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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-10-09 22:30:18
We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are William ‘Training for Thursday’ Regal and Matt ‘Back from the road’ Martlaro.

The Ascension make their way to the ring for a six man tag match.

Match Number One: Conor O’Brian, Tito Colon, and Kenneth Cameron with Raquel Diaz versus Johnny Curtis, Donny Marlow, and CJ Parker

Curtis and Colon start things off and they lock up. Colon with a wrist lock but Curtis returns fire and he applies a side head lock. Curtis stops Colon on a monkey flip attempt and he hits a knee drop on Colon. Marlow tags in and he connects with a head butt but Colon with a forearm and hammer lock. Marlow with a fireman’s carry and Parker tags in and he connects with a forearm from the turnbuckles.

Parker works on the arm and then he tries for a drop kick but it only grazes Colon. Colon tags in Cameron and they hit a double side Russian leg sweep and Cameron gets a near fall. Cameron with a front face lock. Cameron with a European uppercut after Parker tries to fight out of his opponent’s corner. Cameron with a knee drop and O’Brian is tagged in and he kicks Parker and then Irish whips CJ into the corner.

On the apron, Colon and Cameron start to freak out while O’Brian sends Parker into the corner and Conor with kicks to Parker. Cameron tags in and he kicks Parker. Colon does the same and they continue with quick tags as they rotate things and stomp a mud hole into Parker.

Colon with a forearm to the kidney and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex followed by a German suplex and then he rolls through to hit a suplex and he gets a near fall. Cameron tags back in and he hits a back breaker and gets a near fall. Cameron with a cravate on Parker and Parker with punches and then he tries for a back slide and he gets a near fall. Parker misses an enzuigiri but he hits a mule kick.

Marlow with a clothesline followed by punches and chops. Marlow with a leaping rana and a running shoulder into the corner followed by an attempted Samoan drop. Marlow misses a charge into the corner and Cameron sends Marlow shoulder first into the ring post. Cameron screams and that sets off O’Brian and Colon on the apron. Cameron with a jaw breaker for the three count.

Winners: Kenneth Cameron, Tito Colon, and Conor O’Brian

Regal and Matt talk about the impact that the Ascension made in their first match as a team.

We go to commercial.

We are back and AJ Lee has joined William and Matt at the announce table. Matt mentions the main event again and he asks William what he thinks. He says that everyone will know that the winner of that match is the man to beat in FCW. He says that anyone can win the match.

Byron Saxton comes out before our next match and he brings out Naomi and Cameron Lynn and they dance like Soul Train has taken over the FCW Arena.

Match Number Two: Leah West versus Naomi Knight with Byron Saxton and Cameron Lynn

They lock up and Naomi with a side head lock but Leah with a top wrist lock into a side head lock. Naomi with punches but Leah with a shoulder tackle. Naomi sends Leah into the ropes and then she connects with an elbow to the back and a forearm. Naomi chokes Leah in the ropes and gets a near fall. Naomi with a reverse chin lock and knees to Leah.

Leah with a kick to Naomi but Naomi with a clothesline for a near fall. Naomi with a kick and she tries to take Leah down by the hair but Leah stays on her feet and Naomi is the one to go down. Leah with a few double sledges followed by a round kick for a near fall. West with an inverted DDT for a two count. Naomi with a jaw breaker followed by an Irish whip.

Leah sends Naomi to the apron and then Naomi sends Leah into the turnbuckles. Naomi goes up top and hits a blockbuster for the three count.

Winner: Naomi Knight

After the match, it is the time on FCW when Cameron and Naomi do what some people might call dancing.

Briley Pierce is with Brad Maddox. Briley asks Brad when he is going to move on from Richie Steamboat. Brad says that it would be over if Richie would ever beat him. Briley points out that Richie has beaten Brad before. Brad says that Richie never beat him and then he stops because he heard Briley say something. Briley says that he could beat Brad. Brad and Briley have a battle of insults that lacks some firepower. Brad remembers that Briley was once his camera man. Brad mentions On the Box with Briley Pierce that lasted one episode. Brad says that he will let Briley have his first match against him. Brad takes the mic and he walks away as we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Calvin Raines versus Peter Orlov

Orlov with a waist lock but Raines with a hip lock take down. Orlov with a head scissors and Raines escapes. Orlov with chops and Raines with a forearm and a flying shoulder tackle. Raines with forearms across the chest. Orlov with kicks and punches to get out of the corner but Raines puts him back in the corner and he chops Orlov. Raines goes to the apron but he traps Orlov in the corner with his leg. Raines with a clothesline and a power slam for a near fall. Raines gets another near fall. Raines with a short arm clothesline followed by a quarter nelson.

