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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-11-02 12:38:46
We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Matt ‘Happy Almost Halloween’ Martlaro and William ‘Getting the itch, Sunshine’ Regal.

Matt and William talk about what we are going to see tonight on the show. Matt mentions a match between Husky Harris and Richie Steamboat while William talks about the FCW 15 Title Match between Seth Rollins and Damien Sandow.

The clock has fifteen minutes on it so it is time for an FCW 15 Match.

Match Number One: Damien Sandow versus Seth Rollins in an FCW 15 Title Match

Damien points to his shoulder signaling that he sees the tape on the arm so he will be working on it over the next fifteen minutes. They lock up and Rollins with a kick as he avoids Sandow working on the arm. They lock up and Sandow goes for the arm but Rollins with kicks. They lock up one more time and Sandow with a side head lock and take down. Rollins gets to his feet but Sandow takes Rollins to the mat. Rollins with a rollup to escape and Sandow with a shoulder tackle. Rollins with a drop kick.

Rollins responds with a side head lock take down of his own. Sandow with a head scissors but Rollins escapes. Rollins returns to the side head lock. Sandow rolls through and escapes but Rollins returns to the side head lock. Rollins and Sandow collide and both men go down.

Dean Ambrose comes to ringside to sit in the VIP area with a drink and some popcorn to enjoy the action in the ring. Rollins focuses on Ambrose and that allows Sandow to try a rollup but Rollins rolls through and tries for Avada Kedavra but Sandow rolls to the floor.

Rollins with a drop kick to Sandow on the floor and then Seth has something to say to Ambrose before he punches Sandow. The referee sends Ambrose to the back and Ambrose argues his case while Rollins waves goodbye.

Rollins gets back into the ring but Sandow kicks the ropes and crotches Rollins. Sandow has Rollins still in the ropes and hits the M-14 for the three count.

Sandow 1 Fall . . . Rollins 0 Falls. 10:13 Remaining in Match

Sandow tells everyone what the score of the match is in case they were confused. We go to commercial.

We are back and there are less than eight minutes to go and Sandow is working on Rollins’ injured shoulder. Sandow with a hammer lock and then he drops Rollins on the top rope. Rollins with chops but Sandow with a kick to the arm. Sandow rubs Rollins’ face in the mat and then he connects with forearms to the chest. Sandow gets a near fall. Sandow with a hammer lock. Rollins gets to his feet and he punches Sandow but Sandow kicks the arm again.

Rollins with a kick to Sandow followed by a few clotheslines and a suplex. Rollins charges to the corner but Sandow sends Seth to the apron. Seth with an enzuigiri and then he goes to the apron for a springboard move but he takes too long and Sandow pushes him off the ropes and Rollins hits the guardrail and we have less than five minutes remaining in the match.

Sandow appears to try for the M-14 again but Rollins is able to escape and he gets a rollup for the three count.

Rollins 1 Fall . . . Sandow 1 Fall. 4:35 remaining in match

Sandow shows some frustration and he charges at Rollins but Rollins drops down and Sandow goes to the floor. Rollins hits a suicide dive but Rollins lands on his injured shoulder and both men are down.

They return to the ring and Rollins gets a near fall. Sandow misses a chop and Rollins hits a flatline into the turnbuckles and Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins waits for Sandow to get up for Avada Kedavra but Sandow moves out of the way. Rollins with an enzuigiri and Sandow is down in the corner.

Rollins with the running forearm into the corner and Rollins returns to the apron. Rollins tries for a springboard clothesline but Sandow sees it coming and he counters it with a rolling Maple Leaf.

We have two minutes to go in the match and Rollins gets to the ropes. Sandow tries for the crossface chicken wing and he has locked it in. Rollins struggles to avoid tapping out and he gets to the ropes. Sandow with a forearm to Rollins and then he tries for the crossface chicken wing while on the turnbuckles. Rollins with another enzuigiri and Sandow is staggered on the turnbuckles.

Rollins with another kick to the head and Rollins hits a rana from the turnbuckles. Rollins sets for Avada Kedavra but from out of nowhere Dean Ambrose comes into the ring and he attacks Sandow and the referee disqualifies Rollins for the interference.

Sandow 2 Falls . . . Rollins 1 Fall :04 remaining in match

Once Rollins realizes what happened it is too late to do anything and the match ends.

