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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-09 12:00:00

Mike Johnson Reporting

Pre-Show Notes: As of 8:25 PM, the show as yet to begin. Not a good sign. They are still seating fans in the building. The line is down the block outside....They announced the passing of Russ Haas and did a 10 bell salute. Haas had worked for the promotion and even held their Tag Team championship....They ran a CZW music video on a large screen on the stage....Boxing great Smokin'Joe Frazier is in attendance. He got in the ring and got a standing ovation....The Rocking Rebel came to the ring with Frank Talent of the PA Athletic Comission. Rebel says that he brought Talent to make sure the rules are enforced tonight. The crowd was all over them.

Finally, at 9:09 PM we had our first match. Ty Street was introduced, and then another Ty Street was announced. Both were wearing Santa hats. The second Ty was Mongoose in the ECWA. Ty #1 hit a Kryptonite Krunch for a two count. Towel Boy, Jeff Rocker, and and someone else I don't recognize hit the ring and attacked them. Nate Hatred and Nick Gage attacked and laid out everyone to a big pop. They were then attacked by two masked workers. The bell rang, signalling a second match.

The crowd began chanting "Briscoes" at the masked team. One of them is dressed similar to Ric Blade. The match went back and forth. Masked guy Black hit a cannonball senton off the top on Hatred. They hit double planchas on the floor on both Hatred and Gage. Gage hit a senton off the top to the floor. Gage hit a piledriver off the apron through a table. One of the masked guys hit a moonsault but Dewey Donovan pulled the ref out. They doubleteamed The Black masked guy and pinned him. The masked guys got a big ovation after the match. I am pretty sure it was the Briscoes.

Next up is Joey Corman and Samir, the Overboyz vs. Brad Michaels in a Three-Way Dance. The Overboyz pretended to wrestle each other until Michaels cleaned house on them. The Boyz turned on each other. One of them hit a 450 splash off the top to the floor on the other two. Michaels hit a moonsault to the floor. Joey Corman hit a spin doctor on Michaels for the pin. Someone named Paul London was scheduled for this, but didn’t show.

Next up is a grudge match between Zandig and Glen Osbourne. Zandig thanked everyone for coming. He buried ICP for cancelling their appearance tonight. The crowd chanted "F the Clowns." A "fan" dressed like ICP hit the ring and Zandig killed him. Osbourne and Lobo came out. Osburne had a sling on his arm. Danny Rose attacked Zandig. Zandig suplexed him thru a table. They tied Zandig to the ropes and began whipping him. Greg from WWF Tough Enough made the save. Zandig apologized for the match and announced a Lumberjack with straps match with himself vs. Osbourne and Greg vs. Rose for their return here on 1/12/01.

Pastor Jim (I think) came out to intro Quiet Storm, Brian XL, and Devine. He buried their opponents the SAT. SAT came out to a big pop and said they would leave CZW if they didn't win. It started with Storm and Jose going back and forth. Devine reversed a frankensteiner into a Fujiwara armabar. Big pop for Red tagging in. Red and XL flew all over, culminating with a SAT triple team. Storm hit three Northern Lights suplexes on Joel. Devine hit a dragon screw into a death lock. Storm and Devine did dives on the Maximos. Jose hit an Asai Moonsault. Red and XL did stereo springboard dives to the floor. Devine pinned Joel after the worst chairshot ever seen. I am stunned they did the pin. Jose moonsaulted and pinned Devine. XL caught him with a victory roll for the pin. Red pinned XL with a standing star press into a splash. It came down to Red vs. Storm. They went back and forth. Red hit a top rope frankensteiner but Storm held on for a sunset flip. They hit a spanish fly for the final pin.

After a five minute intermission, the next match featured Eddie Valentine and John Dahmer, VD vs. Chris Cash and GQ. A third team ran in and they made it a Three-Way Dance. Dahmer clotheslines everyone. Dahmer suplexed 2 guys at once. They hit the Doomsday Device for the pin.

The next match is for the Big Japan and CZW Junior Heavyweight Titles as Trent Acid challenged Ruckus, who holds both belts. Acid stalled in the opening moments. Ruckus exploded with a series of moves ending with a DDT off the ropes. Ruckus set up a bunch of chairs and put Acid on them. Johnny Kashmere tripped Ruckus. Acid sent Ruckus into the chairs. They brawled at ringside. Ruckus hit a space flying tiger drop on the Backseats. They brawled to the stage. Acid moonsaulted off the top stage. Ruckus came back and hit a shooting star press off the top stage thru a table on Acid. The referee counted both men out. The place booed. Ruckus complained on the mic. Out came Zandig with a ladder. They teased five minutes more and gave it to the crowd. Ruckus took the ladder. Kashmere pulled Trent out saying no one deserved 5 more minutes, but Acid attacked Ruckus. Ruckus hits an Arabian Press. Acid was hung upside down in the corner. Ruckus hit a Van Terminator using chairs and the ladder into Acid's face. Kashmere broke up the pin attempt. Acid slammed Ruckus face first on the ladder and scored the pin to win both titles. Kashmere attacked one ref and another speared him and restarted the match. Ruckus hit a tumbleweed legdrop for a two count. Acid hit a Yakuza Kick for the pin and won the belts.

