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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-10-19 21:50:11
We are live on tape from Mexico City, Mexico and your announcers are Jack ‘South of the Border’ Korpela and William ‘How do you say Sunshine in Spanish’ Regal.

Your host is Matt ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ Striker.

Matt says that we are getting back to what NXT is about and it is about Redemption. Matt says that the flags are on the ropes for a Capture the Flag Challenge. Percy Watson says that it won’t be a problem for Titus. Maxine says that Derrick has more flexibility and stamina than Titus.

Titus tells fish lips that he isn’t worried about Derrick because the only person he has been concerned with is himself because he has thirty points. Titus says that Derrick zero points.

Titus and Derrick are tied together and this challenge is worth fifteen redemption points. Matt reminds us the purpose of the Redemption Points (assuming we ever get another elimination).

Titus barks before they start the challenge.

Derrick says that there might be a language barrier here but the language of love is universal. Derrick wants a kiss from Maxine before the contest begins.

The contest starts and Titus is grabbing flags all over the ring but Derrick attacks Titus and gets out of the ring.

Matt announces that Derrick has been disqualified so Titus wins the fifteen points. That leaves Titus with forty-five points.

Matt tells Derrick that he will be facing Titus and Percy in a tag match with the partner of Derrick’s choice.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Curt Hawkins accompany Tyler Reks to the ring but Curt is walking with the assistance of a cane. They mention that Curt suffered a fractured ankle and Regal points out that Curt is not sitting at home.

Curt says that he is in no condition to compete tonight and he says that he needs the cane to get around. He says that he has no interest in seeing how The Usos derailed the once flourishing career of Curt Hawkins. We see the footage from last week’s match on NXT and Reks knocked Curt off the apron and we see Hawkins holding his ankle.

Tyler says that the unprofessionalism is why they have a problem with the Usos. They will redefine the definition of revenge when Curt comes back. Tyler says that he will take out all of his anger during his matches and he will dedicate each match to Curt.

Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu versus Tyler Reks

They lock up and Yoshi with a side head lock but Reks with a shoulder tackle. Reks has something to say to Yoshi and he pie faces Yoshi. Yoshi responds with chops to Reks. Yoshi with a spinning heel kick and Reks backs to the corner. Reks retreats into the ropes when Yoshi wants to chop him again. Yoshi kicks Reks.

Reks comes out of the corner and he pushes Yoshi down and then he sends Yoshi to the apron. Yoshi with a shoulder but Reks with a boot to the head. Reks with a punch to Yoshi’s head and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall. Reks with a reverse chin lock on Yoshi and he brings Yoshi back to the mat.

Reks with a gutwrench into a gutbuster and then he kicks Yoshi in the head and he chokes him in the ropes. Yoshi with more chops and then Yoshi with a lateral press when Reks tries for a belly-to-back suplex.

Yoshi tries for an O’Connor Roll but Reks holds on to the ropes. Reks with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Reks works on the back and then he applies a rear chin lock. Yoshi with punches to get out of the hold followed by a kick to the head but Reks with a boot when Yoshi charges at him. Reks sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles and Reks kicks Yoshi. Reks is pulled out of the corner by the referee and Reks charges at Yoshi but Yoshi moves and Reks hits the ringpost.

Yoshi goes up top and hits the spinning heel kick for the three count.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

After the match, Hawkins tries to attack Yoshi but Yoshi stops him. Reks holds Yoshi’s leg and Hawkins hits Yoshi in the head with his cane. Hawkins chokes Yoshi with his cane. The Usos come to the ring and they hit Reks with a double super kick.

AJ is in the locker room and Kaitlyn enters. AJ reads a letter that she thinks is from Hornswoggle. Kaitlyn says that Maxine wrote the letter. Kaitlyn tells AJ that she is going to beat Maxine tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kaitlyn has something to say on the way to the ring. She tells Maxine that she is tired of all of the mind games. She tells Maxine to stop picking on her best friend and she is going to show why Maxine lost NXT and why Kaitlyn won. Kaitlyn calls Maxine fish lips in Spanish.

