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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-09 12:00:00

by Derek Sabato

Combat Zone Wrestling: Future Unleashed Recap

CZW Future Unleashed opened with a video montage of Combat Zone Wrestling set to the CZW Theme Song that's on all the national released Combat Zone Wrestling DVDs.

CZW Owner Zandig says it all, "Less bullshit, less T&A and all action." Then Zandig's assistant Nikki walked on stage and whispered something in Zandig's ear. "Well, less T&A but everyone has to has an assistant." He then said it was time for Joker vs. Chri$ Ca$h from Cage of Death 5 in an Ultraviolent Ladders Match. That's right, Ultraviolent, beyond attitude, beyond extreme.

Ultraviolent Ladder Match: Joker vs. Chri$ Ca$h

These two trade blows to start before Ca$h knocked Joker to the outside and went for a dive while Joker came back in. Ca$h then threw a ladder to Joker from the apron and hit a springboard dropkick. Joker then grabbed the advantage and kicked and chopped Ca$h before Ca$h turned the tide again and knocked Joker outside one more time. Ca$h follows with forearms but Joker wants them harder. Joker reverses a whip into the guardrail and Ca$h hits hard. Joker sets up a ladder on the outside and lays Ca$h down on it. But Joker gets caught by Ca$h and Ca$h throws him like a spinebuster into the ladder. Ca$h than chokes Joker with the ladder and brings it back in the ring. Joker catches Ca$h and knocks him on the apron, then knocks him off with a forearm. Joker sets up a ladder on two chairs and lays Ca$h on it, and a chair on top. He goes to the top and hits a Double Stomp through Ca$h and the ladder. Both men try to get themselves going. Ca$h turns the tide in the ring with a huge DDT for a 2 count. Ca$h then chops Joker in the corner and sends him off, but Joker catches Ca$h and does a legscissors and sends him into the turnbuckle. Joker brings in the biggest ladder, but gets caught on the top rope and Ca$h grabs Joker and sends him through a chair with the ladder stuck on Joker's head. Ca$h sets up a ladder in the corner and grabs another ladder and throws it at Joker in the corner. He sets a small ladder up inside the bigger ladder. Ca$h goes up top but Joker catches him and hits a Urange through the smaller ladder from the bigger ladder for 2. Joker sets up a ladder on top of two chairs as he did before. Ca$h cuts him off with a chair and drags him back in the ring. Ca$h lays Joker on the ladder from the floor and begins to climb the ladder in the ring. Joker comes back in though and cuts him off. Joker climbs the ladder but Ca$h grabs a ladder and knocks him off the huge ladder through the ladder on the floor and hits the concrete. Ca$h goes to the locker room while Joker lays on the floor. Ca$h reemerges with an even bigger ladder. Ca$h lays the ladder in the corner in between the top and middle turnbuckle. Joker gets set up on the top turnbuckle but pushes Ca$h off and Ca$h hits his head on the ladder. Joker stands on the ladder and does a brainbuster type move on Ca$h through the ladder for a 2. Ca$h then comes back with a Marking Out onto the ladder. Ca$h goes outside for a table and lays it down in the ring. He sets up a ladder next to the table. Ca$h lays Joker on the table and begins to climb. Joker gets up though and climbs and picks up Ca$h and hits his Joker Driver through the table as the CZW Arena explodes and Joker gets the 1-2-3!

John Zandig comes back and asks for a replay in slow motion and it shows how sick it is! Zandig says that CZW is all about the young lions, the veterans and the international and he sends off of to his next match, from Best of the Best 2 Quarter Finals....

Jody Fleisch vs. Jonny Storm

These two start with a feeling out process while Storm yells at the fans. These two are so quick it's going to be hard to recap this match. They go move for move and counter for counter before a stalemate. A wrist lock leads to reversals which Storm turns into a pin but Fleisch does a sunset flip for 2. Storm gets a German reversed and Fleisch and Storm once again trade covers and pinfalls for 2 at the most each time. Storm holds onto a hammerlock through many. Storm finally grabs a headlock for control. Fleisch comes back with a spinning heel kick but it leads to Storm backdropping Fleisch to the apron, and Fleisch coming back with a springboard dropkick to knock Storm outside. Fleisch hits a Springboard Shooting Star Press to the outside onto Storm. Fleisch sends Storm off but Storm reverses back in the ring. Storm gets a huge rana but doesn't go for a cover. Storm hits another huge move, this time a Sky High but once again doesn't go for a cover, showing his cockiness. Storm plants him with a Storm Driver but only gets a 2. Storm sends him off and gets a low blow. Storm with a huge spinning heel kick from the top and sends Fleisch to the outside to try and recover and Storm hits a Somersault Senton from the top. Storm nails Fleisch hard with a chair to the head outside the ring. Storm sends him off but Fleisch is sent so hard into the crowd he goes over the guardrail into the 5th row! Storm sends him to the wall but Fleisch climbs the wall and moonsaults onto Storm! Storm comes back and crotches Fleisch on the guardrail. Storm goes to the top but Fleisch knocks him off and crotches Storm this time. Fleisch to the top while Storm is up there and both battle up there. Storm grabs Fleisch and hits a reverse Splash Mountain. Only gets a 2 though. Storm gets dropkicked in the face by Fleisch and a Hurricanrana by Fleisch only gets a 2. Storm gets caught in a wheelbarrow suplex but Storm turns it into a DDT for 2. Storm tries to throw Fleisch outside but he lands on the apron and gets caught with a spinkick. Fleisch goes off the top for a springboard dropkick but Storm catches him with a HUGE powerbomb for 2! Storm hits the Rewind Storming Steiner but only gets a 2 again! Jody Fleisch hits his 720 DDT for the 3 count!

