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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-12 19:51:18
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the TNA Against All Odds PPV from Orlando, FL.

TNA Against All Odds opened with Jeff Hardy entering the Impact Zone. He was asked how his health was and whether tonight was the night for him. Hardy stopped, smirked and entered the venue.

TNA aired a video feature on the TNA title bout to open the PPV.

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash welcomed everyone to the PPV. They discussed the four way match that will headline the show.

They announced that Taz was missing the show due to a “loss in his family.” Obviously, everyone here at wishes Taz and his family nothing but the best and we are deeply sorry for their loss.

Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion

SoCal Val is handling the ring announcing. No Christy Hemme as she’ll be doing backstage interviews.

Sorensen and Ion went at it outside the ring to start the bout. Sorensen caught Ion with a back suplex and a bridging pin attempt early, then clotheslined Ion over the top the floor. Ion, who was obsessed with spraying his hair with hair spray, shoulderblocked Sorensen through the ropes, then missed a slingshot back into the ring. Sorensen caught Ion with a series of offensive maneuvers and several near falls, but Ion went to the floor to break up the momentum.

Ion got into it with a child that Sorensen had given a football too and grabbed it away. Sorensen nailed a sliding kick to the outside, but missed a pescado to the floor. Back in the ring, Ion drilled him with a missile dropkick, sending Sorensen back to the floor. Ion used the apron as a base and leapt off the corner to nail a moonsault to the floor.

Sorensen was knocked out and didn’t return to the ring. He was counted out.

Your winner by countout, Zema Ion!

Several officials and security checked on Sorensen. Ion left the ring and told the cameras that’s why he is the best high flyer in the business. Ion was very good at covering and acting like this was the plan, even though Sorensen was obviously hurt. That's the mark of a good pro.

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash talked a lot about the finish of the match. It looked like Sorensen had been KO’d legit.

It was going fine before the injury but they never really got out of the gate.

Christy Hemme interviewed TNA champion Bobby Roode. He said that its fitting that it’s titled Against All Odds because he has to defend against three top contenders in TNA, but you can flip that coin. He said that he’s been the most dominant champion in TNA history. He said that you can call it greed or something else, but he gets the job done. He said that Jeff Hardy has had multiple chances at the belt but has failed. He’s beaten James Storm every single time. Roode said that he has no idea what Bully Ray’s problem is, because they were a team on Impact but Ray has some selfishness of his own. Roode said that he is the leader of the selfish generation and when his arm is raised in victory tonight, Sting will know finally that Roode is the “it” factor in pro wrestling.

TNA TV champion Robbie E. (with Robbie E.) vs. ?

E said that he and Robbie T created something special for tonight and that’s the Robbie E. Invitational. He said they can try to take his title but they aren’t on the guest list.

Out came Shannon Moore. E. acted like he was going to lock up but then decided he was going to walk out. Moore chased him down and attacked him on the ramp, then whipped him into the guard rail.

Moore tossed E. into the ring but was quickly cut off. E. worked him over in the corner but was nailed with a hiptoss and a spinkick for a near fall. Moore chopped E. in the corner and drilled him with a knee in the gut. Moore went for a head scissors out of the corner but was caught and sent over the ropes to the apron. E used a running knee to send Moore crashing off the apron into the railing.

E. retrieved Moore and began pie-facing him into the ring. E cut him off with a running elbow and covered him for a two count. E locked in a side chinlock, trying to wear Moore down. Moore fired out with elbows and several right hands. Moore was caught with a running back elbow. E drilled Moore with an elbow off the middle turnbuckle.

Moore tried to fire back with rights but was kicked down by E. Moore was locked back into a side chinlock but Moore escaped and nailed him with an enziguiri. Moore sent E. to the floor and drilled an Asai Moonsault.

Moore rolled him back into the ring and covered him several times for near falls. Moore missed a moonsault and was drilled with a running clothesline for a two count. E. went to the top but played to the crowd, allowing Moore to dropkick him and cut him off. Moore ascended to the top and snapped E. with a top rope rana for a near fall.

Moore went for a neckbreaker but E tried to reverse. Moore rolled up E. who kicked up. Moore was sent into the ropes, where Robbie T. drilled him with a knockout punch. E. covered the stunned Moore and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA TV champion, Robbie E!

Solid back and forth match. The crowd was into Moore's near falls and being the challenger but the audio micing is so bad (at least in HD, which is how I am watching the show), you can hardly hear them.

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim (with Madison Rayne) vs. Tara

Kim and Rayne were having words at ringside, allowing Tara to go right after Kim in the corner, using her hair to snapmare Kim across the ring and then locking her in a Hangman’s neck breaker. Tara drilled her with a kick and went for a suplex but Kim turned it into a neckbreaker for a two count. Tara fired back but Kim used the ropes to snap her throat across the ropes.

Kim kicked her in the face and peppered her with right hands. Kim ran Tara into the corner turnbuckles. Kim nailed a leaping clothesline into the corner. Kim came off the top with a missile dropkick. Rayne told Kim, “Screw you” and walked off. Kim blew her off and went right back to work on Tara, trying to force a submission by going after her bad knee.

Tara forced her off but was trapped in an Octopus. Tara collapsed towards the ropes to break the hold. Kim kicked away at Tara, then positions her on the top rope. Kim nailed a top rope rana and walked around the ring, mocking Rayne’s wave to the crowd. This delay allowed Tara to nail her with a powerslam out of nowhere. Kim recovered first but Tara fired back. Tara nailed a sideslam for a two count,

Kim and Tara battled on the top. Kim was backdropped from the top to the floor. Tara then nailed a top rope moonsault, but began grabbing at her bad knee. She was in pain but dragged herself onto Kim for a two count. Tara went for the Widow’s Peak but Kim slipped out and drilled Tara’s knee, then snapped her with the Eat Defeat for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim!

OK match.

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