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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 18:45:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the very first CHIKARA Internet PPV "High Noon!"

I am watching the iPPV via my Roku box, which is a pretty awesome new technology gimmick that lets you stream "channels" on your TV.  It you subscribe to any streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, this is a great device to have them all in one place and there's lots of other content to explore.  For more on this wonderful device, click here.  So, this will be a new experience for me as I've never watched an iPPV this way before.

In a pre-iPPV bout that aired via UStream, Jigsaw pinned El Generico with a double stomp off the ropes.  I think Generico's ROH deal would prevent him from working the iPPV.

Ronnie Lang's Atlas Security are in the house, as you can see Lang in the first live shot from the Arena.  The lights went black in the venue and the fans began clapping. 

Gavin Loudspeaker, the rock and roll ring announcer, came to the ring and welcomed fans and reminded everyone that it's family friendly entertainment and pro wrestling at its best.  He specifically welcomed all the "first time fans." He said that the clock has struck high noon.

An introduction video for CHIKARA's High Noon Internet PPV began playing.  They listed the cast in "alphabetical order"

The Young Bucks vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant.

The Young Bucks came out with, I kid you not, Marty Jannetty.

TThe stream died and returned while they were in the ring wrestling.  Fire Ant scored a two count on Matt Jackson.   Matt slipped out of an attempted move but was kicked in the head.  The Ants went for a double team move but Nick Jackson superkicked Fire Ant.  Matt Jackson nailed a series of powerbombs on Fire.  Nick nailed a knee to the face.  The Jacksons nailed a spike tombstone piledriver but Soldier made the save.

The Bucks nailed a double superkick on Soldier.  Matt picked up both Ants on his back and the Bucks went for a Double Bang for Your Buck.  The Ants escaped and rolled up Matt Jackson for the pin.

Your winners, The Colony!/p>

What I saw looked good but there were stream issues that caused the Bucks' entrance to repeat several times, at least on the Roku feed.

They went into a CHIKARA app commercial.

Sara Del Rey vs. Jacob Hammermeier

Jacob, who is German and is a heel mouthpiece for one of the groups here, BDK, introduced himself.  He then went to the back and re-entered the building.  That was pretty funny.      A fan threw a streamed for Del Rey, which incensed Jacob and he threw it back.  The crowd chanted, "Sara's gonna kill you."  They then chanted Happy Birthday at Del Rey.

Del Rey grabbed a side chinlock and  then worked him into a hammerlock.  The announcers explained that Del Rey was part of the group and broke off.   She locked him in a cravate and the crowd chanted for a tap.    Jacob escaped and shoved her but he was soon eating a series of kicks.  He ran to the ropes to break the momentum.  While he was in between the  ropes, Del Rey drilled him with ten kicks to the chest.   The crowd chanted, "We love wrestling."

Jacob gained the upper hand, choking Del Rey.   He played to the camera and turned into a chop.  Del Rey worked him over in the corner and drilled him with a headbutt.  She grabbed him by the hair and snapped Jacob across the ring.  Del Rey went for a Fireman's Carry but Jacob raked her face.  He used his tie to choke her down.   He had it taken away but pulled a second tie out of his tights and choked her in the corner.

Jacob went for a chop but Sara grabbed her hand and started bending fingers to break them.   She whipped him into the corner and cannonballed him.  Del Rey drilled him with several boots and nailed a kick to the head.   Del Rey nailed a German suplex and an axe kick to the back of the head for a two count.

Jacob tried to steal one, grabbing a backslide for a two count.  Del Rey fought back and locked him in the Royal Butterfly, then suplexed him down on his head, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Sara Del Rey!

The crowd chanted Sara's name after the bout.  Entertaining in the way it was devised to be and a nice introduction for Rey to new viewers to the product.

A promo ran featuring football footage.  A graphic reading "Mr. Football" is coming.  Must be a new character.

