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By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-23 22:59:00

World champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show

They locked up. Show forced Henry into the corner and took him down with stomps. Henry was on the outside, pissed. Henry returned to the ring but Show laid him out, tossing him into the ring and drilling him with a kick. Henry stomped around outside, angry that things weren’t going his way. He grabbed the World title belt and tried to leave but Show left the ring and nailed him.

Show tossed Henry into the ring but Henry tackled Show’s legs as Show followed. Henry slammed Show and dropped a big elbow across Show’s back. Henry began drilling Show’s knees into the mat. He locked in a leglock, trying to force a submission and take Show’s leg out from him. Show forced his way out but his leg went out from under him. Henry twisted Show’s ankle, wearing him down.

They battled back and forth, exchanging punches while on their knees. They returned to their feet. Show drilled him with a series of headbutts, then several clotheslines. Henry nailed a back splash in the corner and shoulderblocked Henry down. He slammed Henry and called for the chokeslam. He nailed the chokeslam but Henry kicked out at the last second.

Show charged Henry who nailed the World’s Strongest Slam for a near fall. They played it up as the first person to kick out of the move. Henry went to the top but was caught and chokeslammed off the top. Henry kicked out at the last second.

Show looked around wondering what else he could do, then went to the top rope. Henry went to the top and caught Show with a superplex attempt. They nailed it and recreated the famous spot where Lesnar superplexed Show and the ring imploded. The Arena went nuts for that. Cole commented, “The show is over.” The crowd chanted “Holy sh**.”

After several replays, a doctor was in the ring checking on both men. EMTS brought out a stretcher but the WWE doctor told them there is no way they can fit Show. Someone drove a small truck down to ringside. Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis came to ringside. The crowd started a small “Big Show” chant.

They were both down forever, selling the ferocity of the superplex. They were able to get Show onto the cart and drive him to the back. Henry was removed from the ring and collapsed on the Arena floor. Henry started shoving everyone away as Long tried to explain they were trying to help him so he could go to the hospital, Henry responded that he was the champion and doesn’t need anyone’s help. A woozy Henry walked out assisted by the EMTs and the referees.

Great finish to a hard fought bout. You couldn't have asked for better work given who was involved. Henry walking out under his own power reminded me of Austin at Wrestlemania 13. I can see some people complaining they've done the imploding ring before but when it happened, the entire building lost their minds and the visual and the aftermath was awesome.

By the way, If Henry doesn’t win most improved wrestler of 2011, somebody needs their wig split.

John Laurinaitis took the mic and introduced himself. He said that no matter what injuries sustained tonight and despite the condition of the ring, they will have the WWE title match tonight. He thanked the crowd and said that he hoped everyone agreed with his decision.

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