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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 18:45:00

During intermission, they aired video features on the main eventers and the CHIKARA product.  They were good primers for new fans.  So far, CHIKARA has done a really good job of presenting a fun, professional product.

Colt Cabana vs. Archibald Peck

Peck was accompanied by his valet Veronica and a mascot, Colt CaBunny.   Peck used the bunny as a stepping stool to get into the ring.   They actually plugged Cabana's podcast during his ring introduction.  That has to be a first. 

Peck charged Cabana as he was taking his jacket off and Colt used it like a matador.  Peck missed him and ended up falling from the ring.   The crowd clapped for Cabana.   Peck pouted in the ring.   Peck charged and Cabana yelled at him to stop, then grabbed him in a headlock takeover.  Peck turned it into a head scissors.  So far, it's all shenanigans.  They continued with the silliness, which was fun and a great way to get the crowd back into the show.

Cabana rolled Peck up and then used a schoolboy to cover two counts.   Cabana whipped Peck into the corner but was caught and snapped backwards to the mat.  Peck nailed a flying shoulderblock for a two count.   Cabana tried to mount a comeback but was caught with a rolling neckbreaker for a two count.   Peck nailed several elbows to Cabana's neck and head.  Cabana started to get upset.

Cabana nailed several elbows and whipped Peck into the corner.  Peck kicked Cabana.  He choked him against the ropes.  He ordered the bunny to attack Colt but the bunny was hesitant.   Peck charged Cabana, who moved from the ropes and Peck bounced off.  Peck nailed Cabana and locked in a side chinlock.   Cabana was able to work his way out but was locked in a sleeper.  Cabana immediately dropped down like he was out cold.  Peck was confused and hesitant to go after Cabana.  

Peck went to the top for a flying headbutt but Cabana sat up while Peck was in mid-air.  He started cleaning house on Peck. Cabana drilled him with a bionic elbow.  He missed the flying butthole in the corner.     Peck went for one of his own but was caught with the Coco Butt in the middle of the ring.  Cabana went to the top but was caught and slammed off.

Peck went back to the top and this time nailed the flying headbutt.  He covered Cabana for a two count but Cabana  kicked out at the last second.   Peck held Cabana for Colt CaBunny to nail him.  Cabana escaped but was nailed by Peck.   Meanwhile, Veronica distracted the referee and tossed a baton to Peck.  Colt nailed him.  The Bunny ended up with the baton.   He was trying to decide who to nail.   The crowd cheered for the idea of Peck being hit.  In the end, the Bunny stood up for himself and nailed Peck.  Cabana got the pin.

Your winner, Colt Cabana!

As they say on South Park, I call Shenanigans!  But, it was totally fun and goofy, which is what you'd want in a match where the story is whether the mascot of an evil band leader can stand up for himself.

Cabana and the Bunny hugged and Cabana taught the bunny to dance.

They plugged the JoshiMania weekend in December where a number of Japanese female stars are coming in.

Gregory Iron vs. Icarus

Icarus attacked Iron who ducked it and clotheslined Icarus.  The announcers talked about Iron appearing on Fox and Friends this morning.  Iron controlled Icarus early with hiptossed and monkey flips.  He nailed a dropkick and covered Icarus.  Iron's timing is really good considering he's got cerebral palsy. This is my first chance to see Iron and I'm really impressed.

Icarus walked to the back but was grabbed and brought back to the ring.  Icarus cut him off and worked over Iron.  He beat down Iron and choked him against the ropes.   Icarus jumped out of the ring over Iron then beat him with punches.  He choked him against the ropes again.  Fans began chanting, "Worst in the world" at Icarus.

Icarus went for a suplex, nailed it and floated over.  He went for a second one but Iron fought him off and nailed a bulldog.  Iron was caught with an elbow to the face.  Icarus dropped another elbow for a two count.   Icarus locked in a kneebar and yanked on Iron's leg.  Iron was able to DDT Icarus. 

Both men fought to their feet and battled back and forth with strikes.   Iron caught him with a back elbow off the ropes for a two count.   They battled to the outside.   Iron was whipped into the ring steps.  Icarus grabbed a steel chair.  What a great way to get heat - hit the handicapped guy with a chair!  Icarus was stopped by the referee but slammed a loaded fanny pack into the head of Iron's head.

Icarus returned to the ring and sat in the corner, believing he had the match won.  The crowd clapped and rallied Iron, who began to stir outside on the floor.   Iron finally returns to the ring.  Icarus piledrove him down with a Pedigree but Iron kicked out  .  Icarus picked up Iron on his shoulders but Iron slipped out and worked him over with a flurry of forearm shots that brought the crowd to life.

He nailed a big clothesline on Icarus and covered him for a two count.   Iron locked in a crossface.    Icarus was able to roll his body over to break it.  Icarus grabbed the referee to block low blowing Iron with a kick.  Icarus used his Picture Perfect DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Icarus!

Icarus grabbed a belt and lashed down at Iron.  Behind him, his former partner Akuma appeared.   He went to nail a flying kick but Icarus ducked and Akuma nailed Iron.  Icarus escaped.  Akuma was beside himself for nailing Iron.

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