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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 18:45:00

Eddie Kingston (with Tommy Dreamer) vs. Mike Quackenbush (with Jigsaw) to crown the first ever Grand Champion of CHIKARA

They did a big ring introduction for the main event and the first ever champion being crowned, including noting it was for everyone "watching from above."  The crowd chanted for the late Larry Sweeney.  Quackenbush came out wearing a new robe.  Kingston, who looked to be getting in better shape compared to when I last saw him, got a bunch of streamers tossed for him when he entered the ring.  Dreamer, wearing a CHIKARA shirt, was at ringside.

Gavin Loudspeaker did a great job with the ring introductions on this one, really building each guy up.

There was a huge "Sweet and Sour" chant for Larry Sweeney.  The announcers noted that Sweeney's family were in attendance for the show.

By the way, the announcing on this show has been nothing less than superb, getting over the characters and the storylines and actually calling moves, but doing it in a unique way.  Kudos to all involved.

They faced off and finally locked up.  Quackenbush and Kingston went back and forth with some good counter wrestling.   They locked up again and Quackenbush was caught by the arm.  Kingston chopped him down and pulled him back up, nailing it again.  Kingston drilled him with a knee.  They noted it's been giving him problems.  Quackenbush went right after it and drilled it against the apron.

Quackenbush was whipped into the corner, where he flipped over the top rope and onto the apron.  Kingston clotheslined him down.  He tried for a suplex into the ring but Quack dropped down to the floor, then took out Kingston's legs.  He drilled Kingston with a double kneedrop.  Quack locked in a leglock while Kingston tried to fight his way out.  Kingston was kicked and psyched himself up, warning Quack to bring it.   Kingston was kicked again and locked up in another move that worked over his knee.  The announcers said he had a partially torn MCL.  Kingston finally made his way to the ropes to force a break.

Quack continued the assault on the knee, attacking, snapping and twisting it.   The stream buffered just as Kingston tried to fight his way out.  When it returned, Quack locked up Kingston in a figure four combination.   Kingston was fighting through the pain and his facial expressions were awesome.  They traded back and forth strikes in the move.   They returned to their feet exchanging shots.

Kingston caught Quack with a belly to back suplex and a lariat.   Other wrestlers came to ringside to see who would win the match.   Reckless Youth, of all people, was there.  Now I popped that!  Quack nailed Kingston after ducking a back fist and nailed a Black Hole Slam for a two count.  Quack went to the top rope for a swanton, getting a two count.

Quack locked in another submission.  Kingston fought his way out.  Quack nailed a finisher, the Quackendriver, but Kingston kicked out at one.  Quack was shocked but nailed a double stomp.   Quack went for a flying double knee but Kingston moved out of the way.  Kingston pulled down the strap and began kicking at Quack's injured legs.

Kingston was kicked off as he charged Quack in the corner.  They battled over the top rope.   Kingston was shoved off.  He nailed a back fist to Quack's legs and Quack fell into the ring.  Kingston grapevined his legs for a submission.  Quack fought to the ropes.  The fans chanted "This is wrestling" and "CHIKARA."

Kingston and Quackenbush battled back and forth with punches.  Quack nailed several palm strikes but Kingston dared him to bring it.  Kingston nailed a lariat and a back drop driver.  Quack came back with another suplex.  Kingston came back with several back fists and scored the pin.

Your winner and first Grand Champion of CHIKARA, Eddie Kingston!

Kingston was crying in the ring as he was announced as the first champion.   They brought out Larry Sweeney's brother and best friend to present Kingston with the championship  belt, which was ultra classy.  The fans chanted for Sweeney.    Kingston embraced them both and held the belt to the air.  He looked up and said, "I love you."

Tommy Dreamer strapped the title around Kingston's waist.  The wrestlers began to enter the ring as Kingston took the mic.   He said that what you just saw live and on iPPV, was the best wrestling product out there today.   He said that he dares anyone from New York City or that piece of crap from Florida to come here.  He said he didn't care if you are CM Punk, AJ Styles, Triple H or John Cena, "look into my eyes.  You ain't beating me."  Kingston said that he didn't care who else runs this building, "no one, no one touches CHIKARA."   A hell of a promo.

A number of other wrestlers entered the ring and embraced Kingston.  A CHIKARA chant broke out.  

A hell of a promo and moment to end the show.

Overall, a strong, FUN and well worked show.  Other than the two streaming issues, which ended within a minute or so each, no problems watching it via the Roku Box.  A tremendously entertaining iPPV show.

We'll be back later tonight with TNA Turning Point coverage at 8 PM.

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