Match Number Two: Kaitlyn with AJ Lee versus Maxine

They lock up and Kaitlyn with a waist lock take down. Maxine with a waist lock but Kaitlyn with a hip lock. Maxine with a front face lock but Kaitlyn picks up Maxine and puts her on the top rope. Maxine sends Kaitlyn into the ropes. Maxine with chops for a near fall. Maxine runs into an elbow but she applies a Dragon Sleeper with a body scissors.

Kaitlyn gets to her knees but she falls to the ropes and Maxine releases the hold. Maxine slams Kaitlyn’s head into the mat and gets a near fall. Kaitlyn with a forearm but Maxine with an elbow to the midsection and Maxine chokes Kaitlyn in the ropes.

Maxine with a reverse chin lock but Kaitlyn gets to her feet. Maxine pulls Kaitlyn back to the mat by her hair and she gets a near fall. Maxine with a reverse chin lock but Kaitlyn gets to her feet and she backs Maxine into the corner and snap mares Maxine.

Kaitlyn with a running back elbow and then she charges into the corner with a forearm. Kaitlyn throws Maxine to the mat and then hits a seated splash for a near fall. Maxine with chops but she misses a clothesline. Kaitlyn with a Bubba Bomb into a full nelson with the legs and Maxine taps out.

Winner: Kaitlyn

Derrick Bateman says that he wants to be in the ring with a ring technician. Tyson Kidd says that he doesn’t want to be his partner. He says that Raw is out of whack and he says that Maxine is whacko. Derrick says that his girlfriend is an angel. Derrick says that he needs to find a partner and none of the luchadores speak English. Maxine kisses Derrick and tells him to shave his moustache.

JTG stops by and he tells Derrick that he will help him out because the people he is going to wrestle show no respect.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson versus Derrick Bateman and JTG

Derrick and Percy start things off. They lock up and Watson with an arm drag. Derrick jumps and touches his feet and he is proud of what he did. Percy with a waist lock and side head lock take down. Derrick with a head scissors but Percy escapes and he takes Derrick down with an arm drag. Derrick leaps and touches his feet again. They lock up and Bateman with a side head lock take down.

Watson with an arm drag and drop kicks after a few leap frogs and Watson gets a near fall. Watson with a side head lock and Titus tags in. Derrick gets out of the corner and he tags JTG into the match. JTG with a forearm to the back and a kick to the midsection followed by a punch. Titus with a boot to the head and he hits a short arm clothesline and a bark. Watson tags in and Titus with an Irish whip into a shoulder tackle.

Titus tags back in and he punches JTG and connects with forearms. Percy tags back in and they hit a double back elbow and double shoulder tackle. They both clothesline JTG over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bateman with a forearm and then he sends Watson into the corner. Derrick with a chop but Percy with chops of his own. Watson is sent to the apron and he kicks JTG. Bateman clotheslines Watson on the apron and then he hits a drop kick off the apron. They return to the ring and Bateman gets a near fall. Bateman with a key lock and chin lock. Watson with a punch but Bateman with a neck breaker for a near fall.

Bateman sends Watson into the corner and JTG tags back in and he punches Watson. JTG with a front face lock followed by a swinging neck breaker and he gets a near fall. JTG punches Watson in the head and then he chokes Percy in the ropes. Derrick with a boot to Watson when the referee was not looking. JTG covers but the referee was out of position.

JTG sends Percy into the turnbuckles but Watson with an elbow to Derrick on the apron. JTG with a Mug Shot and Derrick with a near fall. Watson with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Bateman keeps Watson from making the tag and Derrick with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Derrick with a forearm to the back and knees to stop Watson. Derrick with a rear chin lock followed by forearms across the chest. Watson with a desperation move to get Bateman off him.

Titus and JTG tag in and Titus iwht a running shoulder tackle or two followed by a punch and clothesline. Titus shakes the ropes and barks. Titsu with a power slam for a near fall. Watson tries to send Bateman to the floor but Derrick sends Percy to the floor. JTG with a kick to Titus’ leg and Derrick is tagged in and he goes up top but Titus moves out of the way and Derrick lands on the mat. Titus with Clash of the Titus for the three count.

Winners: Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson

We go to credits.

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