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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-09 12:00:00

by Mike Johnson

May 19, 2001

We are here at Combat Zone Wrestling's First Annual “Best of the Best” Junior Heavyweight tournament at the Champs Arena in Sewell, New Jersey. There will be four rounds in tonight’s tournament. The competitors in tonight's field (bios courtesy of CZW's Eric Loy with some editing by yours truly- there will be pre-show news after the bios) are:

JUVENTUD GUERRERA: International superstar making his CZW debut...Former WCW World Tag Team Champion (with Rey Misterio, Jr.) and 3-time WCW World Cruiserweight Champion...Has a legendary feud with Rey Misterio, Jr. that has spilled in WCW, ECW, and several Mexican promotions...Famous for the 450 Splash...Wrestles a fast-paced lucha style which can only be matched by a privileged few...PWI 500 rankings: #188 in 1995, #60 in 1996, #40 in 1997, #25 in 1998, #62 in 1999, #149 in 2000....Has consistently remained one of the top professional wrestlers in the entire world.

MINORU FUJITA: Renowned Japanese wrestler....Made CZW debut on 5/12, defeating Trent Acid...Started out wrestling career in Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJPW)...Has competed in All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Michinoku Pro, and Battlarts...Used to regularly team with Ikuto Hidaka, former ECW wrestler....Greatest wrestling accomplishment was wrestling in the NJPW "Best of the Super Juniors Tournament" in 2000...Has wrestled CIMA, Curry Man (Christopher Daniels), Gran Hamada, the Great Sasuke, Taka Michinoku, and others in his career.

TRENT ACID: Self-proclaimed "Best Junior Heavyweight in the World Today"... Aligned with Zandig, Nick Mondo, Jun Kasai, and "Z" Barr in The Big Dealz...Former CZW World Tag Team (with Johnny Kashmere) and Junior Heavyweight Champion. Holds singles victories over Ric Blade and Nick Berk, who are also in the tournament. Toured with Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJPW) last summer, where he was defeated by W*inger for the CZW Junior Heavyweight title....defeated Backseat Boyz partner Johnny Kashmere in a "Loser Leaves Town" match last week in Smyrna, Delaware.

THE W*NGER: Making his United States professional wrestling debut...A mainstay in Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJPW)...Former CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion...Former BJPW World Tag Team Champion (with Shadow WX)...Former BJPW Junior Heavyweight Champion…feuded with Trent Acid in Big Japan

RIC BLADE: Held CZW Junior Heavyweight title for 11 months from July 1999 - June 2000...Former CZW World Tag Team Champion (with Nick Mondo)...Toured with Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJPW) last summer....Dubbed as "the franchise" of CZW by fans...Original innovator of aerial offense in CZW...Famous for hitting swanton bombs from incredible heights...Voted by the readers of the now defunct website "WHOOWrestling" as the best rising superstar on the independents for 2001.

NICK BERK: Pound for pound is considered one of the top technical wrestlers on the independent circuit...Former CZW World Heavyweight Champion (defeated Justice Pain), only to lose it minutes later to Yoshihiro Tajiri on 2/28 in Dover, DE...Trained with Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere....Recently wrestled former ECW superstar Little Guido and Trent Acid to time-limit draws on two occasions at CZW shows.

"SICK" NICK MONDO: Trained by Al Snow at his school in Lima, Ohio...Has been involved in some of CZW's greatest technical wrestling matches of all time, including a double ladder match with Ric Blade vs. the Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) last August....Former CZW Tag Team Champion....Toured Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJPW) last summer...Known for the "Mondo Sledge" (a corkscrew Guillotine legdrop from the top rope).

"THE SPANISH ANNOUCE TEAM (SATs)" RED, JOEL & JOSE MAXIMO: All three were trained by former ECW Triple Crown holder Mikey Whipwreck at the House of Hardcore in New York. Red is the current holder of the UCW (NY) Championship, as well as being PWF (PA) Light Heavyweight Champion. Joel is also the North American Champion in the UCW, as well as being a co-holder of the PWF (PA) Tag Team Championships with Jose. All three wrestle a Michinoku Pro style of chain high spots and amazing aerial moves. Red is known for his standing shooting star press from the mat. Made CZW debut on 2/10, losing to the Briscoe Brothers.

