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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-01-14 19:41:08
Uhaa Nation vs Pinkie Sanchez

Uhaa is accompanied by Ricochet, and is now apparently a member of Blood Warriors. First I've heard of it, but okay, makes sense the top group in the company would want him. Pinkie ducks and dodges around Uhaa and then takes his shirt off to show off the physique. He ducks another swing and slaps Uhaa on the ass, then bails out to the floor before Uhaa kills him. Uhaa gets distracted playing to the crowd and Pinkie is able to come in behind him with a dropkick, then a springboard DDT sends Uhaa to the floor where Pinkie comes over the ropes with a somersault. Pinkie goes to the apron and wastes time dancing, then tries to springboard bacck into the ring and Uhaa kills him with a Samoan drop. Pinkie with a running knee and then springboards onto Uhaa for a Frankensteiner, but Uhaa catches him and htis a pair of powerbombs, a slingshot powerbomb, a senton, and a standing moonsault for the win.

Winner: Uhaa Nation

Total domaintion by Uhaa here, Pinkie got in a couple slight bits of offense but was mostly ineffective, which is the rightway to book a match between Uhaa and a guy Pinkie's size. Uhaa says that 2012 is his year and we just witnessed the power of Blood Warriors. Lenny Leonard asks Ricochet for his thoughts on his match later tonight against Johnny Gargano, and he says that they train in Japan and now come back here where the disrespectful fans should thank him for coming to their grubby little town. He's walking out with the Open The Freedom Gate Title, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Rich Swann and Chuck Taylor come out doing the Ronin rap and Swann says that Ricochet is CIMA's bitch and gets all the fans to sing along while calling Ricochet a bitch. Blood Warriors clear out so we can get to the next match.

Rich Swann & Chuck Taylor vs Super Smash Bros

Swann and Player Uno start off trading wristlocks and then chops and then Swann tags out to Taylor while Player Dos tags in as well. They go back and forth and Dos gets a flying headscissors and the SSB hit a drop toehold/kneedrop combo on Taylor for 2. Dos with a slingshot senton for 2, then the SSB with a side suplex/springboard Deathdrop combo for 2 on Taylor. Taylor comes out of nowhere and wipes Uno out with a clothesline, then tags out to Swann, who whips Taylor repeatedly into Uno and then takes him out with a running boot to the face for 2. Taylor knocks Dos off the ring apron and then gets Uno in a headscissors. Swann comes back in and trades chops with Uno, but Uno flattens Swann with a spinning sidewalk slam and makes the hot tagto Dos, who comes in and wipes Taylor out with a crossbody before dropkicking Swann to the floor. Dos with a tornado DDT on Taylor and a twisting dive to the floor on Swann. Dos off the top rope with a flying Rough Rider for 2, but Taylor hits Sole Food and then Uno and Swann come in for some bizarro double team I'm not even going to bother trying to identify. It's enough to get 2 on Taylor, but Taylor responds by powerbombing Dos onto Uno, booting Dos in the face, and laying out Uno so Swann can come in with a splash for 2. All heck breaks loose as they trade spots until all four men are down in the ring. Uno with a Flatliner on Taylor as Dos with a top rope Frogsplash on Swann and everyone's down again. Uno gets dumped to the floor and Taylor gets Dos in a fireman's carry on the apron, then Swann vaults over them to wipe out Uno with a dive. Swann with a Flitliner, Taylor with a top rope double stomp, and Swann with a standing shooting star press for 2. SSB with an Ontario Slam over the knees for 2 on Swann, then a Gory Driver/Blockbuster combo on Swann gets 2 when Taylor breaks up the cover. Uno blocks Sole Food, but misses a charge and tumbles to the floor as Taylor hits the Awful Waffle on Dos for the win.

Winners: Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann

Crowd is on their feet applauding a highly competitive match that made both teams look like a million bucks. Dos looks DEAD in the ring, but slowly rolls outside where Uno helps him to the back and Ronin do the postmatch promo. Taylor tells Ricochet that when he gets done touching his boyfriend CIMA, they want a shot at their title.

INTERMISSION (During which they play a great tribute video to the building which you can watch here.)

Jon Davis vs Kyle Matthews

Matthews goes to a side headlock, but Davis just lifts him up and tosses him across the ring. Matthews with a few shots that do no damage, but Davis flattens him with a chop. Matthews tries a sleeper, Davis backs into the corner to break, Matthews goes back to it andDavis easily reverses to a running powerslam. Davis runs him over with a back elbow and then nearly bodyslams him through the mat, then does it again because it's fun. Matthews tries a small package, Davis doesn't budge so Matthews tries a crossbody out of the corner and Davis catches him, then pumps him into the air for an Ace Crusher. Matthews caught him with a flying headscissors and a dropkick in the corner, but Davis flapjacks him and hits the Pounce, then Thirty Seconds Around The World for the fairly easy win.

Winner: Jon Davis

Not much to this one, but Davis lays out an open challenge to Fit Finlay, who he felt disrespected him at EVOLVE 9.

Bobby Fish faces Sami Callihan on Page 3!

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