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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-03 17:00:00

Dick Togo vs. Kudo vs. DDT's Triangle Ribbon champion Masa Takanashi

This is Togo's final appearance in the ECW Arena, so he got a huge reaction and streamers.  All three went into a crazy back and forth series of reversals before facing off.  Great stuff.  Togo and Kudo started teaming on Takanashi.  Takanashi came back to nail a kick to Togo and flipped around Kudo, using an armdrag takedown to send him to the floor.

Takanashi and Togo went back and forth.  Togo killed him with a clothesline and worked him over in the corner with punches.  Kudo tried to sneak up but was caught with a bodypress by Togo.   On the floor, Togo held Takanahashi for a Kudo dive only Kudo wiped them both out with a tope.

Back in the ring, Kudo drilled Takanahashi in the back with a kick and locked in a body scissors.  Togo kicked him and scissored Kudo's head so it was a three man submission.   When Kudo and Takanahashi broke free, they agreed to team on Togo and starting stomping him.  The crowd hated that.  They drilled Togo with a double chop as he rebounded off the ropes.

They whipped Togo into the corner but Takanashi turned on Kudo and catapulted him into the woozy Togo in the corner.  He rolled up Kudo for a two count but Togo broke it up.  Kudo and Takanashi brawled on the outside, exchanging kicks and fists.  Back in the ring, Toho and Kudo  beat down Takanashi with knees and stiff elbows.

They worked over Takanashi with double chops.  He begged off and asked for mercy.  Kudo kicked him in the head and Togo covered him for a two count.  Takahashi sent Kudo into Togo but missed a clothesline.  Togo went for a back suplex but Kudo sunset flipped him for a two count.   Takahashi rolled him up for a two count and went for a kick. Kudo blocked it but his own kick was turned into a Dragon Screw legwhip.  Kudo locked on a figure four and Togo came off with a senton on Takahashi.

Togo and Kudo battled back and forth.  Togo missed a charge in the corner.  Kudo came off the ropes  with a double knee strike for a two count.      Togo battled back and locked in a Crippler Crossface.  Kudo reversed it into a rollup for a two count.  Takahashi recovered and dropkicked Kudo from behind to break up a submission attempt.   All three hit big moves and were out as the audience clapped for them to rally.  The referee nearly counted them down but they began to stir just in time,

Takahashi nailed a leaping kick on Kudo and nailed a Code Red flip sitdown powerbomb on Togo for a two count.  Kudo went to the top but was cut off by Takahashi.  He went for a superplex but Kudo fought free and nailed several knees to the face, knocking him back and hanging off the ropes.  Kudo nailed a double knee to the chest while Takahashi was hanging and scored the pin.

Your winner, Kudo!

After the match, Kudo's arm was raised by Dick Togo.  The crowd clapped for Togo and chanted his name and he circled the ring, waving goodbye.


Shattered Dreams Match (Glass is Legal): Big Japan Wrestling's Jaki Numazaewa & Freedom's Jun Kasai vs. Big Japan's Ryuji Ito & CZW's Danny Havoc.

There was a big "Crazy Monkey" chant for Kasai.  There are four panes of glass in the corners, propped against the turnbuckles.  

Kasai and Jaki attacked Ito and Havoc immediately.  Ito and Kasai tried to throw each other into a pane of glass in the corner.  Kasai was chased outside and when Ito tried to follow him back in the ring, he was nailed with a dropkick,.  They battled to the outside.  In the ring, Jaki nailed Havoc with a rana.  They exchanged disgustingly sick stiff headbutts.  Jaki whipped Havoc into the glass and it exploded.

Ito hit the ring and tried to whip Jaki into the glass but Kasai stopped it.  They whipped Ito into the glass, then dragged Havoc across the remnants across the mat.  Jaki continued working over Havoc, biting his forehead and beating him with punches.  Kasai tagged in and slammed him on the mat, then nailed a senton splash for a two count.

Jaki and Kasai tagged in and out, working over Havoc with kicks.  Jaki drilled Havoc with a standing DDT for a two count.   Kasai grabbed a can of soda from a fan and beat Havoc with it, then DDT'd him on the can, crushing.  The fans chanted, "Pepsi."  Kasai ran Havoc into Jaki's boots.   They continued tagging in and out, working over Havoc. 

Kasai snapped Havoc with a dropkick for a two count.  Havoc stopped himself from being whipped into a glass pane and fought back with a series of kicks.  He tried to go for a back suplex into the pane of glass but Kasai fought back.  Havoc threw a chair in his face and went to the top.  He grabbed the pane of glass and came off the top, driving it with his knee into Kasai.  That was insane.

Ito tagged in and did the Tarantula to Jaki.  He nailed a spinkick, sending Jaki to the outside.  Ito dropped a big legdrop on Kasai for a two count.   He went for a moonsault but Kasai moved.  Kasai sent him into the ropes, then snake-eyed him on the turnbuckles.   He tagged in Jaki, who nailed a running clothesline in the corner, then used a bulldog and shining wizard.  Ito came back with a missile dropkick off the top and tagged Havoc in.

Havoc snapmared Jaki and kicked him in the back of the head, then hit a slingshot spinning splash for a two count.  He grabbed Jaki for a Dragon suplex but was fought off.  He finally nailed an inverted exploder for a two count.   Ito tagged in but Jaki took control and hit a running Death Valley Driver through a pane of glass set up in the corner. 

Ito and Jaki continued to battle.  Jaki nailed a Jay-Driller for a two count but Havoc broke it up.   Kasai grabbed glass and gigged himself, then went to the top for a flying headbutt, scoring a two count when Havoc broke it up.   He dispatched Havoc.  Ito was double suplexed onto an open chair for a two count.  Jaki nailed a sit down Michinoku Driver for a two count.

Havoc returned with a series of kicks and a suplex.  Jaki got right back up screaming but was suplexed again.  Ito kicked him in the head but Kasai broke up the pin.   Ito nailed a bridging back suplex for a two count. Ito slammed Jaki and nailed a frog splash for the pin.

Your winners, Ryuji Ito and Danny Havoc! will also have live coverage tonight of CZW's Cage of Death 13. To order the Internet PPV broadcast, visit

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