JAY & MARK BRISCOE: Debuted in CZW on 1/20 in North Smyrna, DE, teaming with "Fast" Eddie Valentine, lost to Trent Acid. Managed by Dewey Donovan, who holds their contracts over their heads. When the Briscoes attempted to walk out on Donovan at last week's CZW show in Smyrna, he prevented them by threatening the well being of their parents. Trained by Glen Osbourne, who also trained CZW's Nate Hatred. Known for their innovative tag team maneuvers. Jay will be making CZW singles debut. Mark worked Nick Berk in a singles match for CZW on 3/17. Jay is known for his cannonball senton for his top rope, while Mark is said by many to have the best moonsault in the business. Both are still in high school and have a bright future ahead of them.

Aside from the tournament tonight, CZW will have several six man tag team bouts. The first features CZW Heavyweight champion John Zandig and CZW Tag Team champion Nick Gage & Nate Hatred taking on Wifebeater, Justice Pain, & CZW Iron Man champion Lobo.

The other six man tag match features Jeff Rocker, Adam Flash, and Danny Rose taking on the team of Ruckus, Eddie Valentine, and John Dahmer.

Pre-show News: The promotion had announced a 6 PM start but was forced to hold back the opening bell as Juventud Guerrera’s flight was delayed.

The show began with ring announcer Dennis Shock coming to the ring with a trophy for the winner of the Best of the Best tournament. He announced all the particapents who came out wearing an orange t-shirts for the event.

CZW Heavyweight champion John Zandig came out with his trusty weedwhacker and welcomed everyone to the show. He said that tonight the best juniors in the world will compete. Zandig went over the names of everyone who was in the ring. Everyone then posed for pictures.

The first round of the tournament will be a series of Three-Way Dances. After one man is eliminated, the two remaining competitors will go on to the second round where they will face each other.

The first match features W*inger vs. the SAT's Red vs. Ric Blade. Talk about starting off hot!

At the bell, the audience began clapping in unison like we've seen a big Japanese shows and ECW in the past. Red started off with a head scissor on Blade. Winger hit a tiltowhirl into a kneebreaker on Red. Red frankensteinered Blade for a near fall. Winger got a ar fall on Red. Blade rolled up Winger for a near fall. They all face off and the crowd applauds. Red gets backdropped to the apron by Blade but hits a springboard dropkick onto him. The battle goes to the floor where Winger hits a running senton over the ropes to the floor on his opponents. Back in the ring, Red went for a frankensteiner. Blade caught him, flipped him and slammed him down chestfirst on the mat. The place exploded. Red and Winger doubled on Blade. They beat him with kicks. Red hit a standing senton of the top on him. Red dropkicked Winger out of the ring. Red went to the top but was shoved off the top by Blade. Blade hit a twisting moonsault off the top onto Winger who was in the crowd. Blade went for his Edge of the Blade finisher but red broke it up. Blade hit a fisherman's suplex into a powerbomb. He went to the top but Winger followed him and suplexed him off. Blade did a full flip and landed on his face. Red hit a double springboard kick to the face. Winger hit a senton and pinned Blade. Ric Blade is out of the tourney and will be heading to the JAPW show in Philadelphia. There were people in the crowd chanting, 'F JAP.' Ouch. Blade took the mic and extolled his opponents. The crowd gave all three a standing ovation. It's Red vs. Winger in Round 2. Great opener!

When the competitors for the last match returned to the locker room, I could hear the other CZW workers applauding them.

