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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-12 20:00:00

Johnny Gargano vs. BxB Hulk

They started off fast.   Gargano avoided a charge in the corner and nailed Hulk with a kick.   Gargano controlled the early portion of the bout, stomping away at Hulk in the corner.  Hulk fired back with a hard chop that sent Gargano crumbling.  He stomped Gargano low and then stomped the hell out of him.  Hulk nailed several kneelifts  and sent Gargano into the corner.   He chopped away at him as Gargano stumbled away, stunned.

Hulk set up Gargano sitting on the center of the ropes and dropkicked him off and down to the floor.   He then nailed an atomic drop on the railing and chopped him off.   Hulk continued working over Gargano on the floor and when they returned, he nailed several near falls.  Hulk controlled him but Gargano kept kicked out.  Hulk went for a suplex but Gargano tried to fight him off, nailing knee strikes while in the air and then sliding into an awesome looking kick on the mat.  Gargano speared Hulk from the outside to the the inside of the ring for a two count, then followed up with a series of chops and strikes in the corner.

Gargano nailed a double stomp out of the corner.  Hulk went for a rana but was caught in a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.   Hulk caught him with a gut wretch suplex for a two count.    Hulk nailed a series of moves but Gargano started to psych himself up.  Gargano began responding with strikes of his own.   Hulk nailed a kick and a clothesline but Gargano responded with a back suplex.  Hulk nailed another kick but Gargano killed him with a hard running clothesline.  Both men were down and out as the referee began counting them down.

Hulk charged Gargano and was backdropped onto the apron.  Gargano caught him with a kick returning into the ropes then drilled him with a superkick while Hulk stood there stunned.   Gargano went to the top but was caught with a spinning kick.  Hulk went to the top for an over the shoulder powerslam off the ropes.  Gargano tried to fire out of it but Hulk finally nailed it.  Gargano kicked out at the last second.

Hulk rolled up Gargano with a pinning combination for a two count.   He whipped Gargano into the ropes and drilled him with a strike.  He whipped Gagano again but was caught with a kick instead.  Gargano nailed several moves and locked in his crossface.  Hulk finally tapped out.

Your winner, Johnny Gargano!

Big win for Gargano.  Good match.  It was hard to keep the pace of the last few matches athletically, especially since Hulk has changed his style since going with his new look and style, but they told a hell of a story designed to build Gargano.

South Philadelphia Street Fight: Sabu vs. Pinky Sanchez

Sabu is growing his hair back.  They did the lights out deal for his entrance.

Sanchez actually got some offense early and tossed Sabu out of the ring.  On the floor, Sabu threw him into the railing and grabbed a chair from ringside.  He brought the chair to the ring but was nailed by Pinky as he returned.   Sanchez wedged the chair into the corner but Sabu reversed an Irish whip so Sanchez hit the chair.  Sabu clothesline him and nailed a slingshot somersault legdrop into the ring.

Sabu cinched in a Camel Clutch and stomped on Pinky.  Sabu set up a table on the outside but was kicked with a sliding kick by Sanchez.  Sanchez hit a sort of dive out of the ring.  It didn't look good.  He placed Sabu on the table and went for a move but Sabu pulled him down and slammed his head into the apron.  Sabu missed a legdrop into the ring.  Sanchez hit a dropkick off the ropes for a two count.

Sabu went to the floor. Sanchez tried to nail a dive but Sabu threw a chair in his face.  That was stiff.   Sabu dove off a chair and springboarded into a dive to the floor.   Sabu brought the table into the ring.  He started to set it up but Sanchez attacked him and scored a two count.   Sabu threw a chair in his face.   Sabu placed him on the table and smashed a chair in his face.  Sabu started to climb the ropes but Pinky launched a chair at his back and threw another one at him.  He placed Sabu on the table but was attacked as he climbed the ropes.

Sabu tossed him off the ropes and over the table into the ring.  He nailed a flying Arabian Facebuster.  He placed Pinky on the table and legdropped him through it.  Sabu locked on a camel clutch several times but Sanchez wouldn't tap.  He finally laid a chair across Pinky's back and locked in the clutch for a submission.

Your winner, Sabu!

The DUF attacked Sabu.,  AR Fox hit the ring for the save but was worked over as well.   Jon Davis hit the ring for the save and nailed a sitdown powerbomb on Arik Cannon.  He caught Sami Callihan coming off the ropes and slammed him down.  David pressed Sanchez over his head and tossed him over the top into the DUF on the floor.  That sets the stage for tomorrow's six man tag. 

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