Winner: Damien Sandow (2 Falls to 1)

Even though he is barely moving, Damien Sandow is the new FCW 15 Champion. Rollins tries to figure out what just happened. Regal says that he is happy for Sandow, but something doesn’t seem right.

Sandow has his hand raised by the referee and he looks at the former champion.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Jinder Mahal and Rick Victor versus Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson

Victor and Titus start things off and they lock up. Titus sends him to the mat. Victor with a side head lock but he sends Victor to the mat. Titus works on the arm and then he tags in Percy. Titus slams Victor to the mat but he holds on to the arm and Watson leaps onto the arm. Watson punches Victor and hits an arm drag and drop kick on Victor and gets a near fall. Watson punches Victor but Victor with a knee and Mahal tags himself in.

Mahal with a neck breaker and kicks to Watson. Mahal with a slam followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Mahal chokes Watson in the ropes and then Victor tags in and he kicks Percy. Watson with a double leg take down and jackknife cover. Victor with a European uppercut followed by knees and Mahal tags himself back in and gets a near fall.

Mahal with a leaping knee and he gets a near fall. Mahal with a reverse chin lock into a front face lock. Mahal with a cravate but Watson with punches. Victor tags in and keeps Watson from making the tag to Titus. Victor with a front face lock but Watson with a back body drop and Titus tags in. Titus with shoulder tackles followed by punches and then he hits a running clothesline and then he shakes the ropes and barks. Titus tries for a power slam but Victor clips the knee.

Victor wants to tag in Mahal but Jinder refuses and he leaves. Victor turns around into Clash of the Titus for the three count.

Winners: Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil

We go to commercial with a Leo Kruger video package.

Match Number Three: Brad Maddox versus Briley Pierce

Maddox with a hip lock take down but Regal says that he has to leave the announce table to deal with some urgent business. Maddox with a side head lock take down. Maddox with a waist lock but Pierce with a standing switch and he takes Maddox to the mat. Maddox backs Pierce into the corner and Maddox with elbows and knees in the corner.

Maddox with a suplex and then he works on Pierce’s neck. Maddox with an elbow to the head followed by a hard Irish whip. Maddox gets a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Brad Maddox

After the match, Pierce says that he wants another shot.

Match Number Three Part Two: Brad Maddox versus Briley Pierce

Pierce with a kick to the knee and then Pierce goes for a La Magistral but Maddox escapes and he kicks Pierce in the ribs and Maddox gets the three count.

Winner: Brad Maddox

We go to commercial.

We are back and the regular ring announcer Eden Stiles joins Matt at the announce table since Howard Finkel is doing her job this week.

Match Number Four: Colin Cassady versus Conor O’Brian with Raquel Diaz, Tito Colon, and Kenneth Cameron

Conor and Colin face off in the center of the ring but Conor with kicks and forearms to Colin followed by a knee and elbow to the head. Raquel says something that forces Conor to hit a leaping elbow drop to the mat and then Cameron and Colon get on the apron. Conor with a big boot for the three count.

Winner: Conor O’Brian

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Richie Steamboat versus Husky Harris

They lock up and Harris pushes Steamboat but Steamboat pushes back. They lock up again and Steamboat with a side head lock. Harris backs Steamboat into the corner with punches. Steamboat with chops while Harris connects with punches. Harris and Steamboat exchange chops and then Harris adds some more punches.

Steamboat with a kick and chops followed by forearms. Steamboat throws the referee to the mat and then Harris sends Steamboat into the corner. Harris punches Steamboat and then the referee is thrown to the mat again.

While Steamboat and Harris battle in the ring, Maxine comes out to stop what is going on and she is accompanied by William Regal. Maxine wants people to come from the back to break up Steamboat and Harris.

No Contest

Wrestlers come to the ring to break things up and they separate Harris and Steamboat but it doesn’t really work too well. While most of the wrestlers are trying to break things up, Ambrose stands in the corner and watches things unfold.

Maxine gets into the ring but Leakee pushes Maddox into Maxine. Regal checks on Maxine and while everyone goes to the floor, Dean Ambrose stands on the apron and then he sees Regal checking on Maxine. Ambrose is conflicted and then he goes after William Regal and he punches Regal. Ambrose with a kick but Regal wit ha punch and Ambrose decides to go to the floor.

Maxine has a look on her face like she is going to do something devious. Regal applauds what Dean has done, but has Dean poked the bear?

We go to credits.

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