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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-04 09:45:24
Ric Flair's daughter, Ashley, is now training to be a professional wrestler.

Alex Silva, who officially joined the TNA roster yesterday during Impact, was hand-picked for the Gutcheck by Al Snow. Expect the Gutcheck to focus on similar talents, including many from OVW. OVW of late has seen an upsurge in business thanks to the TNA relationship, a local pizza sponsorship and a number of former names coming back to work in the area, like Cliff Compton. Expect some other new concepts to pop up as the summer progresses on Impact as they are testing to see what can work and be added to the TV product long-term. I thought the initial Gutcheck was pretty damn good.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett worked the 4/30 AAA TV Taping in Mexico over the weekend. Chessman & Jeff Jarrett defeated Juventud Guerrera & La Parka Jr. when Jarrett used a guitar on Juvy as Karen had the referee distracted. L.A. Par-K showed up afterwards and put a witch costume on Karen which angered the Jarretts forcing them to run off. Par-K, Parka, & Joaquin Roldan then formed a united front after the match to rid AAA of La Sociedad. The Jarretts are aligned with Dorian Roldan, so they are doing Dorian as heel Shane McMahon vs. Joaquin as babyface Vince, at least in terms of the roles.

In regard to Scott Steiner's claim that TNA announcers aren't brought in to Orlando anymore, that is only partially correct. The announcers do commentary live on taping weeks when the show will air the same week as the actual taping. For weeks where the show won't air for 7-10 days after the taping, the announcers lay down the voiceovers in Nashville once the show has been edited and completed as a way to keep the commentary from sounding dated.

Ric Flair is scheduled for next week's house shows in Louisiana.

TNA is running a series of shows in California this weekend, Tonight they are in Tara's hometown of Ontario, CA at the Citizens Bank Business Arena. Tomorrow 5/5, they are in Bakersfield, CA at the Robobank Arena. Sunday 5/6, they will hold a Basebrawl event at the Visalia Rawhide Park in VIsalia, CA.

All shows will feature the following lineup:

*TNA champion Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy
*AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
*Mr. Anderson vs Robbie E
*TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Daniels & Kazarian
*Tara vs. Winter
*D'Angelo Dinero vs. Hernandez

TNA is posting some of their "Greatest Moments" in leading to their ten year anniversary this June. Here is the first video clip:

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