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By David Tees on 2012-03-18 20:00:25

Jeremy Borash is backstage and he apologizes to the crowd for Eric Bischoff’s earlier actions before bringing in Bobby Roode. His Twitter question is “how do you defeat Sting tonight and James Storm at TNA lockdown?” Roode says that all the talking is over for Sting and tonight we be the night that Sting’s career is ended. Booby Roode then says that James Storm has never beaten him in a singles match, James Storm interrupts and he says that he will fight Bobby Roode right now, instead of next month at TNA Lockdown and Roode backs away.

Robbie E and bodyguard Robbie T hit the ring for the open challenge, Robbie E grabs the microphone and he says that there will be no open challenge tonight. Robbie E says that he really wanted some competition tonight, so he says that anybody in the crowd can challenge for the title tonight. Robbie E then starts making fun of random members of the crowd, Robbie E then finds So Cal Val and he says that they are going to wrestle in the hotel tonight. Robbie E then says that a mistake was made and the open challenge has been cancelled, the two Robbie’s then start posing when Devon comes through the crowd to accept the open challenge. Robbie E attempts to keep the match from happening and the referee grabs the microphone to say the match is on.

Match #4 - TNA Television Title Match: Robbie E (Champion) w/Robbie T vs. Devon

This impromptu challenge begins with Devon immediately attacking Robbie E with a ton of punches, Devon then hip tosses Robbie E across the ring. Devon follows that up by nailing Robbie E with a clothes line and face plant, Devon then knocks Robbie E out of the ring. Devon follows Robbie E out of the ring and he attacks him with more punches, Robbie T distracts Devon so Robbie E can gain the upper hand. Robbie E attempts to use a chair on Devon and BROOKE HOGAN stops him from her seat in the crowd, Robbie E then starts working Devon over in the ring. Devon quickly battles back by dropping Robbie E with a clothes line and jumping shoulder block, Devon then hurts him with a neck breaker and a jumping clothes line. Devon then clobbers an interfering Robbie T, Devon then catches Robbie E with a spine buster to score the three count.

Winner: New TNA Television Champion, Devon 

Jeremy Borash interviews TNA President Dixie Carter backstage, who says that TNA Slammiversary will be held at the University Of Texas. Borash asks her about the Sting/Bobby Roode match, Carter says that she will be ringside to support Sting in the match tonight to watch him get revenge on Roode.

Match #5 - TNA Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim (Champion) vs. Madison Rayne

Our next title match begins with both women hugging in the middle of the ring, Gail then motions like she is going to his Rayne with the title belt. The ladies then lock up and they both pull each other’s hair, Gail lands the first blows by hitting Rayne with fore arm shots and flying clothes lines. Rayne gets the edge on Gail and then she misses a charge into the corner, Rayne then sends Gail from the ring apron into the steel railing after a running shoulder tackle. Rayne then goes for the face smash on Gail and she nearly gets rolled up, Rayne keeps the advantage by choking Gail in the corner. Gail then catches a charging Rayne with a boot to the face, Rayne quickly slows Gail down with a strike before catching her with a Northern lights suplex. Rayne then locks a dazed Gail in a chin lock, Gail breaks free and catches the leg of Rayne to smash it across her shoulder. The ladies both stumble to their feet and exchange blows, Gail gets the advantage by catching Rayne with a springboard cross body. Gail then tosses Rayne into the corner to hit her with a running cross body, Gail then nails Rayne with a missile dropkick. Gail then goes for Eat Defeat and Rayne counters with a roll up, Rayne then catches Gail with a neck breaker. Rayne starts arguing with the referee and Gail tries to get the edge, Rayne stops her momentum before shoving Gail to the mat. Rayne then starts taunting Gail before hitting her with a  running drop kick, Rayne then goes for her finisher and Gail reverses for hers and they both fail to connect. Gail then goes for Eat Defeat again and she catches Rayne with it to score the three count.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim

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