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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-11-09 18:14:47
We are live on tape from Liverpool, United Kingdom and your announcers are Matt ‘Watch William Regal on Superstars tomorrow or he will give you a European uppercut’ Striker and Josh ‘Half of an all star announce team’ Mathews.

Matt is already in the ring with Titus O’Neil and his hetero life mate Percy Watson as well as Derrick Bateman and his dominatrix/fiancée Maxine.

Derrick tells Matt that he forgot to call them Batemax. Derrick says that Maxine made him the luckiest man alive two weeks ago. It doesn’t matter where they are, but Maxine is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Titus tells Derrick that he can continue to suck face with his little blowfish, but he is more concerned with continuing to steamroll over the competition and then Titus barks.

Matt points out that this season has been going on for thirty-five weeks and he has been assessing the in ring abilities of the contestants as well as how they act in the locker room.

They are interrupted by Johnny Curtis, the man who won Season Four of NXT, so long ago. He says that someone who has to learn are the idiots who tune in every single week. Johnny says that when he returned to the show last week, he was disgusted with how bad it has become. Johnny enters the ring and he says that when he was on the show, they were men, they were gladiators who competed for challenges. Now all we have are a couple of rejects who couldn’t make it on the show and some extra talent who are love birds.

Titus says that he does not appreciate being called a reject. He says that he will kick someone’s ass.

Derrick points out that Johnny has done nothing with his career since winning season four and then he says that he thought they were boys.

Johnny says that they were never boys or friends. Johnny tells Derrick that Maxine is too good for him. He says that Derrick couldn’t do as good as him.

Maxine tells Derrick that Johnny and her went out once and nothing happened.

Matt points out that there are plenty of people that Maxine has gone out with once.

Johnny says that he is not here for a challenge, he is here for something else.

Matt announces that Johnny and Derrick will be teaming against Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson. Titus barks with approval.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Tyson Kidd versus Trent Barreta

They lock up and Kidd works on the wrist but Trent rolls through and Trent with a side head lock. Tyson with a head scissors and Kidd with an arm bar while keeping Trent in the head scissors. Trent with a headstand to escape and then he applies a side head lock on Kidd. Kidd gets to his feet and Barreta with a drop kick.

Trent with a side head lock take down and Kidd tries to figure out a way to escape the hold. Kidd gets to his feet and he backs Trent into the corner. Kidd with a shoulder and punch. Trent with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow and Kidd with a knee off the turnbuckles. Kidd wraps Trent’s arm in the ropes until the referee gets closer to five. Kidd with an arm bar.

Barreta with an arm drag but Kidd with a back elbow. Kidd with a kick to the arm into a key lock. Kidd gets a near fall on Barreta but he gets his shoulders up. Trent bridges to get out of the hold and then Kidd tries to get Trent back to the mat. Trent with a take down with a body scissors and then Trent with a clothesline that sends Tyson to the floor.

Trent goes to the apron and Tyson tries to pull Trent onto the apron but Trent avoids it and they exchange chops. Tyson with a catapult into the ring post as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kidd with a Dragon Sleeper but Trent is able to escape. Tyson with an elbow but Trent with a chop. Kidd with a kick and a hard Irish whip as Kidd is proud of his performance so far. Kidd chokes Trent while using the ropes for extra leverage. Kidd with a running back elbow and he gets a near fall.

Kidd with a reverse chin lock but Trent gets to his feet. Trent with punches and they each go for clotheslines and both men are down. Trent blocks a punch and then Trent with a punch and Tyson with a kick. Trent with forearms and chops followed by an enzuigiri that sends Kidd into the corner. Trent with the running elbow into the corner and then Trent goes up top. Trent with a cross body and he gets a near fall.

Trent with a forearm to the head followed by a European uppercut. Kidd with a kick that sends Trent into the corner but Kidd charges into the corner and Trent with boots to the chest. Trent with a flying knee to the head but he can only get a two count.

Trent with a front face lock and he tries for the Tornado DDT but Kidd pushes him off and Tyson with a kick and then he hits a brainbuster but only gets a near fall. Trent rolls to the apron and Kidd kicks Trent to the floor. Tyson goes to the floor as well and he charges at Trent but Trent sends Tyson into the ringside barrier. Trent climbs onto the barrier and he hits a corkscrew splash and both men are down.

