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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-15 19:32:04

TNA champion Bobby Roode was interviewed by Jeremy Borash.  Roode said that tonight was the night that the entire wrestling world has been waiting for.  He said that tonight is the night that James Storm has been waiting for.  Roode said that in front of his friends and family, Storm has a chance at the TNA title.  Roode said that he will walk out to the cage and prove to the entire world that what he says is true.   He is and always will be better than Storm.  He said that tonight isn't a wrestling match but a fight.  He said they hate each other.  Roode said he is coming for Storm and he's coming for blood.  Roode said he was going to prove he was the best TNA champion of all time.  Good promo.

TNA champion Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

Storm drove his pick up truck into the building.  Everyone was on their feet since he's the hometown boy.  Storm left the cage and attacked Roode as he was circling on the floor outside the cage.  So, no bigtime ring introductions.  They battled on the floor.  Storm threw him into the railing.  Storm grabbed the ring steps and put them on their side, then slammed Roode into them face-first.

Storm came off the ringside table with a leaping shot, then whipped Roode into the railing again.  The crowd is loving this.  Roode cut off Storm and tries to slam him into the cage but Storm blocked it.  Roode tried to whip Storm into the railing but it was reversed.

Roode staggered up the entrance ramp but Storm dragged him back.  Storm grabbed a chair and swung it but Roode blocked and Storm nailed the cage.  He was slammed into the cage, busting him open.  Roode grabbed one of Storm's beer bottles and teased using it, but didn't.  He beat Storm with a series of rights.  They showed Storm's wife and Montgomery Gentry, who did Storm's new ring music, in the crowd.

Roode finally brought Storm in and they officially started the match.  Roode ran Storm into the cage hard.  Roode drilled Storm with a suplex and a kneedrop for a two count.  The fans started a "Let's go Cowboy" chant.   That fired up Storm with a series of rights.  Roode dared him to continue.  They fought back and forth.  This already has more intensity than anything else on the show.

Roode ripped at Storm's face.  Storm finally gets kicks off Roode but is then cut off with a running clothesline.   Roode continued beating down Storm while screaming at him that he's nothing.  Storm started trying to suck it up and fight back as the crowd chanted for him.  Storm psyched himself up and finally grabbed Roode and threw him into the corner, unloading with punches and kicks.  Storm screamed as he stomped away.

Roode tried to run off but was caught with a running forearm.  Storm whipped him into the corner and backdropped him.  Storm charged but was kicked off.  Roode went to the ropes but Storm nailed him and Roode fell into the ring.     Storm went for the Whirly Bird but Roode slipped out.  Storm took down and catapulted Roode into the cage.  He slammed Roode into the cage a second time.

Storm nailed the Whirly Bird for a two count.   Storm nailed a series of punches but was caught with a spinebuster for a two count.   Storm avoided a charge and nailed the Backstabber for a two count.   Roode's face was ripped against the cage.   Storm pulled Roode in but was backdropped over the ropes into the cage.

Roode tried to climb out but Storm grabbed his legs and pulled him back in.   Roode locked on a Crossface in the center of the ring.   Storm made it to the ropes to break it.   They battled to the top rope.  Roode went for a superplex but Storm fired back with some stiff punches.  Roode slammed him backward into the steel cage and he crumpled in the corner.  Roode tried to climb up but Storm grabbed him.  Storm was kicked back into the ring but caught Roode as he made his way to the other side of the cage.  Storm was able to pull him back over the top and into the cage.

They battled while standing on the top rope with punches and slammed each other into the cage.   Storm finally slammed Roode into the cage, bouncing him back into the ring.  Storm went to the top of the cage but changed his mind when he saw Roode giving him the finger.  Storm leapt off the top with a lungblower and set up for the Last Call superkick.   Roode pulled the referee into the superkick, knocking him out.

Roode had them open the cage door and grabbed a beer bottle.  He broke it over Storm's head.   He covered Storm, who kicked out at the last second.   Storm nailed the superkick.  He superkicked Roode again, sending him into the cage door and to the floor.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

Roode was out unconscious on the floor.  Storm took the TNA belt and threw it down.  He went past Brooke Hogan (as always trying to get herself over) who was sitting in the front row and went into the crowd to embrace his wife.  TNA officials were checking on Roode as they went off the air.

The main event was good and easily the best thing on the show, but the finish totally deflated the audience.  With such a poor show, they really needed a big moment to end things on a positive note but that didn't happen.  The work itself was very good and the finish was a good idea, but probably executed at the wrong time and night.

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