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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-01-14 19:41:08
And now we come to the final segment of the night, as Lenny Leonard introduces the first ever ring announcer in this building, Bob Artese. He says it's a pleasure to be in this building one last time and they all appreciate their support throughout the years, and then he introduces the Extreme Announcer, Joey Styles. The crowd chants "OH MY GOD" at him during his entrance, and he says "All right, all right...OH MY GOD!" to thunderous applause. Joey thanks Gabe for having him and being here means more than working Madison Square Garden and Wrestlemania because this is where Joey Styles was created and this is where he spent so much of his life and thanks the fans for making it happen. He now wants to introduce some legendary figures from the past, starting with Pitbull 1 Gary Wolfe. Next, the guy who was on the wrong end of the first time Joey Styles ever said OH MY GOD, and the first man to ever dive off the balcony here, JT Smith. Next, the man who found Viking Hall and decided it would be a great place to hold a wrestling event, the man who founded ECW and gave them all their start, Tod Gordon.

Tod starts putting over the building and how everyone told him it was a toilet, but they made it their toilet and they're proud of what they've done over the last 20 years. DJ Hyde comes out with a bunch of CZW guys and says that it's not ECW's building anymore because CZW took it over and went beyond extreme and took it to ultraviolent. They ran more shows here than anyone, including ECW, and if anyone's going to close this building, it'll be them. They surround the ECW guys but Balls Mahoney's music hits and he comes out to clear the ring, but eventually gets outnumbered and beaten down. Natural Born Killaz plays and New Jack comes out with his trash can full of plunder and destroys the CZW guys until Justin Credible comes out with the Singapore cane, but then turns on ECW and lays New Jack out with the Singapore cane. The CZW guys take control until Sabu comes out and we start the final match to ever take place in this legendary building.

Justin Credible vs Sabu

Justin works Sabu over with the cane as fans chant "Justin Asshole" and whips him to the corner, but Sabu gets the boot up and comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT. Sabu out to the apron and comes in with the somersault legdrop for 2, then Sabu locks Justin in the modified Camel Clutch. Sabu gets a chair and goes for the triple jump into the corner, but Justin catches him coming in with a cane shot to the midsection. Justin with a clothesline for 2, then takes the chair and goes to toss it at Sabu, but Sabu ducks, Justin waits for him to turn back and this time tosses him the chair, but Sabu ducks again before Justin can do anything with it, but now Justin waits and superkicks the chair into Sabu's face. Justin goes under the ring and gets a table, balancing it between the ring and the guardrail, but Justin goes after him. Sabu rams Justin into the rail and puts him on the table, but Justin rolls off and yanks Sabu down off the ring apron and continues beating him around ringside before whipping him into the rail. Justin tries again but Sabu reverses and Justin flies over the rail and into the crowd, then Justin comes back over and Sabu bashes a trash can lid over his head. They head back in and Sabu hits a DDT in the middle of the ring, then sets the table up and grabs the chair. Justin low blows Sabu and he rolls onto the table where Justin hits him with the chair and leaves the chair on his chest. Justin goes up top and comes off, but Sabu launches the chair into Justin's face on the way down and breaks the table as he rolls offof it. Sabu springboards off the table and gets the half camel clutch while jabbing a spike into Justin's head over and over. Sabu sets the table back up and goes back to brutalizing Justin with the spike until referee Mike Kehner finally grabs it out of his hand. Crowd tells Kehner what they think of that, but Sabu goes up the ropes with a chair but Justin nails him and hits a weak That's Incredible for 2. They fight over the chair and drop it, but Sabu dropkicks Justin's legs out from under him and he crashes face first onto the chair. Sabu throws the chair at Justin's head and puts him back on the table, bashes him with the chair again, and comes off the top rope with the chair for an Arabian Facebuster through the table. Justin is laying on the mat twitching while Sabu crawls over and covers for the final three count in the Arena.

Winner: Sabu

Terrific final match, and Joey Styles comes in and says he can't think of a better way to close this venue than with...waiut, Sabu asks for the microphone. Joey says Sabu wants to speak (drawing a "holy shit" chant from the crowd), and he hands him the microphone. Sabu mulls over what he's going to say, but Sami Callihan runs out from the back and nailsSabu from behind, then begins assaulting him with the bottle. Sabu is a bloody messas Callihan says this is the alarm closing the book on the Arena. He's sick of the funerals, the Hardcore Homecomings, and wants to know how many reunions we're going to have before this thing finally dies. This ain't the era of extreme anymore because over the last few years, this has become his ring. He looks at Sabu and says "Hey, you" before stomping on his face. He says these are his fans and his building and if anyone's going to end the era of extreme, it's going to be him. He says to look at Sabu - a beaten, bloodied, broken corpse, just like every other extreme legend out there who won't go away. If anyone ends the era of extreme, it's going to be him, and if anyone thinks they can stop Sami Callihan, he dares them to try. AR Fox runs out and attacks Callihan, but Pinkie Sanchez comes out and goes after Fox and gives him a spike DDT. Callihan says one more thing before he goes: to all the DUFs out there, they're cool by him and if they're not, they should jump on the bandwagon and be like him. To all the people who have supported him, bought his merch, and helped him get married this year, he wants to tell them from the bottom of his heart to (explicit act deleted). The extreme era has finally died and been put out of its misery by the Death Machine, and he tells them to hit the lights. The lights do indeed go out and Callihan's music plays, and when they come back up the ring is empty except for a destroyed table and a chair laying in the middle of the ring.

Terrific show overall, great wrestling top to bottom and an absolutely appropriate and fitting way to close this legendary wrestling venue. This puts a ton of attention on Callihan, and if he hadn't made his name before, he sure has now.

Thank you for following's coverage of the final events at the former ECW Arena!

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