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By David Tees on 2012-03-18 20:00:25
Jeremy Borash interviews Sting, whose Twitter question is “what’s the difference between being a wrestler and being the boss?” Sting said that he is sick and tired of all the talking because it is time to wrestle.

Main Event - Non-Title Street Fight: Bobby Roode (TNA World Champion) vs. Sting

Our main event kicks off with the combatants doing some trash talking in the center of the ring, then they lock up and Sting gets the mental advantage by slapping Roode. Roode then tries to work over the arm of Sting and Sting quickly pulls away, Roode takes a break on the arena floor before engaging Sting again. Sting then takes Roode down with a shoulder block and a few clothes lines, Sting then connects with a drop kick on Roode. Roode then seeks some rest on the arena floor, Sting follows Roode out of the ring and he clothes lines Roode on the ramp. Sting then smashes Roode’s face on the ring steps, Sting then takes Roode over to the guard rails for some face to rail interaction. Roode and Sting then battle by the ring steps with Sting winning that particular battle, Sting then tosses Roode into the guard rail again. Roode then stops Sting and he smashes his face on the ring mat, Sting then avoids a Roode chair shot and he tosses Roode into the railing for his effort. Sting the hits a Stinger Splash on Roode as he was draped on the guard rail, the battle goes back into the ring and Roode rakes Sting in the eyes before smashing his leg on the ring post multiple times. Roode then starts working over the leg by landing a series of elbow drops, Sting then stands up and Roode quickly chop blocks his leg. Roode follows that up by dropping his hips on the hurt leg of Sting, Roode then starts assaulting Sting with chops in the corner. Sting then starts fighting back by punching Roode before attempting a back slide, Roode instantly stops Sting by attacking the injured leg. Roode takes advantage of the situation by applying the figure four leg lock on Sting, Sting then tries to relieve the pain by pushing Roode’s leg off of him and Roode blocks it. Sting then finally reverses the hold on Roode to force the break, Roode quickly recovers to chop block the injured knee of Sting. Roode then goes for aother figure four and Sting counters with a roll up for a two count, Roode then attacks Sting with chops and Sting starts getting pumped up. Sting then regains control by dropping Roode with clothes lines and a back body drop, Sting then starts kicking at the leg of Roode. Sting then goes for a Stinger Splash and Roode ducks out of the way, the wrestlers battle to the top rope and Sting drops Roode with a superplex. Sting then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock on Roode and Roode eventually breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes, Roode then catches Sting with a spear and draping him along the top rope. Roode then goes outside the ring to grab a steel chair while the referee checks on Sting, Roode then sets up the chair to power bomb Sting onto it. Sting blocks it by connecting with the Scorpion Death Drop and Sting smashes his head on the chair while completing the moves, a severely beaten Roode drapes his arm on Sting to score the three count.

Winner: TNA World Champion Robert Roode

After the match, Bobby Roode tosses the referee out of the ring and he goes outside the ring to get another chair as Dixie Carter confront him. Roode snaps and he brings Carter into the ring with him, Sting then forces Carter to look at Sting as he berates them both. Roode then corners Cater as Sting comes to behind him, Sting fights Roode off to save the owner of TNA. It is only temporary as Roode returns with a chair and he cracks Sting with it, Roode then drags Sting to the corner and he tapes his arms to the bottom rope as Dixie tries to stop him. Roode then grabs a defenseless Dixie and he puts her in the opposite corner, Roode goes to swing a chair at Sting and Dixie jumps in the way to defend him. Roode then wipes some of Sting’s face paint onto the face of Dixie, Roode then stands over both Sting and Dixie as the pay-per-view fades to black. 

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