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By David Tees on 2012-03-18 20:00:25

Welcome to the live coverage of the TNA victory Road pay-per-view, live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

The opening video montage kicks off the evening and then the fireworks go off, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the event, leading us into our opening battle…

Instead we get Bully Ray making a mad dash to the ring and he immediately tells the fans to “shut up.” Bully Ray then orders the referee out of the ring and the fans start a chant of “we want Devon”, much to the chagrin of Ray. Bully then asks the crowd if they know who he is and he gets jeered immensely with the crowd yelling “you suck.” Bully Ray is undeterred and he announces that he is the talk of the wrestling world and he is trending on Twitter. According to him, he is not trending because he is toughest wrestling in the world, but because he is taking the pay-per-view hostage. Bully Ray says he wants to have his match with James Storm to be a number one contenders match and there is nobody that can get him out of the ring until he gets it. James Storm comes out to give his opponent his answer, but first he says Bully Ray has “chicken legs” instead of big calves. Storm says it will be him who gets him out of the ring by taking him out with the Last Call, Storm says that the match will be a top contenders match and it begins right now.

Match #1 - TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray

The action picks up quickly as Bully attacks Storm as he entered the ring, Bully then starts pummeling Storm in the corner. Bully then grabs the beer bottle and he takes a drink, Storm then clobbers him with the Last Call super kick and he gets the three count.

Winner: James Storm

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Austin Aries for a Twitter question, which is “when will Sting smarten up and allow Austin Aries to main event?” Eric Bischoff arrives and he tells JB to take a hike, Bischoff then kisses up to the TNA X Division Champion. Austin Aries then says that every time he is in the ring, it is the main event and the wrestling fans know it.

Match #2 - TNA X Division Title Match: Austin Aries (Champion) vs. Zema Ion

The first title match of the evening begins with the wrestlers having a stare down that ends with Ion slapping Aries, Aries chases Ion out of the ring during a fit of rage. Ion then says that he is ready after applying some hair spray, Ion then gets A Double to chase him and he avoids him with a bunch of float overs. Aries then gets his payback by slapping Ion after a cartwheel, Ion then goes to the top rope and Aries pushed him off to the arena floor. Aries then does his suicide dive to the arena floor to take out Ion, Aries then grabs a fans cell phone and he tweets on it. Aries then takes over on Ion with a missile dropkick from the middle rope, Ion tries to make a comeback and Aries drags him down with a hair pull. Ion tries to escape to the arena floor and Aries grabs him, Ion then propels Aries to the arena floor. Ion goes to the top rope and Aries grabs him, Ion then grabs the upper hand on Aries by draping his throat on the top rope. Ion and Aries exchange punches until Ion takes him down with a sky twister, Ion then Irish whips Aries into the turnbuckles. Aries tries to come back with some elbow strikes and punches, by Ion slows him down with a running elbow and running clothes line that knocks Aries to the arena floor. Ion then takes Aries down with a moonsault from the top rope, Ion bring Aries back into the ring for a near fall. Ion then starts measuring Aries for a stomp and a missed pendulum elbow drop, Aries starts mounting his comeback with an inverted atomic drop and then multiple punches in the corner. Ion then grabs his hairspray to put in his tights while the referee was distracted with Aries, Aries then catches Ion with a knee break up into a uranagi. Aries follows that up by properly connecting with the pendulum elbow drop, Aries then grabs Ion for a suplex and he gets back body dropped instead. Aries then charges at Ion in the corner and he gets met with a boot to the face, Ion then sprays Aries in the face with the spray as the ref was distracted for a two count. Ion then connects with a few power moves for another two count, Ion then places Aries on the top rope for a superplex. Aries counters the hold by hitting Ion with a top rope sunset flip power bomb, a still blinded Aries then hits Ion with a brain buster and the Last Chancery to force a tap out.

Winner: Still TNA X Division Champion, Austin Aries

A promo for the return of the Motor City Machineguns airs.

Match #3 - TNA Tag Team Title Match: Samoa Joe & Magnus (Champions) vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

The tag title match kicks off with Crimson tagging in Morgan before the first lock up happened, Magnus then pops Crimson with a few punches. Crimson and Magnus then exchange a few clothes lines, Crimson then drags Magnus into the corner to assault him with elbows and punches. Magnus recovers to nail Crimson with a clothes line before tagging in Joe, Joe then brings Crimson in the corner to nail him with a ton of jabs. Joe then snap mares Crimson before clobbering him with a knee drop, Magnus is tagged back in and Crimson quickly goes for cover on the arena floor. Crimson then grabs Magnus as he was leaning over the ropes to drape his throat along the top rope, Crimson then starts choking Magnus on the middle rope. Crimson then goes for the cover while Morgan continues to ask for the tag, Crimson then hurts Magnus with a neck breaker. Crimson continues to work over Magnus before nailing him with a suplex, Crimson then locks Magnus in the chin lock while Morgan begs for the tag. Magnus attempts to fight back with some elbows to the gut before Crimson stops him, Crimson then hurts Magnus with a slam and elbow drop. Magnus tries to fight back again and Crimson flattens him with a spine buster, Crimson then rests while holding Magnus in the cravat as Morgan looks for the tag. Magnus then makes the comeback by catching Crimson with a running clothes line, Magnus then tags in Joe while Crimson again avoids Morgan. Joe comes in and he assaults Crimson with some strikes before making Crimson look like a fool by missing a high cross body, Joe then catches Magnus with a power slam. Morgan then drags Crimson to safety before tagging himself in. Morgan starts attacking Joe and gaining the advantage until Crimson tags himself in, Morgan gets angry and he tags himself in again. Joe and Magnus take advantage of the partners fighting by nailing Morgan with a double team maneuver, Crimson then walks out on Crimson. Morgan attempts to fight back by dropping his foes with a double clothes line, Crimson hits the ring and he takes out Morgan with a spear. Joe and Magnus take advantage by nailing Morgan with their finisher for the three count.

Winners: Still TNA Tag Team Champions, Samoa Joe & Magnus

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