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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-15 19:32:04

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

They pretty much need to save the show at this point as there's been nothing above and beyond the usual on the show.   Angle's knee is really taped up.  Angle controlled Hardy early beating him down on the mat and stomping him.   Hardy caught Angle with an  elbow as he came off the ropes and nailed a dropkick.

Angle used a thumb to the eyes before Hardy could continue to mount any real offense.   Angle smothered Hardy in the corner with his boot.   Hardy cut him off and used the ropes to springboard into a kick in the corner.  Hardy worked over Angle with punches.  Hardy charged Angle but was thrown into the cage.   Hardy was beaten down.  Ange ripped his face against the cage.  That appeared to bust open Hardy, the first blood of the night.  Angle rammed him hard into the cage again.

Angle went for a third attempt but Hardy reversed it and Angle nailed the cage head-first.   Hardy began hitting a ton of offense with clotheslines and a leaping forearm.  Hardy nailed a double sledgehammer in the head and drilled Angle with a twisting moonsault press off the top.    Hardy used his ropes to sent Angle into the cage, then nailed a sit down stunner on Angle.

Hardy went to climb out but Angle scaled the ropes (his knee wouldn't let him leap) and hit the Olympic Slam off the ropes into the ring for a near fall.   Hardy fired back and tried to climb out of the cage.  Angle tried to pull him down but Hardy kicked him off and came off the cage into a splash for a close near fall.

The audio mix of the crowd must be horrid as you can see everyone standing and chahting, "This is awesome" but it sounds like a far-away echo.

Angle went for the anklelock but Hardy reversed it.   Angle teased tapping but rolled through.  Angle missed a clothesline and was caught with the Twist of Fate.  Hardy climbed to the top and nailed the swanton bomb.   He went back up and nailed a second for a near fall.  Angle nailed the Olympic Slam and was mad when Hardy kicked out.  Angle stalked over Hardy, waiting for him to get to his feet.   He went for another Slam but Hardy slipped out and nailed one instead.  Hardy ripped off his shirt and went for another Swanton, this time off the top of the cage.  Hardy nailed it and it looked awesome.  That got him the pin.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Far and away the best thing on the show.  Not an awesome match but a good bout.  The finish was crazy.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions ODB & Eric Young vs. Rosita & Sarita.

ODB hit the ring and attacked both chyallengers.   She nailed a Thesz Press on Sarita and punched the hell out of her.  Rosita jumped on her back but ODB got her off and then squashed them both in the corner with a running charge.  ODB pressed Rosita and threw her atop Sarita.  Young tried to count a pinfall, pissing off ODB.  He left, allowing the challengers to double team his wife.  The crowd was chanting for "ODB."

Rosita and Sarita tagged in and out, working over ODB.     They start flirting with Eric, allowing ODB to drink from her flask and make a comeback on both.  ODB nailed a F5 on Rosita for the win.

Your winners and still TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions, ODB and Eric Young!

The champions began rolling around and kissing.

Let us never speak of any of this again.

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