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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-15 19:32:04

Ric Flair came to the ring as the announcers were discussing the show.  Taz called him a two time Hall of Famer.   Flair asked the crowd if they had any idea who just walked into the ring.  The crowd "woo'd."  Flair said he was asking a serious question and started ripping on fans in the front row.   He said that his life gets greater and bigger every day because he's that "damn good."  Flair said that he was a special kind of cat and he's pissed off.  He said that isn't good for who he's pissed off at.  Flair said that Hulk Hogan won't leave him alone and tonight, he ended Eric Bischoff's career.  Flair said that wasn't funny and started ripping on a fan, asking how his wife could sleep with him.

Hulk Hogan made his way to the ring.   Flair told Hogan that he's pissed him off.  The crowd chanted for Hogan.  Flair mocked the chants.   Hogan said that as the GM of Impact, he has to admit that Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time, then asked if he minded if Hogan entered the ring.  Flair told him to get in as he's got something he needs to do.   Hogan entered the ring and told Flair that if he has a problem, he can express them right here and right now.

Flair said that he's had a problem with Hogan for 30 years and he doesn't like the way that Hogan runs the company and manipulates people.  He said that he should have been in the ring tonight, not Eric Bischoff and that pisses him off.  He warned Hogan that he's going to get Flair so mad one day, Flair is going to kick his ass.  Hogan told him that Flair is at Lockdown and all is fair in love and war and Lockdown.  Hogan said Bischoff will never be part of Impact Wrestling again and can never use his name again.   Hogan said that everyone knows that if they hook up, they will tear the roof off the building and told Flair to do something about his issues right now.

Flair said that Hogan just really pissed him off and took off his suit jacket.  Hogan decked Flair and laid him out, then walks out.  Flair demanded Hogan get back in the ring and started disrobing.  Flair threw his shoes out of the cage, launching them at Hogan.  Flair demanded to know where Hogan was going, then threatened to kick Mike Tenay's ass.   Flair asked some girl we couldn't see if she wanted to ride Space Mountain.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

They faced off.  Crimson tried to escape but Morgan stopped him and nailed a series of clotheslines and a sideslam.   Crimson tried to run off but was stoppped by Morgan.  They slugged it out.  Crimson missed a charge and hit the cage hard.  Morgan called for the door and started walking out but changed his mind.  He returned to the ring and nailed a running kneelift to Crimson.

Morgan went for a chokeslam but Crimson nailed him in the knees.  Crimson mounted him and worked over Morgan with punches.   Crimson nailed a hard clothesline for a two count.   Crimson snapmares Morgan and nailed a running dropkick for a two count.

Crimson ran Morgan onto the cage.  He worked over Morgan until being kicked off during a charge.  Morgan went after Crimson but was caught with a spinebuster for a two count.  Morgan fired back with the discus clothesline and several other clotheslines and punches.  He snapmared Crimson and nailed a boot to the face.

Morgan hit a back suplex, then nailed an Avalanche in the corner.   Crimson rolled to the outside of the ring, where Morgan hit him with a bodypress, sandwiching him against the cage.  Morgan went for the Carbon Footprint but Crimson moved.  Morgan nailed his leg over the ropes and against the cage.  Crimson tried to climb out but was pulled back to the top rope by Morgan.  Crimson crotched him on and Morgan fell into the ring, getting caught in the ropes.  Crimson looked down smiling and then climbed out..

Your winner, Crimson!

Not a great match but I thought both worked really hard given their limitations as performers.  The finish totally killed it.  I thought they had a chance for Crimson to really cross the line as a heel and wipe out Morgan when he was trapped but he instead just went the other way.  That was a missed opportunity and instead we got an extremely lame finish.

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