The second match of the first round features Nick Mondo vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe. The crowd chanted Mondo's name and he told the crowd that he doesn't care about the fans and that they are sheep and cattle. He said the fans need help as they want to see him get injured and kill himself. The crowd applauded and chanted his name. Sickos! Mondo said he doesn't know who called the police at their show last week in Smyrna, Delaware but they better call them again as he's going to kill the Briscoes. The Briscoes are accompanied by Dewey Donovan. Dewey says he isn't going to let the fans ruin his night. He tells the Briscoes to take out Mondo. Mondo and one of the Briscoes face off. The other soon joins in and they try to doubleteam him. Mondo goes for a moonsault but is dropkicked and crotched. The Briscoes both give him a neckbreaker off the ropes. One of the Briscoes held Mondo upside down for the other to dropkick. He then turned him into a Boston Crab to let the other dropkick him again. Sick! One of the Briscoes hit a sick springboard dive into the stratosphere on Mondo to the floor. The other then did a twisting corkscrew plancha. Awesome. The Briscoes began taking it to the other back in the ring but were broken up by Mondo. Mondo gets two steel chairs. He gets up and literally holds them as the Briscoes hit top rope dropkicks into them. They both hit stereo chokeslams and standing moonsaults on Mondo. They set up Mondo on top of the chairs. They dive off opposite turnbuckles with legdrops but there is no water in the pool. Briscoe hits an over the shoulder backbreaker into an inverted DDT. Mondo sets up a table on thee floor. He places both on the tables. He tries to dive but one of them is back in th ring and stops him. He tries to suplex the one Briscoe onto the other but the second one stands on the table and attacks Mondo. Briscoe #1 backdrops Mondo over the top rope where Briscoe #2 hits a facebuster through the table. They bring Mondo back to the ring, hit a double chokeslam and make the pin. Mondo attacked both and laid them out before being pulled to the back. The Briscoes go on to face each other in the second round tonight. Lots of innovative spots here. The table spot was insane.

Wifebeater came out and challenged Nick Mondo to come out later tonight and face him, Lobo and Justice Pain in the scheduled six man tag team match tonight.

The third match of the first round features Japan's Minoru Fujita vs. Nick Berk vs. Jose Maximo of the SATs. The match starts with Berk hitting Japanese armdrags on both. Fujita backdrops Jose over the top. Berk dives on him, Fujita planchas on both. Maximo hit a springboard moonsault to the floor on both. Maxino superkicked Berk who took a 360 bump over the top to the floor. Fujita and Berk traded blows. Fujita hit a brainbuster on Maximo. Fujita hit the burning hammer on Maximo and Berk made the pin. Fujita wasn't happy with this and he and Berk began brawling. Maximo is out. It's Fujita vs. Berk in the second round. Another good match.

The final match in our first round tonight is Trent Acid managed by Z-Barr taking on Joe Maximo and Juventud Guerrera. Trent was out first to a BIG pop. Maximo was next. Ring announcer Dennis Shock announced that Juventud Guerrera's flight was delayed but they did have a suitable replacement in Ruckus. The place popped for Ruckus. Ruckus started off fast backdropping Maximo to the floor and knocking Trent off the apron. He hit a twisting moonsault off the top to the floor. Tr rent came back to hit a Gory Guerrero bomb on Ruckus. Trent his a missle dropkick on Ruckus. He hit headscissors on Maximo. He went for a victory roll but was tossed to the side into a death valley driver of sorts. Ruckus hit Nova's novacaine on Acid. Maximo got a near fall with a standing moonsault off the top on Ruckus. Ruckus hit a hit a pair of handspring elbows on his opponents but Trent nailed him with a Mafia kick. Trent suplexed Maximo and dropped him chest first across the ropes. Trent cradled Maximo for the pin. Maximo is out. It's Trent vs....Ruckus in the second round. I have no idea what's up with Juvi other than he's late.

Next up is as six man tag team attraction as Jeff Rocker, Danny Rose, and Adam Flash take on Eddie Valentine, John Dahmer, and one! Their manager Mac Smack said that they have a math problem but last week, Ruckus showed a good showing in the Three-Way and invite him to team up with them. Out comes Ruckus, who I guess is still in the tournament. Jeff Rocker and Valentine start the match, going back and forth. Valentine hit a tornado DDT. Valentine slams Rocker down over Dahmer's knee. Ruckus hit a great handspring elbow in the corner on Rocker, who is just getting killed. Valentine hits a spinebuster on him. Ruckus hits a swanton bomb off the top rope. They hit a variation of the Doomsday Device. Rocker hits a belly to belly suplex on Dahmer followed by a TKO. Danny Rose tags in and hits a leg lariat on Dahmer. He and Adam Flash both chokeslam him. Flash hits a top rope hurancanrana on him. They drape him over the top rope and double superkick him. He falls to the floor where Flash lights him up with chops. Flash hits a running sropkick onto him in the corner. Flash misses a running charge in the corner. Ruckus tags in and soon everyone is brawling. It spills to the floor. Flash does a dive off the top on several of the workers. Ruckus scales the fence that surrounds the Arena and moonsaults off the top to a huge pop. Back in the ring, Danny Rose's team triples on Ruckus. Rocker hold Ruckus for the ors to hit with chairs, but Ruckus ducks and they hit Rocker. As they argue, Ruckus hits a 450 splash and pins Rocker. Your winners, Ruckus, Eddie Valentine and John Dahmer. Ruckus is just great.