The Osyrian Portal were introduced.  The announcers noted the injuries that they have suffered in recent months.  Amasis, who was in a bad car accident this past April, said that ovations like they received is why CHIKARA fans are the best in the world.  He said that's why he came to announce that he won't be returning to the ring.  He said that all it would take is the one moment where he'd end up in a wheelchair and while he loves wrestling, he can't have that and he can't let the fans see him in what way.   He said that he wanted to reflect on what they accomplished and ran down some of their highlights.  He said they were the best tag team in the world.

He said there are a lot of emotions in the Arena, so he asked that they do what they do best.  He said that when it comes down to it, the Osyrian Portal are always ready.  They began clapping and dancing in the ring.  As they danced, Ophidian spit something in Amasis' eyes.  He jumped on Amasis, leading to all the CHIKARA officials hitting the ring to back him off.  Ophydian jumped on Amasis and locked him in a Camel Clutch.  All the officials pulled him off and backed him into a corner, forcing him out of the ring.     Amasis walked around ringside, stalking.  He ran back in and attacked his former partner, unmasking him.  In the world of CHIKARA, that's a big heel move.

Ophydian began walking to the back.  He took the mic and said, "Amasis, Problem solved."  He left with the mask.

Good angle, although I am guessing that to anyone who was watching it for the first time, they were wondering why it was a big deal.  They may have wanted to run a video feature on the team to set the stage, although you don't want to waste too much time with such stuff.

Tursas vs. Green Ant

TTursas is a giant masked Viking.  Ant has been pursuing him for months and at one point, did a Lex Express inspired tour while building to slamming Tursas that was actually endorsed by Lex Luger.

Green dropkicked Tursas at the bell and began working to try and take him down.  Tursas fought him off easily and bodyslammed Green Ant.   Ant ducked several clotheslines and almost ran into heel referee Derek Sabato. Tursas charged Ant but took out the Sabato, laying him out./p>

Another referee hit the ring just as Green Ant covered Tursas, getting a two count.  The other members of the Colony came out and carried out Sabato.  The crowd sang, "Hey Hey Goodbye."   Tursas charged Green Ant, who was on the top but was caught.  Green Ant tried to lock on some sort of submission but Tursas walked around the ring and fell backwards, squashing the bug.

Tursas scored several two counts.   Tursas missed a charge in the corner.  Ant nailed a dropkick.  He charged Tursas but was kicked off.   Tursas backdropped Ant.  Tursas stepped on Ant's neck.  He picked up Ant for a slam,  Tursas continued working over Ant, nailing a dropkick, which was impressive for a guy his size.  The crowd began chanting "USA."

Tursas slammed Ant down and covered him for a two count.   Tursas began trash talking Ant and slammed him.  He called for the top rope and went up for a moonsault.  Ant slipped from behind and nailed a Fall Away Slam off the ropes.   That was pretty impressive looking visually.

Ant used a drop toehold into the ropes on Tursas and drilled him with a leg to the head.  Tursas was shoved to the floor.  Ant went for a dive off the top but was caught.  Tursas tried to toss him backwards back into the ring but Ant landed on his feet.  He drilled Tursas with a kick and a high knee off the apron, stunning the giant.  Ant slammed him on the floor.   Ant went to the top rope and nailed a big splash to the floor, which was a play off a previous spot in their feud.

Back in the ring, Tursas was caught with several shots to their mid-section.  Ant staggered him with several forearms.  Ant rebounds off the ropes but is caught with a high cross bodyblock.  Tursas went for the High Cross and nailed it for a two count.  Ant got up at the last second.  The crowd chanted for Ant.   Tursas went to the top but Ant met him and battled him on the top.  He tried to go for a superplex but Tursas fought him off.  Ant nailed him with his "surgically repaired arm" (Luger reference) and superplexed Tursas into the ring.

Green Ant covered Tursas but only received a two count.  Ant went for a Texas Cloverleaf and finally locked it in.   Tursas was kicked several times.  Ant locked in a new submission - the story was that Ant learned a new submission hold from submission master Mike Quackenbush during the build to this show - and Tursas finally tapped out.

Your winner, Green Ant!

An entertaining good vs. evil story.

We are at intermission.

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