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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-12 19:51:18
Christy Hemme interviewed Sting, who is the special guest enforcer. He said that he wants to make sure that everyone is on their best behavior. He’s wearing the Joker facepaint. He said that he’s going to make sure that Bobby Roode doesn’t find a loophole to walk out with the title. He said they were going to have a clearcut winner tonight and promised that its showtime.

TNA champ Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Bully Ray called Christy Hemme, who was doing the ring introductions a skank and introduced himself. The main event intros were missing something without Jeremy Borash. Sting is outside the ring enforcing.

Roode tried to get Ray to work with him but received a disgusted stare in return. The crowd was chanting for Hardy immediately. Roode told Ray they needed to eliminate the others and work together. Ray shook his head like he agreed and then walked from the ring, allowing Storm and Hardy to doubleteam the champion.

Storm and Hardy took turns working over Roode. Roode acted like he was trying to tag out but there was no one there. Storm and Hardy choked Roode in the corner with their boots. Hardy whipped Storm into the corner to clothesline Roode. Storm then gave his body to Hardy as a base to leap off of. They continued working together until Storm rolled up Hardy out of nowhere. Hardy returned the favor, then they double slammed Roode off the top.

Ray slipped in from behind and laid out Hardy and Storm from behind. Roode thought that meant they were going to work together but Ray caught him with a Uranage and covered him but Storm broke it up. Storm nailed a series of clotheslines and hit the backstabber on Roode for a two count. Hardy was dispatched to the floor.

It ended up with Storm and Roode double teaming Ray and then realizing they were doing their old spots. They teased the Beer Money yell but Roode nailed Storm. They went at it as Hardy returned. He nailed a twisting moonsault on Roode. Hardy nailed Storm but was caught with a running boot by Ray.

Ray drilled Hardy with a headbutt and a series of elbows. He backdropped Hardy and nailed a splash for a two count. Ray chopped Hardy hard in the chest and placed him on the top rope, working him over. The fans chanted for Ladders. That wasn’t going to happen. Ray nailed a superplex and covered Hardy for a two count.

Ray told Roode to work with him and said they were going to nail a spike piledriver. Roode went to the ropes but was nailed by Storm. Hardy fought off Ray. Hardy and Storm went for a double superplex on Roode. Ray slipped under and did a powerbomb on the babyfaces, so it was a Tower of Doom. Ray scrambled to try and pin each of his opponents.

Ray went for the sit down Bubba Bomb but Hardy turned it into the Twist of Fate. He went to go for the cover but Roode attacked him. Roode nailed a faceplant. He charged for a move but Ray clotheslined him. Hardy went for another Twist but was sent into the referee. Billy nailed the Bubba Bomb but there was no referee. Sting was helping the referee, so Ray screamed at him. Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate but again, no referee to count Ray out.

Roode speared Hardy but was caught with a face first lungblower. Storm set up for the Last Call Superkick and nailed it but Ray pulled the referee out before he could make the count. Sting got involved but Storm was sent out of the ring, crashing into the referee on the floor. Ray was nailed with a spinebuster by Roode but Hardy nailed the Twist and went for the swanton. Hardy leapt but Roode rolled out of the ring.

Roode grabbed the TNA title belt but Sting hit the ring and took it away. They argued. He shoved Sting and spit in his face. Sting tried to nail him but Roode ducked and Sting hit Hardy with the belt. Roode laughed at him. Roode covered him and demanded Sting count. Roode and Sting were both tremendous here as Roode was screaming and demanding Sting count while Sting was yelling at Hardy to wake up and kick out, having no choice but to count.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

After the match., Roode demanded that Sting raise his hand and a pissed off Sting did so, then turned to Hardy’s well being. They looked to be teasing Sting vs. Roode for down the line.

Match was decent. Once they found their groove, it was fine with some decent sequences but my issue with it was that you've got three challengers and in the end, the issue was with Sting, which will only feel like going back to the well once again. But the work was fine.

Overall, very middle of the road PPV with nothing that really stood out as amazing. It was your typical TNA show. You got exactly what you were expecting here.

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