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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-10 00:15:00
PWS Tri-State champion Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds

Nese is the TNA star you never see on TV.  Reynolds is one of the top guys in NYWC.  How he hasn't gotten picked up yet I don't know.

They locked up and Reynolds backed Nese to the ropes.  The referee told them to break but he instead shoved Nese in the face.  Nese went after him with forearms.   They went back and forth until Nese hit a spinning kick.  He was sent into the ropes but came back with a flying bodypress.  Reynolds went to the foor.  Nese went for a dive but Reynolds returned to the ring.  Nese flipped him out back to the floor and nailed a tope through the ropes.

On the floor, Nese worked over Reynolds with chops before tossing him back in and nailing a double springboard moonsault for a two count.  Nese missed a charge in the corner.  Reynolds went for a DVDR but Nese landed on his feet.  Reynolds kicked him out of the ring and hit a dive off the top to the floor.  Great stuff so far.

Back in the ring, Reynolds worked over Nese and whipped him hard into the buckles.  He locked on an armbar, working over Nese.  Nese mounted a comeback but was cut off.  He pulled a hard kick out of nowhere to daze Reynolds.  Nese charged him but was kicked hard by Reynolds with both legs to take him down for a two count.

Reynolds went to the top but was nailed by Nese, who then hit a top rope Frankensteiner for a two count.  They began battling back and forth in the center.  Nese drilled him with a hard kick and a spinkick.  Reynolds staggered in the corner.  Nese nailed him with a series of hard kicks and a running knee for a two count    Reynolds mounts a comeback but missed a springboard dive. 

They went into a fabulous sequence of back and forth running leaping kicks and reversals that brought the house down, leading to a "This is awesome" chant. Reynolds tied Nese upside down in the corner and went to the top.  Nese reached up and suplexed him back down into the ring while still hanging upside down.

Nese nailed a 450 splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner and still PWS Tri-State champion, Tony Nese!

GREAT match!  Absolutely phenomenal stuff here from bell to bell.

There was a four way tag but I had to reboot but missed most of it.  It was mostly younger workers who were getting ring experience.

Matt Hardy vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal came out to Sid's music, wearing a leather vest and doing his mannerims and his entrance.  Hardy cracked up and applauded.  They announced him as Psycho Sid.  The crowd chanted, "Lethal Justice."  That's pretty damn funny.  Lethal did a parody of a Sid blooper where he messed up and asked to do another take, only to be told they were on live TV.

Lethal kicked Hardy in the gut and went for the powerbomb but was backdropped over.  He went to the floor and walked around the ring.   They locked up in the ring and Lethal backed Hardy into the ropes and broke clean, continuing to do the Sid mannerisms.

They locked up again and this time Hardy backed him into the corner.   Some fans started chanting. "DUI" at Hardy but they were drowned out by fans chanting for Hardy.   Lethal then started doing his Flair mannerisms, which got a huge pop.

They went into Flair sequences with Hardy shoulderblocking Lethal down and Lethal selling it shocked in the corner.   They locked up again and Lethal was backdropped over.  They went back and forth until Lethal morphed back into himself, nailing the handspring elbow.

Hardy grabbed Lethal in a submission but Lethal ran Hardy into the buckles to break free.  He locked on the figure four but Hardy grabbed the ropes.  Lethal worked over Hardy and went for the flying elbow but Hardy rolled out of the way.  He nailed Lethal with the Twist of Fate and pinned him.

Your winner, Matt Hardy!

Hardy got a big reaction coming out but was mostly booed after winning since it was Lethal's home building.  He raised Lethal's hand after and asked for the mic.   Hardy told Lethal that Rahway appreciates you and thanks for showing up, taking a shot at Sid.

The match was solid and the silliness was entertaining.  Hardy has obviously been working to get back into shape and looked good in the ring.  Lethal is just awesome as a worker right now.

Amazing Red vs AR Fox vs Brian XL vs Devon Moore vs Gran Akuma vs Samuray Del Sol vs Zema Ion

This was billed as a Suicidal Six way.

Moore and Akuma started off.  Moore worked him over but Akuma came back, sending Moore to the outside.  Del Sol entered the fray and sent Akuma to the outside.  Fox and Sol faced off and went back and forth trying for a waistlock.  Del Sol did some awesome moves off the ropes to avoid Fox.  They went back and forth until Sol was knocked to the floor and Fox did a running flip off the ringpost into a moonasault.

They allowed Red and XL to enter the bout and battle back and forth.   They exchanged deep armdrags and then faced off.   XL went for a springboard on Red, then changed his mind and moonsaulted to the floor on everyone battling on the outside.

This set up an incredible twisting dive for Del Sol.   Akuma avoided a charge from Sol and nailed a rana out of the corner.  The crowd was all over Akuna, chanting "Gillberg" at him.   Red tagged in and chopped away at Akuma.  Akuma came back with a tilowhirl backbreaker.  Red used a spinning headscissors to take down Akuma.

XL and Fox entered the fray, battling back and forth with forearms.  Del Sol drilled Fox, sending him to the floor.  Akuma began working him over with kicks.  Del Sol nailed a standing Acid Drop on Akuma, scoring the pin.

Akuma has been eliminated.

They went into a crazy flurry of moves until Del Sol was pinned with a Devon Moore brainbuster. 

Fox went nuts with crazy flying offense including a leaping cannonball in the corner on Moore.  Fox went to the top but was cut off by Red and XL, who nailed him with the Spanish Fly, pinning Fox.

Moore grabbed XL for a Perfectplex for a two count.   Red rolled him up and pinned Moore.

It was down to Red and XL at the end.  They battled on the apron and went back and forth with lots of nice sequences.  Red came off the top with a big double stomp for the pin.

Your winner, The Amazing Red!

Entertaining spotfest.  Del Sol is something to see.  Really increidble flier.

Devon Moore and Kevin Matthews attacked XL and worked him over, mad that he eliminated Moore.  Red grabbed a chair and warded them off.

We are now at intermission!

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