The second round of the Best of the Best Junior Heavyweight tournament began with Winger taking on Red. They started off with Winger overpowering the smaller Red. Red came back with a springboard into a twisting 360 splash on Winger. Red missed several legdrops after they returned to the ring. Winger hits a suplex but is unable to get the pin. He picks Red up, spins him and hits a back suplex. Winger missed a senton with a twist off the top on Red. Red grabbed Winger and ran up the turnbuckles, flipping back into an inverted DDT. He hit a hurancanrana into a cradle but Winger rolled through. Red missed a twist into a 450 splash. Winger went to the top and hit a senton and scored the pin. Winger goes on to the next round. Nice applause for Red on the way out as well.

The next match features two brothers taking each other on as Mark Briscoe takes on Jay Briscoe. Dewey Donovan comes out and says that he has invested too much money to see the Briscoes hurt each other and the fans don't deserve to see them wrestle. The referee bars Dewey from ringside for the rest of the tournament. The Briscoes start out feeling each other out. They mat wrestle and face off to a nice round of applause. They begin working on each other's arms. One of them runs the other out of the ring with a hammerlock. He teases springboarding out of the ring but flips back into it, psyching out his brother. They do a nice exchange of reversals ending with a sick kick by one to the other. The Briscoes reverse Japanese armdrags and frankensteiners on each other and face off. The crowd pops and chants "F the Hardyz" like last week in Smyrna. One of the Briscoes jumps off the ropes into a kneedrop on his brother. He tombstones his brother. He goes to the top and leaps across the ring with an awesome splash for a two count. The punishment continued as one of the Briscoes hit a inverted double underhook piledriver on his brother. He dove off the top looking to do a frankensteiner from the apron to the floor but glanced his brother and they both toppled dangerously to the floor. The place popped and chanted "Briscoes." One of them hit a standing moonsault to the floor. The place erupted. One of the Briscoes gave his brother a gutbuster. They battled on the top and his a monsterous suplerplex. The place erupted with a standing ovation. They chopped the hell out of each other. One hit an evil Olympic Slam for a near fall. The place is standing on its feet clapping in unison. One hit a powerbomb but missed a moonsault. So did the other. The crowd chanted "Briscoes." One of them went for a German suplex but his brother kicked up at two. They went to the top where one of the Briscoes hit a double underhook superplex on his brother and scored the pin. They announced Jay Briscoe was the winner. The crowd rushed the ring to high five the two brothers and chanted their name. GREAT match. T locker room applauded as they returned to the back, sparkiung another round of applause and a nother Briscoes chant from the crowd. They sent them back out for an encore. If I was you, I'd go order the tape of this show ASAP. Phenomenal!

Our next match in the tournament is Nick Berk vs. Minoru Fujita. They are working on the mat as Berk's arm keeps getting worked over by Fujita with short arm scissors and Fujiwara armbars. The crowd pops every time Berk makes it to the ropes. Berk comes back with a lariat but Fujiwara goes right back to the arm. Fujita finally scores the pin with his finisher the Dragon suplex. Another real good match. This was a real nice change of pace after the amazing match between the Briscoes. The crowd applauded both men after the match. Berk walked out holding his arm. Fujita advances.