The referee starts his count and both men struggle to get back into the ring. Trent carries Kidd back into the ring and Trent goes to the apron for a slingshot elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Trent tries to get a second wind to try to finish off Kidd. Trent with a forearm to the head and then he puts Kidd on the turnbuckles. Trent tries for a super rana but Kidd blocks it and he puts Trent into a single leg crab with his knee on the back of Trent’s head and Trent taps out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

We go to commercial.

We are back and Derrick is still in shock at the fact that Maxine dated Johnny Curtis. Derrick says that he has a few skeletons in his closet and Maxine names a few of them. Johnny enters the hallway and he brings up a few things that weren’t eventful or meaningful for Derrick. One was NXT and the other is Maxine. Maxine slaps Johnny and Derrick is getting mixed messages from the slap. Derrick walks away in disgust and then he comes back and gets Maxine and they leave.

JTG and Tamina are in the back and he says that they need to get out of England. The Usos stop by and Jimmy wants to know why Tamina is talking to JTG. Tamina tells them to stop acting like their dad. Jimmy and Jey wonder what Tamina’s dad would say. JTG says that Tamina condones them being together because JTG and Tamina’s dad are both super fly.

Tamina tells Jimmy and Jey that she is going to be in JTG’s corner for his match.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: JTG with Tamina versus Jimmy Uso with Jey Uso

JTG backs into the corner to avoid Jimmy at the start of the match. They lock up and Jimmy with a waist lock but JTG with a standing switch. JTG with a side head lock and a shoulder tackle and he mocks the Siva Tau that the Usos do.

JTG with a kick followed by a side head lock and Jimmy turns it into a side head lock of his own. Jimmy with a shoulder tackle and then he returns fire with the chanting. Jimmy blocks a kick and he follows that with an uppercut. JTG with an Irish whip and Jimmy floats over and connects with a punch.

JTG sends Jimmy to the floor but Jimmy gets back to the apron. Jimmy with a head butt and then he goes up top but JTG with a drop kick to send Jimmy to the floor while Tamina gets on the apron.

JTG rolls Jimmy back in and gets a near fall. JTG punches Jimmy and then applies a rear chin lock. JTG with an Irish whip and he hits an X Factor from the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. JTG with a reverse chin lock. JTG with a sliding uppercut but Jimmy with clotheslines. Jimmy with punches but Jimmy with a Bubba Bomb and then he hits the running butt splash into the corner and Jimmy gets a near fall.

JTG gets Jimmy up on his shoulders but JTG counters with a neck breaker for a near fall. JTG with a front face lock and then he avoids a clothesline and gets a near fall with a rollup. Jimmy with a Samoan drop and then he goes up top for a Superfly splash and he hits it for the three count.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see some jealousy from Derrick Bateman as he comes to the ring with his fiancée and tag team partner.

Match Number Three: Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman with Maxine versus Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson

Derrick and Percy start things off and Percy with a side head lock and take down but Derrick with a head scissors and Percy escapes. Derrick with a kick but Percy with an overhead belly-to-belly throw and a drop kick. Curtis tags in and Watson gets a near fall after a drop kick. Titus tags in and they send Curtis into the turnbuckles followed by a back breaker from Titus for a near fall.

Percy tags back in and Watson with a snap mare and sliding clothesline to Curtis for a near fall. Watson with a boot to the midsection followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Watson knocks Bateman off the apron but Curtis hits Watson from behind and Watson goes to the floor.

Bateman sends Watson into the ring post and Curtis gets a near fall. Curtis with a forearm to the back followed by a hard Irish whip to the sternum and Curtis gets a near fall. Curtis with a clothesline followed by a knee drop to the head and he gets a near fall. Bateman tags in and he kicks Watson until the referee warns him. Bateman with a flying clothesline and then he applies a key lock and chin lock.

Watson with punches to the midsection followed by a facebuster and both men are down. Curtis and Titus tag in and Titus with shoulder tackles followed by a flying clothesline and then he shakes the ropes and barks. Titus with a shoulder breaker to Curtis but Bateman breaks it up. Watson takes care of Bateman and Titus tries for Clash of the Titus but Bateman hits Titus from behind and then Curtis and Bateman go high and low to take care of Titus. Curtis gets the three count while Bateman keeps Percy from making the save.

Winners: Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis

After the match, Bateman gets in Curtis’ face but Curtis wants to bury the hatchet with a handshake but Bateman walks away with Maxine while Johnny stays at ringside.

We go to credits.

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