italian wrestler to step in to the CZW ring and was handpicked by Zandig himself and was trained by Killer Kowalski. Flash was the heel and after the match ended he got back to the ring and assaulted Fury, Zandig made the save and exchanged insults with Flash.

Ladder Match - B-Boy defeated Sonjay Dutt.
Before the match, Sonjay challenged B-Boy to dance. Sonjay danced first with a good ovation from the crowd, B-Boy danced but he tripped and fell soon getting upset while the crowd was laughing at him. He attacked Sonjay and the match started. B-Boy won with a Shining Wizard.

Ironman Title 20 Minute match - CZW Iron Man champion Trent Acid defeated CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Ruckus (2-1)
Acid was helped by B-Boy who attacked Ruckus until Sonjay made the save setting up a tag match for later.

Tables Match - Nick Gage defeated Nate Hatred (2-1)
Gage scored the match point with a top rope suplex to the ouside of the ring. Gage was thrown into the barricade (one of them was in the ring) several times during the match.

CZW Heavyweight Title Match - Zandig defeated Messiah
Zandig scored the big win when he reversed a top rope hurracanrana into a powerbomb. Thumbtacks, steel chairs and wooden chairs were used in the match. Hatred attacked Zandg after tha match, Then Gage did a run in for the save but the HIV had the upper hand. Flash did a run in to help Zandig and Gage but he gave a chair shot to Zandig. Wifebeater ran in with the weedwacker chasing Hatred, Messiah and new HIV member Adam Flash. Zandig is your new CZW champion.

Tag Team Match - Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus def Trent Acid & B-Boy
Sonjay & Ruckus wanted the CZW Tag Team titles on the line, but the two members of HIV did not claimed that Italy did not deserve that, so they didn't have the belts. Furthermore, Acid said that his real tag partner (Johnny Kashmere) was not there so it couldn't be a title match. Zandig sent word that if they didn't wrestle, he would have stripped Acid of the tag title. Ruckus was double teamed during all the match which ended when Sonjay cleaned house and avoid a Shining Wizard and pinning B-Boy wih a bridge.

Zandig ended the show by thanking the Italian fans and said that they'll come back again while the crowd chanted "Please come Back!"

Notes: Announcer Eric Gargiulo was brought over to commentate the video release of the show....The show was shown on a screen standing over the entrance and every wrestler had it video shown when they made their entrances (Acid's video started with "New Game" like HHH's Titantron.)...For the show, 2,000 tickets were sold

Note from Mike Johnson: If that attendance figure stands up, it will have been the biggest crowd in CZW history. I've seen another report that placed the crowd at around 800.

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