The final match in the second round of the tournament is set as South Philly, Japan's favorite son Trent Acid makes his way to the ring with Z-Barr. Ruckus' music plays but out comes...Juventud Guerrera to a BIG pop. The place erupted. Juvi gave Trent the one finger salute. Juvi takes the mic and says "Finally the Juice has come back to New Jersey!" Juvi starts off wailing away on Acid with chops and punches. Acid escapes to the apron but Juvi shoves him into the crowd. He hits a sliding kick on Z-Barr and planchas over the top to the floor. Trent Acid starts walking out and he and Z-Barr argue in the entranceway. Juvi charges down the aisle and attacks them. He and Acid brawl back to the ring. Juvi hits a spinning kick then starts to choke Acid down with a side chinlock. He hits a dropkick to the back of Acid's head who is set in a sitting position. He hits Acid low. ZBarr trips Juvi who chases him around the ring. When Juvi chases him through the ring, Trent hits him with a mafia kick. Barr chokes Juvi against the ropes. Acid chops Juvi but is kicked when he charges him in the corner. Juvi hits a flying bodypress for a near fall. Juvi avoids the mafia kick and hits a clothesline. He legdrops Acid. Juvi hits a release powerbomb. He goes for a Falcon's Arrow but Z-Barr interferes. Juvi hits Z-Barr with the Arrow. He goes to hit Acid with it but Acid small packages him, hooks the legs and pins Juventud Guerrera. Trent Acid, who scampered through the crowd to escape Juvi goes on to the next round of the tournament. The locker room applauded both men as they returned.

We are back and the first match in Round three of the tournament is a virtual International Invasion as Minoru Fujita takes on Winger. They start out fast with Fujita backdropping Winger to the floor and hitting a dive through the ropes. They start brawling around the Arena. Fujita whips Winger into the fencing around the Arena, then into the wall. They continue to brawl around the Arena. Winger is whipped into the ringpost. The make their way back to the ring and trade pinfall attempts. They face off and the crowd applaudes. Fujita monkey flips Winger over. Fujita locks on a one legged Boston Crab. Winger slidekicks Fujita to the floor and piledrives him in the airsleway by the entrance. Back in the ring they trade near falls and reversals, culminating with a Northern Lights Suplex from Winger. Winger locks on a crippler crossface. Winger gets a near fall with a tiger bomb. Fujita hits a flying forearm into the corner then a missle dropkick to the back of Winger's head. He hits a dragon screw leg whip and then locks on a inverted bow & arrow submission. Fujita charges but Winger hits a drop toe hold, sending him facefirst into the turnbuckle. Winger picks up Fujita for a suplex, holds him there and drops him forward. He gets a two count. Fujita comes back with a DDT and a back suplex with a bridge for a near fall. He splashes off the ropes for a near fall. Good match! He went for the Dragon suplex but Winger pulled him over into a rollup for a near fall. Winger hits his finisher the senton off the top but Fujita kicks up. Fujita hits a nasty clothesline on him. Winger gets the pin with a Mexican rolling crucifix. Winger is going to the finals, which means he will have worked four matches in one day. Amazing performance. Winger took the mic, spoke in Japanese and then said he speaks English. He told Fujita he could have a rematch anytime.

The second and final match in the third round of the tournament begins with Trent Acid making his way to the ring alone. Jay Briscoe then came out getting a huge ovation after his performance earlier in the tournament against his brother. They began the match feeling each other out. Trent tried to shake Jay's hand but when Jay went to accept it, Acid gave him the finger. Jay kicked him and we were off. Acid hit a killer mafia kick on Jay after ducking a clothesline. He sprinted across the ring and dove off the top rope to the floor on Jay. Back in the ring, Trent choked him down. Acid hit a roaring elbow and a clothesline on Jay. Acid snapmared and dropkicked Jay then began chopping him. Jay came back with a dropkick and a hurancanrana. Acid cut him off with another roaring elbow but Jay came back with a dragon screw legwhip. Jay locks on a leglock but Acid makes it to the ropes. They go back and forth. Briscoe springboards off the top rope, slipping and hitting a glancing clothesline. It's easy to see he's exhausted. The crowd seems to realize this and applauds him on. Acid shoves Brisco off the top to the crowd. They battle on the floor. Acid sets up Brisco on some chairs and dives off the top ropes onto him. The crowd claps in unison as both men struggle to their feet. Briscoe gets back in the ring first. Acid climbs onto the apron. Briscoe tackles him though the ropes and they both go flying to the floor. The crowd pops and chants "Holy s--t" and claps in unison again. Briscoe misses a senton splash. Briscoe goes for a suplex but Acid blocks. He hits a stunner, holds on and rolls him up for a two count. Briscoe goes to the top but Acid hits him with mafia kick while he is there. Acid hits his finisher, the Acid Bomb, a inverted Razor's Edge and pins Briscoe. Acid leaves. The crowd gives Briscoe a standing ovation. Your tournament final tonight, in a rematch from their rivalry in Big Japan, Winger vs. Trent Acid!

