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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-12 20:00:00

Open The Freedom Gate champion YAMATO vs. Chuck Taylor

YAMATO was sporting his newly shaved head.    They locked up and went back and forth.  YAMATO worked over Taylor's arm.  He grabbed the ropes to break the hold.   YAMATO controlled the early portion of the bout as Taylor tried to shake off the pain in his arm.   They locked up again and YAMATO continued the assault on the challenger's arm.  He rode Taylor to the mat and cinched in a side headlock.

Taylor reversed it and they went back and forth with some sweet counter wrestling.     Taylor caught the champ in a figure four leglock.     YAMATO finally reversed it and Taylor released the hold.  Taylor caught him with a hard kick to the chest.   He stepped outside the ring, choking the champion from the floor.   Back in the ring, Taylor locked in a sleeper while down on one knee, trying hard to force a submission on the champ.  YAMATO shifted so Taylor turned it into a necktie submission.  YAMATO reached the ropes to break the submission.

Taylor peppered him with forearms and locked in a single leg crab.   YAMATO mounted a comeback and nailed a running dropkick in the corner for a two count.   YAMATO drilled him with a elbow in the corner.   Taylor mounted a comeback and tossed YAMATO to the floor,  He whipped him into the railing several times and choked him outside.

Back in the ring, Taylor continued working over YAMATO.  Taylor peppered him with kicks but was caught with an explosive flurry of strikes by YAMATO.  YAMATO rolled him up for a two count and suplexed him over, then locked Taylor in a crossface.     Taylor made it to the ropes.  YAMATO charged but was caught with a kick and powerbombed and chokeslammed for a two count.  Taylor went to the ropes but YAMATO cut him off.  Taylor drilled him and went for a moonsault but YAMATO rolled out of the way.  Taylor landed on his feet and went down grabbing his ankle, trying to sucker YAMATO in.  He used a small package for a two count.

Taylor went for a pump handle slam but YAMATO slipped out and drilled him with a kick, then locked in a sleeper.   Taylor pulled him backwards off the ropes and spiked him with a piledriver.  Taylor covered YAMATO and scored the three count but YAMATO had his foot on the ropes.  Referee Mike Kehner, who had given Taylor the belt, realized his mistake and re-started the match.

YAMATO came back with an over the shoulder driver for a two count and locked in a crossface.  Taylor finally tapped.

Your winner and still Open the Freedom Gate champion, YAMATO!

The story is that Taylor had the title and the win but it was taken away due to the referee missing the foot on the ropes.  Taylor snatched the belt from YAMATO and stormed to the back.  YAMATO had angry words with Gargano after the match and ran to get his belt.

DGUSA Tag Team champions CIMA & Ricochet vs. The D.U.F.

Callihan did some mic work saying they were DUFs and they were going to win the belts.  CIMA responded and threw a chair at Callihan.  They started brawling.  Ricochet nailed a Lucha armdrag and Callihan, who came back with several kicks.  Brodie Lee drilled him with a kick.   Ricochet nailed a dive to the floor.

The brawl settled down and the DUF locked in stereo leglocks on the champs while Cannon chugged a beer.   Ricochet nailed a rana off the ropes on Callihan.  CIMA choked him against the turnbuckles.   CIMA nailed several kicks to the head and locked in an armbar on Callihan's arm, which was taped up.  The champions continued working over Callihan, stomping and beating on his arm.

Callihah slapped Ricochet and tried to make a tag but was captured in a leglock.  CIMA drilled Cannon and then went to work on Callihan, stomping away.  CIMA tagged back in.  The champs continued working over Callihan.  Ricochet held him against the ropes for CIMA to dive off of.  CIMA covered him but Callihan kicked out at two.

Callihan and CIMA went back and forth with strikes in the ring.  Callihan kicked him off when CIMA tried to prevent a tag and made the hot tag to Cannon.  Cannon caught Ricochet with a suplex into the corner but missed a moonsault.  Ricochet drilled him with a 450 splash and dropkicked Callihan into the corner.  Callihan overpowered him, setting him up for Cannon to nailed a running boot in the corner.

Cannon and Ricochet ended up on the outside.,  Callihan was draped over the ropes and nailed with a flying legdrop.  He and CIMA went back and forth with near falls.  CIMA nailed a Falcon's Arrow for a two count.   CIMA continued to work on the arm, yanking at it and stomping Callihan's bad shoulder.  Callihan, in a move of desperation, nailed a backdrop driver and struck gold with a kick to the head.  He locked on the Stuff Muffler but was nailed by Ricochet with a kick.

Cannon made the save and whipped his partner into Ricochet, who kicked him off.  Ricochet did a flip, landed on Cannon's shoulders and nailed a reverse rana.  He then drilled Callihan with a stiff kick.  Ricochet went for a rana off the ropes but was caught by Cannon and powerbombed into the corner.  Cannon went for another move but CIMA drilled him with a backstabber.  Callihan attacked CIMA but was nailed and hit with a springboard moonsault by Ricochet for a two count.

Callihan came back with a series of stiff clotheslines in the corner.  Ricochet went for a leaping rana but was caught with a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.   Callihan locked in a leglock but CIMA sent Cannon flying off the ropes onto his own partner.  CIMA drilled Callihan for a two count. 

Cannon and CIMA chopped each other back and forth.   Cannon missed a charge in the corner.  CIMA wedged him into the corner and nailed a running double knee strike.  They all just started beating the piss out of each other to the point I couldn't keep up.  Cannon nailed a brainbuster on Ricochet for a two count.  The fans started chanted DUF.

Callihan went to the top but was shoved off by CIMA.  The champions doubled on Cannon.  CIMA nailed an Emerald Frosion, followed by Ricochet nailing a 630 splash off the top for the pin.

Your winners and still champions, CIMA and Ricochet!

Ricochet took the mic and said no one could beat them and made fun of fans in the crowd. He said that their winning streak will continue tomorrow.  He said that he'll beat Pac tomorrow.   CIMA took the mic and told the crowd that the Eagles suck.

That's it from DGUSA.  Stay tuned for coverage of CZW's Night of Infamy!


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