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By Dave Scherer on 2012-04-30 14:36:14
In case you missed my blog, Extreme Rules was a great PPV last night.  There were three outstanding matches on the show (the two title matches and the main event) as well as a really good brawl with Randy Orton and Kane.  Just as I was really excited to see how they would deliver leading into the PPV, I feel the same way about Raw tonight.  They have some serious momentum going into tonight's show.  I hope that they keep it going.

Thanks to everyone who asked about my allergy attack.  I am feeling better today (the mailbag on the site was taped yesterday FYI).  For those of you that suffer with allergies too, I found a really cool homeopathic product called Allergy Buster Nasal Spray that really helps a lot.  A lot!  If you want more information on it, click here.  I got it at Walgreens yesterday. has a story covering the trial of the man who killed Jennifer Hudson's family and they give a lot of praise to David Otunga in it.  You can read it by clicking here. ... Thanks to everyone that sent that along.

Some nitwit wrote the following to Chris Jericho on Twitter: " Another loss? At this rate ur gonna be the next squash for Brodus or Skip".  Jericho, much more restrained than I would have been, responded, "Ugh. U dont understand anything about wrestling..RT".  That is a shoot, for sure.  Everyone has a voice in the digital age, even those that should never, ever be heard.

WWE will be running the 9/3 Labor Day Raw in Chicago, IL.  The pre-sale is underway with the password being: SUPERSHOW. 

Stewart McAloney sent word that the Over The Limit PPV will air live in the UK on Sky Sports 1 HD on the 20th of May at 1am

From the "take it with a grain of salt" department Michael Motley sent word that on WWE Classics they are advertising the WWE Network at the start of the shows and listing 2012 as its debut.0

Dutch Mantell sent the following. ... Dirty Dutch has posted a new blog on his website... ...a story that he overheard by accident while he was with the WWF. 

Dutch said this is one of the greatest stories/tales that he's ever heard and he relates it all on this blog. The story revolves around Jake the Snake Roberts as he holds court with a group of young wrestlers and enhancement talent one Monday night at a Monday NIght RAW taping. The story involves fast women, cops and DIVINE INTERVENTION. True story. Dutch has said that you have to hear it to believe it as he states he couldn't make this stuff up. 


Dirty Dutch is announcing his very own DVD release entitled Dirty Memphis to be released soon. The DVD will cover one of the most entertaining promotions ever...during their hottest period ever through the eyes of Dutch. If you're a fan of great stories, this is the DVD for you. Dutch talks about his entire career interspersed with great stories about Memphis including the infamous Andy Kaufman angle with Jerry Lawler and how it all went down, the classic 26 falls Tag Team Texas Death Match that has never been duplicated anywhere, and his classic feuds with Jerry Lawler and Randy Macho Man Savage. Other topics include a young Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kane, Puerto Rico, WCW and his days spent in WWF. Included also is a rare vintage look at some never before seen photos that give a great glimpse into the past of how pro wrestling was in its earlier days. 

Check it out.  

DVD is selling for $27.95 shipping and handling included. Pre-orders being taken now.



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