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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 18:45:00

Watching Iron work is damn friggin' inspiring.

A video ran plugging!/MYSTERIUMP.

The Spectral Envoy, Ultramantis Black and Hallowicked vs. Ares & Tim Donst - No DQ.

If Black or Wicked lose, they will be unmasked.  If Donst loses, he will be shaved bald.  If Ares loses, he will lose his Eye of Tyr, an artifact that Ares stole from Black and uses to control Delirious.  Yes, the storylines are unique here.

The Envoy worked over Ares early.  Hallowicked nailed a high knee in the corner.  Mantis and Wicked continued to work on him.  They nailed a Sidewinder on Ares.  Jigsaw nailed a dive to the outside on Ares.  Donst cut off Hallowicked .  Ares and Donst worked over Wicked, tying him up in the ropes and twisting him backward, bending the spine.  Mantis tried to return to the fray but was knocked back to the floor.

Donst nailed several suplexes and slammed Ultramantis down.  Area went to the top and nailed a swanton for a two count.   It broke down with all four brawling around ringside, which was legal since it was no DQ.   Donst slammed Mantis into a ringside table.   They brawled into the crowd.  Ronnie Lang from Atlas was seen looming about to keep the fans away.  Hallowicked and Mantis were slammed on ringside chairs.   Donst brought several chairs into the ringside area.    Donst then tried to go for a death valley driver onto the chairs but Hallowicked elbowed his way out of it.

Area slammed Ultramantis Black on the ringsteps and teased a Tiger Driver on the steps.  Donst nailed Hallowicked with a chair.  Area went for the move but Mantis backdropped him off the steps and through the chairs Donst had set up.  The crowd chanted, I kid you not, "Holy poop."

Donst was put through a chair.  Jacob Hammermeier attacked Mantis but Crossbones, an old ally of Mantis arrived to make the save.  The crowd popped huge for that.   Donst continued working on Hallowicked, who kept kicking out.  Donst wedged a chair in the corner but Hallowicked reversed and sent him into it.  Donst was nailed with a nasty looking Jay-Driller and almost pinned,  Ares made the save at the last second.

Ares and Mantis battled back and forth.  Mantis avoided a Tiger Driver.  Donst was going to interfere but backed off.  Mantis drilled Ares with a move on the chairs (I missed it, sorry) and scored the pin. 

Your winners, Ultramantis Black and Hallowicked!

So, Mantis gets his artifact back.

This was a hell of a fun brawl and back and forth tag.  The story at the end was that Donst sacrificed his partner so he didn't have to worry about getting his head shaved.

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