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By David Tees on 2012-03-18 20:00:25

Jeremy Borash interview Christopher Daniels & Kazarian, Daniels said that even though Kazarian has been the more aggressive wrestler…it is he who is still in charge. Daniels said that a decade of friendship with AJ Styles means nothing and they will all pay for their mistakes tonight.

Before our next match begins, the returning Mr. Anderson grabs the microphone from the ceiling to do his own ring introduction.

Match #6 - AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

This match kicks off with Anderson and Daniels circling each other, Daniels then quickly tags in Kazarian before any contact was made. Kazarian then tries attacking Anderson in the corner, but Anderson gets the edge with punches and a clothes line. Styles gets tagged in and Daniels does as well, they lock up and Styles gets Daniels in a head lock that Daniels reverses on him. Daniels then drops Styles with a shoulder block, but Styles quickly recovers with a few deep arm drags. Daniels then pops Styles with a right before he gets clobbered with a drop kick, Styles and Anderson then take turns punching Daniels. Daniels escapes to the arena floor and a four way brawl erupts on the arena floor, Styles and Anderson then double team their opponents in the ring. Styles and Daniels are left alone in the ring and Styles gets Daniels with a delayed verticle suplex, Anderson gets the tag and he drops Daniels with a reverse elbow. Daniels then catches Anderson with a knee lift before tagging Kazarian in, Anderson plays possum and he stops Kazarian before he gets started. Styles comes in and he teams with Anderson to drop Kazarian with a double hip toss, Kazarian then elevates Styles to the outside of the ring and onto the apron. Daniels then blind sides Styles by knocking him to the arena floor, Daniels tags in and he catches Styles with a series of jabs. Daniels then catches Styles with a leaping leg lariat for a near fall, Styles tries to fight back and Daniels locks him in the abdominal stretch. Styles breaks the hold by getting Daniels with a hip toss, Styles then charges at Daniels and he eats a boot. Kazarian comes in and Styles drops him with a jaw breaker, Styles reaches for Anderson and Daniels halts the momentum. Daniel then sends Styles crashing into the turnbuckles, Daniels then gets a near fall after nailing a split legged moonsault. Daniels then  attempts to weaken Styles further by applying the chin lock, Styles again mounts a comeback and Daniels just flips him onto him stomach. Daniels then tags in Kazarian while giving him some lip service, they then try to double team Styles and Styles takes them both out before tagging Anderson in. Anderson hits the ring and he cleans house on his opponents, Anderson then drops Kazarian onto Daniels with a rolling death valley driver. Anderson then goes for the Mic Check on Kazarian and Daniels drops him with an STO, Styles then catches Daniels with a springboard elbow strike. Styles then goes for the springboard inverted DDT and Daniels blocks it, all for competitors are down after destroying each other. Styles then knocks Daniels out of the ring and he misses the follow up dive on Daniels, Daniels the trips up a running Anderson as he came off the ropes. Styles then quickly tags in Anderson during the ruckus, Anderson then spears Daniels through the ropes and out of the ring. Kazarian then tries to hit Styles with Fade To Black, but Styles counters it and he plants Kazarian with the Styles Clash for the three count.

Winners: AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson 

Jeremy Borash interviews Kurt Angle backstage, Angle says hello to his son Cody and he instructs him to watch tonight’s match so that he can see Jeff Hardy get destroyed.

Match #7 - Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Our semi-main event begins with Angle overpowering Hardy and forcing him into the corner, Hardy then grabs a head lock on Angle. Hardy then drops Angle with a shoulder block, Angle then seeks sanctuary on the arena floor on the Impact Zone. Angle returns to the ring and he gets hit with another shoulder block, Hardy then puts Angle in a third head lock. This time Angle is able to counter and a chain wrestling battle begins, Angle wins the battle and he catches Hardy in a chin lock. Hardy reverses Angle and he eats an elbow for those efforts, Hardy then nails a running Angle with a knee to the midsection. Hardy follows Angle to the corner and he gets his eyes poked, Angle then starts pounding on a blinded Hardy. Angle then sends Hardy into the corner and Hardy counters a charging Angle to send him out of the ring, Hardy then dives off the ring apron onto Angle. They battle back into the ring and Angle cheap shots Hardy to get the advantage back, Angle then starts choking Hardy in the corner. Angle then picks Hardy up to hit him with a few European uppercuts, Hardy regains the advantage by catching Angle with a leg drop and a drop kick. Hardy then follows Angle out of the ring and Hardy tosses Angle into the ring steps and barricade, Hardy then dives off the ring steps and into the barricade as Angle avoids him. Angle then retreats to the ring while Hardy remains hurt on the arena floor, Angle eventually goes outside the ring to stomp on a hurt Hardy. Angle then throws Hardy back into the ring for a near fall, Angle then gets methodical on Hardy while hitting him with a suplex. Angle then sits on top of Hardy while applying the camel clutch with a chin lock applied as well, Hardy stands up and he briefly gets Angle off of him before getting hit with a belly to belly suplex. Hardy tries to fight back again and he is successful after nailing a flying clothes line, the wrestlers then start exchanging punches with Hardy getting the upper hand. Hardy starts getting on a roll and he nails Angle with the Whisper In The Wind for a two count, Angle then counters a Twist Of Fate attempt with a series of German suplexes. Angle then goes for the Angle Slam and Hardy counters with the Twist Of Fate, Hardy then goes to the top rope and Angle meets him up there to toss him off to the mat below. Angle then pulls the straps down and he applies the ankle lock on Hardy, Hardy kicks Angle off to escape the hold. Hardy then avoids a charging Angle to hit him with a Twist Of Fate for a near fall, Angle then escapes to the arena floor again. Hardy eventually follows him out there and Angle attacks him, Hardy then smashes Angle’s head on the head steps multiple times. Hardy then tosses Angle back into the ring, Hardy then goes to the top rope and he goes for the swanton bomb. Angle gets his knees up and he injures Hardy, Angle then connects with the Angle Slam on Hardy for another near fall. Angle then tries to distract the ref while choke Hardy with one of his own arm bands, Hardy then counters an Angle Slam attempt to land another Twist Of Fate. The tired battlers then get back up and Hardy connects with a few clothes lines on Angles, Hardy then finally lands the swanton bomb on Angle. Hardy goes for the pin on Angle and Angle rolls him up while holding the ropes for the three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

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