Big Japan's Winger hit the ring with a missle dropkick and senton on Acid. He put Acid on a table on the floor and did a senton off the top on him. Winger steals both titles and walks off.

Out came Menace for his match with Johnny Kashmere. As he entered the ring, Kashere attacked him. Kashmere hit a running bulldog. He speared him and locked him in a boston crab. He missed a charge in the corner. Menace hit a flip dive over the ringpost on Kashmere. Menace dove off the top but Kashmere threw a chair in his face. He hit a cradlebreaker for the pin.

Z-Barr was introduced. Barr said it was time for the semi main event and introduced CZW Iron Man champ Nick Berk but out came Mad Man Pondo who killed Barr with a stop sign. Barr kicked the sign into Pondo's face. He hit a clothesline and a fistdrop. He got a 2 count with an inverted spin doctor. Barr missed a moonsault. He hit a Michinoku Driver on two chairs on Barr. Pondo hit a splash off the ropes onto Barr's face, covered by a chair and stop sign for the pin.

Next up is a Falls Count Anywhere CZW Iron Man championship match with champ Nick Berk vs Nick Mondo vs Adam Flash. They did dives early and brawled around ringside. Mondo tossed Berk into a guard rail. Mondo hit a slingshot legdrop on Berk. Flash hit a facebuster off the top on Berk. Flash hit a top rope legdrop on both. They brawled into the locker room. Berk returned with two chairs. Berk missed a top rope splash. They KILLED Berk with a conchairto. Flash threw a chair at Mondo and they battled. Mondo set up tables by the entrance and piled chairs and a ladder on them. Mondo and Berk battled above the entrance. Berk ended up shoving Mondo thru the insane construction. Flash set up a ladder in the ring and hit a legdrop off it thru a table on the floor for the pin.

Last night during the Combat Zone Wrestling Cage of Death 3, power was cut to my laptop during the course of the main event and post-match angle twice, causing a rather lackluster recap to be posted. Here is a detailed rundown of the course of events that closed out CZW's largest show ever:

The main event of CZW's Cage of Death was the Cage of Death itself, a steel cage topped with a scaffold. Inside the Cage were such weapons as a potted cactus plant, a jackhammer, a steel chair, a table, the hood of a car, and other instruments of destruction. The CZW championship was hanging above the scaffold and the only way to win was to retrieve it.

Out came the Rocking Rebel and the PA State Athletic Commission's Frank Talent. Talent said that he told everyone he was going to enforce the rules and he wasn't allowing the match and was shutting down the show. He then announced that he was going to let the match go, but wasn't allowing blood and Rebel was going to be the referee.

Out first was Wifebeater, followed by Justice Pain. The main event featured them brutalizing each other with the weapons inside the cage and using the cage itself as a weapon. WB had the Cactus dumped over his body, and it was then hit with a chair while on his back. The pottery was put over his head and then slammed with a chair, shattering it. Pain superplexed WB off the top of the cage. Pain battled his way to the scaffold, but had a trash can tossed at him, knocking him down onto the scaffold. WB joined him and they battled on the scaffold. WB went for a tiger driver on the scaffold, and as Pain went down, he grabbed the belt. Pyro exploded out of the ringposts of the cage and both men fell from the scaffold through tables in the ring.

The lights to the ECW Arena went out (along with our computer feed) and when they returned, inside the ring were Tod Gordon wearing an ECW jacket, the Blue Meanie wearing a BWO t-shirt, Rocco Rock, Pitbull1 Gary Wolfe, Rebel, and an unidentified fifth person. The Arena was stunned and was quiet but began chanting "ECW." Tod told them every last one of them was a hypocrite and how dare they come to the building that he built and chant "CZW." He said that he put the sign of the ECW Arena on the building and everyone had disrespected him. He told the fans to stop chanting ECW because he didn't want their cheers.

CZW owner John Zandig came out and entered the cage. Tod asked him who the hell he thinks he is running Tod's building. Zandig said he was the guy who was taking over the "CZW Arena." Tod and the others surrounded Zandig and laid him out.

The ring mat ripped open and out came former ECW World champion the Sandman from under the ring. The Arena exploded and Sandman looked around. He then tried to stop the beating by caning Wolfe and Rock. Gordon asked him what the hell he was doing and everyone attacked Sandman. The entire CZW locker room, face and heels alike, charged the Cage from the locker room and began scaling it. At this point the Arena was simply going insane. The lights went out again (along with the computer feed!) giving the former ECW performers a chance to escape. Tod said on the mic that taking over this company would be easier than he thought.

When the lights returned, the Sandman had climbed to the scaffold and the CZW workers were in the ring. Zandig told them to return to the locker room and climbed up to confront the Sandman. Sandman took off his ECW baseball style jersey to reveal a CZW shirt and the building exploded. Sandman took the mic and said it was great to be back in the "CZW Arena" and shared a beer with Zandig. Sandman then put over Wifebeater and Justice Pain for the match they had and invited everyone back to the Arena for CZW's return on 1/12/02. He then shared some beers with fans, who totally ate up the entire scenario.

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