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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-14 21:25:00

Shane Douglas and Dominic DeNucci with Bruno Sammartino vs. Lord Zoltan & Shawn Blanchard with JJ Dillon.

Gene Okerlund handled the ring announcements. 

There was a nice "Franchise" chant.   Douglas took the mic but it wouldn't work.  They ran him another to the ring.  He asked Toronto how they were doing.  He said that he heard a few people asking for a few shoot comments.  He said that he sees the target right before him.  Douglas said that he's known JJ Dillon for a long time and he represented a jackass named Dick Flair.  Douglas said that he's brought a real legend to be in their corner and gave a hell of an intro for Bruno Sammartino.

Blanchard is replacing Larry Zbyszko.

A really nice "Thank you Bruno" chant.  Blanchard and Douglas started out.  They locked up and went back and forth in the ring.    They locked up again and Blanchard sent Douglas to the mat, then started celebrating.   They locked up again and this time Douglas was whipped into the ropes.  Douglas reversed and hit a clothesline and several hiptosses.  He locked in an abdominal stretch.

DeNucci tried to stop Zoltan from interfering but was admonished by the referee.  They allowed Douglas to be hit but he regained control and went back to the stretch.  Douglas was sent into the heels' corner, where Zoltan worked him over.    DeNucci and Zoltan almost got into it.

Douglas made the hot tag to DeNucci, who covered Blanchard for a two count.   DeNucci nailed him with punches and weak chops.  Zoltan tagged in and worked over DeNucci.  The crowd chanted for Dominic.   They worked him over in the corner.  Zoltan began working over DeNucci's arm for a long time.   Douglas tagged in and backdropped Blanchard.  Zoltan used a claw to work him over but Douglas made the comeback, slamming him into the turnbuckles.

Zoltan attacked him and worked over Douglas.  DeNucci returned to the ring and all four brawled.   Douglas nailed the belly to belly suplex.

Your winners, Shane Douglas & Dominic DeNucci!

WAAAAAAAAY TOO LONG.  This should have been short and sweet and while the crowd was really, really forgiving, this went nowhere and it wasn't good, but really, you gotta understand the

Douglas did a nice speech after putting over DeNucci, which was classy.

LuFisto vs. Kalamity.

They started hot with some really good back and forth wrestling and kicks.   Lufisto grabbed an anklelock of sorts but Kalamity made it to the ropes.  Kalamity took control and charged, drilling a knee into Lufisto into the ropes.  She drilled LuFisto with a stomp, then cinched in a rear chinlock.

LuFisto nailed Kalamity after avoiding a charge.   LuFisto worked over Kalamity with a series of chops in the corner.   Kalamity cut her off and then drilled Lufisto with a pair of driving knees.   They went back and forth with forearms and punches.  They began nailing each other at the same time, then charged and collided.  Both went down.

Kalamity drilled her with a series of chops but Lufisto fired up with a series of senton splashes and a running double kick in the corner that propelled her outside to the floor, landing on her feet.   Kalamity cut her off with a jawbreaker and a series of kicks for a two count.

Lufisto slipped out of a DVDR and nailed a sick looking back suplex.  She ascended to the top but was cut off.  They battled on the ropes.  Kalamity went to the top and they exchanged headbutts.   LuFisto nailed her and hit a top rope double stomp.     LuFisto speared her several ties and locked on a front guillotine choke for the submission but Kalamity broke free.

They began kicking and stiffing the hell out of each other.   LuFisto got the better of it for another near fall.  They got a "This is awesome" chant. Kalamity hit a DVDR for a two count.   Lufisto rolled her up for a two count.  They did a series of near falls before battling back and forth with strikes.

LuFisto nailed a spinning backhanded fist and went to the top.  She nailed a top rope splash but Kalamity came back with a Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Kalamity!

Still to come:

*Roderick Strong vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger.

*Hardcore Rules: Raven & CW Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rhino.

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