Winner: Jody Fleisch

We come back with John Zandig telling us we're about to see two of the pioneers of Combat Zone Wrestling and we will see....

John Zandig vs. Lobo in a No Rope Barbed Wire match

John Zandig lets everyone know that kids are not to try this at home. Zandig hits a short arm clothesline to start the match and whips Lobo off but Zandig gets sent into light tubes face first while his hair gets caught in the barbed wire! Lobo takes a light tube and slices Zandig's head open even more and Zandig is bloody. Lobo does it one more time. And than again and puts his head into the barbed wire as well! Lobo punches away onto Zandig. Zandig gets whipped into the barbed wire shirtless onto his back! Lobo hits a slingshot suplex onto the barbed wire onto Zandig's bare stomach and Zandig is a bloody mess already. Lobo hits a suicide dive over the barbed wire onto Zandig. Lobo back in the ring and goes for another suicide dive but his head only meets the steel chair Zandig swings at him and busts Lobo open huge. Zandig underneath the ring and he pulls out a barbed wire board while Lobo doesn't want to get back in the ring. Lobo finally gets back in and gets a light tube to the face. Zandig whips Lobo into the corner and the barbed wire board! And now it's Lobo's turn to get his hair stuck in the barbed wire. Zandig gets a 2 count. Lobo can barely stand while Zandig picks him up and hits the Falcon Arrow onto the board for another 2 count. Zandig takes a strand of barbed wire and whips Lobo. Zandig than digs away on Lobo's back with the barbed wire. Zandig than whips Lobo off into the barbed wire! He then does it to another side and the barbed wire collapses around his weight! Zandig than calls it for one more time. He does it one more time ... and the barbed wire collapses and Lobo hangs from the barbed wire in his back and Lobo loses a huge chunk of hair from the one strand still up. Zandig than throws Lobo into the crowd. Zandig grabs a chair and nails Lobo in the back. Zandig grabs 2 tables and lays him on it and hits him with another chair to the back. Zandig than climbs to the stage above the entrance, wraps barbed wire around himself, and he jumps off with a huge flying splash through Lobo and the tables! Both are in a tremendous amount of pain. Lobo climbs back towards the ring and Zandig follows. Back in the ring Zandig only gets a 2 count. Zandig rolls outside and grabs a box full of light tubes. Zandig rolls them in the ring. Zandig yells Motha F'n Bomb! Zandig picks up Lobo but Lobo gets out of it and hits the Death Valley Driver through light tubes! Lobo sets up chairs in the ring but can barely stand. Zandig's arm is in such bad shape he has to duct tape it shut! Lobo sets up the barbed wire board on the chairs and he goes to power bomb Zandig through the board but Lobo gets reversed into a Waterwheel slam through the board by Zandig! 1-2-NO! Zandig smashes some more light tubes onto Lobo's head. Zandig wraps Lobo up in barbed wire! Zandig looks around and finds some more barbed wire and ties Lobo up to the barbed wire ropes with barbed wire! Zandig grabs a chair and hits an unprotected chair shot to Lobo's head that broke the chair! He hits another one! An errant chairshot knocks out the referee! Zandig hits another one onto Lobo! Adam Flash runs out and hits Zandig with a chair shot! He wraps Zandig up in barbed wire and stands him up and cuts Lobo loose! Flash goes to town on Zandig with 3 huge chair shots. The H8 Club run out and The Wifebeater comes out with the Weedwhacker and clears the ring! Wifebeater than hits Lobo in the stomach with the Weedwhacker as Lobo runs for cover!

Zandig than closes out the show telling everyone what they can expect to see from Combat Zone Wrestling and Zandig gets his assistant out and tells everyone that you can expect to see this ... but than again you never really know what you're going to see from CZW!

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