Our next match is a six man tag team bout. They are doing WarGames rules in the match beginning with two combatants and another every two minutes. It's Justice Pain, Wifebeater and CZW Iron Man champion Lobo vs. Nick Mondo and the CZW Tag Team champions Nick Gage and Nate Hatred. Pain comes out and says that the tournament has been awesome but now it's time for something a little different - Ultraviolence. Nick Gage hits the ring and the war is on. Pain catches him going for a hurancaneana and throws him over the top through a table. Justice Pain went for a piledriver but was kicked low. Gage's partner Nate Hatred hit the ring. They began beating on Pain. They double shoulderblock him. Pain kicks Hatred and DDTs Gage. Lobo hits the ring and clotheslines the Tag Team champions. Lobo dove out of the ring on them. Pain does a running senton over the top to the floor. Everyone is brawling. Pain hit a tornado DDT outside the ring to the floor. Pain and Gage brawl around the arena while Hatred and Lobo battle in the ring. Lobo hits a Thesz Press and Nick Mondo who was invited into the match earlier by Pain hits the ring. Mondo is alligned with Zandig's team. He takes out Pain. Wifebeater is out next and powerslams Gage. Pain dives on Hatred. Beater and Mondo brawl in the crowd. Gage attacks Lobo and Pain with a chair. He suplexes Pain onto an open chair. The brawling continues. Pain dives off the top with a chair onto Hatred. Gage hits a somersalt plancha onto everyone on the floor. Mondo unloads on Wifebeater with kicks and martial arts chops. Beater hits a side slam. The insanity on the floor continues. Lobo and Pain put Gage through a table. They hit a double goozzle on Hatred. Lobo hit a legdrop off the top on Hatred for the pin. Your winners Lobo, Justice Pain and Wifebeater. Wild brawl

It's time for the final match in the Best of the Best tournament as Trent Acid takes on Winger. Z-Barr is back with Acid. Winger comes out wearing a Tshirt. They face off for a long time. Acid punds away on him in the corner. Winger unloads with flying head scissors, a dropkick and a diving senton over the top to the floor. Acid climbs to the top rope and moonsaults to the floor on Winger, who is being held by Z-Barr. Acid tosses several chairs into the ring. He opens them and lays Winger face down on them. He climbs to the top but has his legs taken out from under him. Winger tries to bulldog him onto the chairs but Acid reverses it into a slam in midair with Winger taking the punishment. Winger picks up Acid for a powerbomb but just chucks him backwards. Acid lands throatfirst on a chair. Winger goes for a missle dropkick but hits the referee by accident. Acid hits the Mafia kick on Winger. Winger holds Acid for a suplex but drops him on Winger's knee. he goes for the cover but there is no referee. Z-Barr gets in the ring and slaps Winger who unmaskes to be Johnny Kahsmere. Kashmere is Trent's former artner who was "fired" last week by Zandig. Kashmere drags Z-Barr out the front door as the real Winger hits the ring and beats om Trent. With the referee out, he never saw any of this. Great booking! Acid sets him up over two chairs but the fresh Winger moves and Acid crashes through the chairs. Winger does a twisting dive off the ropes to the floor. He sets Acid up on a table in the crowd. Winger climbs the fencing of the Arena into an alcove where they have their hard camera set up. He dives off with a senton splash. The place pops and chants "Holy sh--!" Winger drags Trent to the ring but somehow he kicks up. They go through a flash of near falls. It ends with Acid going for a sunset flip but Winger rolls through and it's hard to tell who was pinned by the reaction of the crowd. They announced Winger had won the match and brought the trophy to the ring. John Zandig led the other cobatants to the ring. Some of the fans chanted "he got F---d" pointing at Trent. John say he may have but tonight CZW wrestled and they showed the world they have the type of talent most promotions dreamed about. He led the crowd in a CZW chant. Acid takes the mic and says that he may not have come out on top tonight, but Winger is one hell of a talent. Acid says he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him but he wants Winger to shake his hand. They do and embrace. The crowd gives them a standing ovation.

Zandig asks the crowd who had the best match tonight. The crowd chants for the Briscoes and Zandig presents them with two trophies. He says that they are true future superstars and asks everyone to give everyone who performed tonight a round of applause.

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