Raines with a side head lock and forearms to Orlov. Raines with an Irish whip but Raines misses a splash into the corner. Orlov with a springboard forearm followed by chops. Orlov with a kick and a spinning heel kick and he gets a near fall. Orlov goes up top but he misses a missile drop kick and Raines gets Orlov up for a spinebuster and he gets the three count.

Winner: Calvin Raines

We are back with a video package to show what has happened in the Super Eight Tournament to help us crown a new Florida Heavyweight Champion to replace the injured Bo Rotundo.

We go to commercial.

We are back and FCW General Manager Maxine is at ringside in the VIP area with the title belt. She is accompanied by Richie Steamboat and Aksana.

Match Number Four: Leo Kruger versus Husky Harris versus Damien Sandow versus Dean Ambrose for the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship

The match starts with all four men standing off until they circle around Harris. Kruger goes after Harris while Sandow goes after Ambrose. Sandow kicks Ambrose while Kruger punches Harris. Harris sends Kruger into the turnbuckles while Ambrose punches Snadow. Ambrose and Harris send Kruger and Sandow into each other. Harris clotheslines Sandow over the top rope to the floor while Ambrose does the same to Kruger.

Ambrose punches Harris and then runs his forearm across Harris’ face. Ambrose with punches to Harris but Harris with an uranage. Sandow and Kruger return to the ring and Harris with a double clothesline to take them both down. Harris with a forearm to the back while Ambrose punches Harris. Harris punches Ambrose while Kruger and Sandow spend time on the floor and we go to commercial with Ambrose chopping Harris.

We are back and all four men are on the floor with Sandow Irish whipping Ambrose into the ring steps while Harris and Kruger fight on the other side of the floor. Sandow holds Harris and Kruger kicks him.Kruger with a punch to Harris’ midsection. They roll Harris back into the ring and Sandow gets a near fall.

Kruger pushes Sandow and Sandow pushes back. Harris punches Sandow but Kruger takes care of Harris. Kruger with a rollup on Sandow but Sandow with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Sandow with a baseball slide to Ambrose to keep him on the floor. Sandow with another rollup on Kruger for a near fall. Sandow knocks Harris to the mat and he applies a rear chin lock and he adds extra leverage with his feet. Kruger stops Sandow and kicks him.

Kruger covers Harris but the referee was out of position while Ambrose and Sandow fight on the floor. Kruger punches Harris and kicks him in the corner. Sandow attacks Kruger from behind and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Harris covers Kruger but Sandow pushes Harris off Kruger and then Sandow with a near fall on Harris.

Kruger with an elbow drop to Harris for a near fall but Sandow pulls Kruger off. Sandow punches Kruger and slams his head into the mat. Sandow works on Kruger’s neck and Harris kicks Sandow. Harris with a diving head butt for a near fall. Sandow sends Harris into the corner and gets a near fall with a sunset flip.

Ambrose punches Sandow in the corner and then he runs into Sandow’s boot. Kruger kicks Sandow and then he kicks Harris. Harris punches back and he slams Kruger. Ambrose with punches and forearms to Harris. Ambrose punches and chops Sandow. Ambrose with a lariat to Sandow and he throws Damien to the floor. Harris with punches to Ambrose and a splash into the corner but Ambrose with a back elbow to Harris.

Kruger with a clothesline to Ambrose for a near fall. Ambrose avoids a slam and he slams Kruger instead. Ambrose goes to the apron and up top but Kruger with a forearm to stop Ambrose. Kruger tries for a superplex but Harris gets under Kruger for a power bomb but Sandow saves us from a Tower of Doom spot and he trips Harris and crotches him on the ring post.

Kruger hits the superplex and Sandow gets a near fall on Kruger. Sandow covers Ambrose and can only get a near fall. Sandow throws Ambrose to the floor and then Kruger tries to send Sandow to the floor but he only goes to the apron. Sandow with a sunset flip attempt but Kruger does not go over. Harris slingshot’s Sandow into Kruger’s nether regions.

Harris with a reverse atomic drop to Sandow and then one to Ambrose. Harris finishes off the sequence with one to Kruger. Harris with a running shoulder tackle that takes all three men down.

Harris clotheslines Ambrose over the top rope to the floor and then Harris sends Ambrose into the ring steps. Ambrose staggers to the VIP area. Ambrose slams Harris’ face onto the stage where Maxine, Aksana, and Steamboat were sitting. Ambrose grabs a chair but Steamboat stops him. Steamboat super kicks Harris when Ambrose ducks out of the way.

Ambrose gets back into the ring and he connects with a forearm to Sandow. Sandow and Ambrose exchange forearms and punches until Kruger hits Sandow in the back with a flying knee and Sandow and Ambrose bump heads and Ambrose goes to the floor. Kruger with the sleeper and Sandow tries to fight out of it but he taps out after Kruger adds a body scissors.

Winner: Leo Kruger

We go to credits.

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