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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-15 19:32:04

TNA Tag Team champions Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. The Motorcity Machineguns.

They made it clear you can win via escape, pinfall or submission.

Shelley and Magnus started out.  Shelley tried to go after his knee but Magnus blocked it.  Shelley slid under a right hand.  Magnus finally nailed him with a clothesline for a one count.  They went back and forth until Joe and Sabin tagged in.  Magus tagged back in and was double teamed by the Guns.  Magnus catched Shelley trying to come off the ropes and nailed a Fall Away Slam, sending him into his own partner.

The champs pulled Chris Sabin into their corner and tagged in and out, working him over.  Joe chopped Sabin hard then tagged in Magnus, who nailed several stomps and an elbow for a two count.  The champs maneuvered Sabin into their corner and continued the assault, with Joe peppering him with a series of fast strikes.   Joe held Sabin for Magnus to drill with a running boot to the face, followed up by a Joe back senton splash.

Magnus cinched in a side chinlock on Sabin, trying to wear him down.   Sabin used a sit-down jawbreaker to break the move.   Joe nailed a snap suplex to cut off Sabin, garnering a two count.   Sabin tried to battle his way out of the corner and succeeds, nailing a tornado DDT on Joe as he kicks off Magnus.   Joe ended up landing in the path of Sabin and tried to prevent the tag to Shelley, but it doesn't happen. 

Shelley cleans house and goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Magnus slips out.  They battle on the top and Joe gets powerbombed off the ropes.  Shelley nails Magnus and comes off the ropes with a double boot stomp.  Joe broke up the pin and was sent into the cage by the Guns. 

The Guns set up to take out Magnus but Joe locked in a rear naked choke.  He had Sabin beat but let go to break up a Shelley pinfall attempt on Magnus after Shining Wizard.  The champs miss their finisher and Shelley rolls up Magnus for a two count.   Shelley is nailed by Magnus and Joe by their finisher and pinned.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Magnus & Samoa Joe!

Nothing of note here.  Just your basic back and forth match. This never seemed to get out of first gear.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Robbie E, with Robbie T.   E said that after the way he was screwed last month, it's going to be Gym, Tan, Hamsterslam.  He said that Devon wasn't on his list and he'd be a two time TNA TV champion tonight.  He said that he'll go on to be the best TNA TV champ of all time and they'll be out fistpumping.

TNA TV champ Devon vs. Robbie E.

Robbie T got in Devon's face trying to distract him for E to charge but Devon saw him coming and they collided.  Devon nailed E and went after T.  That allowed E to nail Devon from behind and work him over.  The early moments of the bout saw E completely control the champion and get several near falls.

E came off the top with an elbow for a two count.   E cinched in a side chinlock on Devon who tried to get the crowd into the match as he rallied.   E climbed the ropes but Devon hit them and E crotched himself.  He fell back into the ring, allowing Devon to nail a series of clotheslines and a shoulderblock.

Devon nailed a hangman's neckbreaker and whipped E into the corner.  Devon nailed a running splash and a spinebuster for the clean pinfall.

Your winner and still TNA TV champion, Devon!

Robbie T attacked Devon from behind and nailed an over the shoulder powerslam.   E slapped Devon while he was down on the mat.  He walked out with his ring music playing.

Too short to be anything of note.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Matt Morgan backstage.   They asked a fan's question to Matt Morgan - what was more important, ending Crimson's streak or getting revenge.  Morgan said he got into the business to win and make money but tonight was all about revenge.  He said that tonight, Crimson will answer for his sins and the cage will be a prison cell.  He promised to make Crimson his red-headed bitch.

Kim nailed Velvet from behind as Sky was arguing with Madison Rayne, who was outside.  Sky shocked her with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Kim reversed a whip but Sky sunset flipped her.   Kim drilled her with a kick while she was underneath Sky.

Kim nailed an elbow and a series of forearms.   Kim targeted Sky with a series of kicks to the legs and mid-section.   Kim ran Sky towards the turnbuckles but Sky blocked it and nailed a series of strikes.  Kim shoved her off and tried to scale the cage for an escape.  Sky went after her but was kicked off.  Kim nailed a beautiful missile dropkick off the top rope for a two count.

Kim used her knee to bend Sky's back, attempting a submission.   Kim went for a version of the Stretch Muffler but Sky kicked her off.  Kim almost immediately cut her back off and covered Sky for a two count.  Kim locked on a Dragon Sleeper, then worked Sky over in the corner.  Kim missed a charge in the corner and went through the turnbuckles, landing on the outside of the apron near the cage.  It looked brutal.

Sky nailed a series of punches and a clothesline, then a running back elbow.  Sky used a twisting headscissors and a basement dropkick.  Sky nailed a bulldog and went for a move but Kim kicked her off.  Kim ascended to the top but Sky stopped her and met her at the top rope.  Sky nailed a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope into the ring.  It took time for Sky to recover and attempt a pinfall.  When she did, Kim grabbed the ropes to break it.

Madison Rayne tried to distract Sky so Kim could escape through the open door.  Sky went after Kim and rolled her up.  The momentum allowed Kim to roll through and she hooked the tights for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champion, Gail Kim!

They were working really hard but this never really came together.  The top rope sunset flip powerbomb looked impressive.

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