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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-10-05 16:25:25
We are live on tape from Biloxi, Mississippi and your announcers are Jack ‘Is Brett Favre going to be a rookie on the next season of NXT’ Korpela and William ‘Is there going to be a next season of NXT’ Regal.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks make their way to the ring. We see highlights from last week’s match between the Usos and the team of Darren Young and JTG. Then we see Reks and Hawkins attack The Uso.

Curt sits on the turnbuckles and he points out that they have mics in their hands and it feels good. Curt says that Raw is in complete chaos and this show is a mess so they are going to take advantage and invade NXT. Curt tells the dozens and dozens that they won’t get to see the forty year old rookie Titus O’Neil and his dog bark. There will be no Great Muta rip off Yoshi Tatsu.

Tyler says that everyone wants to know why they attacked the Usos and they will tell everyone. Tyler says that he wants to talk about what he did last night on Raw when they walked out on Triple H. Tyler says that he hates Triple H right now. He hates him because Hunter dishes out opportunities to second generation superstars like candy and they squander them. Tyler asks Curt how many opportunities they have squandered and Curt says none. Tyler asks Curt how many chances they have had and Curt says none.

The system might be broken, but it will not break Hawkins and Reks.

The Usos come out and Jimmy says that they have earned their place while Hawkins and Ryder disrespect everything. Jey says that it doesn’t matter who they are related to because they have earned everything in their life. They are earning the right to entertain the people in Biloxi. Jimmy says that it is not entertaining to see Curt and Tyler complain about things. Jimmy challenges them to a match tonight. Jey says that they talk about how the system won’t break them, the Usos will.

Jey punches Hawkins and then Jimmy hits a super kick on Reks. Jimmy and Jey send Curt over the top rope to the floor as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Derrick Bateman with Maxine versus Titus O’Neil

Derrick with a kick and chop to Titus followed by another chop. Titus with a back breaker followed by a chop in the corner. Titus with a back elbow in the corner followed by a running shoulder tackle for a near fall. Titus runs into knees from Bateman and Derrick with a drop kick for a near fall. Derrick with kicks to the midsection.

Derrick with a chop and forearms to Titus but Titus with a kick and punches until the referee pulls him out of the corner. Bateman with a kick to the knee followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Bateman works on the neck but Titus with a punch. Bateman with a flying clothesline and he gets a near fall.

Titus with a punch to Derrick but Bateman with a drop kick for a near fall. Bateman works on Titus’ back and then he puts Titus in a rear chin lock. Titus with an elbow but Bateman with forearms. Titus catches Derrick on a cross body attempt and he hits a fallaway slam.

Titus with running shoulder tackles and then he sends Bateman into the air and Derrick lands on his chest. Titus with an Irish whip and kick. Titus with a power slam for a near fall. Titus lets out a bark as he tries to get the fan’s support. Maxine gets on the steps and distracts Titus and the referee and allows Bateman to clip Titus and hit a side head lock driver for the three count.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

We see Yoshi Tatsu in the back getting ready for his match Darren Young and JTG ask him if he is putting on his make up. Yoshi says that it is a symbol of pride. JTG and Young leave and Yoshi lookes for his face paint but it is gone. Yoshi is not happy.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Yoshi Tatsu versus JTG with Darren Young

JTG retreats to the ropes as soon as the bell rings to get into Yoshi’s head. JTG goes to the floor as he continues to play mind games with Yoshi. Yoshi goes to the floor and JTG hides behind Darren Young and Darren has Yoshi’s face paint. Yoshi kicks Young in the head and Young is down.

JTG with forearms to Yoshi as they return to the ring. JTG with boots to Yoshi followed by a punch and clothesline. JTG with elbows to the upper chest. JTG with a punch and then he sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles. JTG with punches to the midsection and the referee warns him.

JTG with a knee to the back as he chokes Yoshi in the ropes. JTG with a snap mare and punches to Yoshi. JTG with a forearm to the back followed by a reverse chin lock. JTG with a knee and then he sends Yoshi to the mat. JTG with a kick to the back of the neck for a near fall. JTG with a punch that backs Yoshi into the corner. JTG leaps into the corner and he hits the X Factor and gets a near fall.

JTG with a rear chin lock but Yoshi with a punch but JTG with a forearm. JTG with an Irish whip and then he runs into a boot from Yoshi. Yoshi with chops to JTG that send him to the mat. Yoshi with a series of kicks that backs JTG into the corner followed by the running knees into the corner and a running kick to the chest. Yoshi goes up top and hits the spinning heel kick for the three count.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

Daniel Bryan returns to the hallways of NXT and he has his briefcase as he walks into commercial.

Match Number Three: Daniel Bryan versus Heath Slater

Slater has something to say to Bryan before they lock up. They lock up and Bryan works on the wrist and he takes Slater down after a side head lock. Bryan wants a Greco Roman knuckle lock but Slater with a kick and he gets a near fall on Bryan. Bryan gets to his feet and he works on the wrist and he applies a hammer lock. Slater with an elbow but Bryan with a drop kick. Bryan sets up for the surfboard and then he decides to drive Slater’s knees into the mat.

Bryan with a kick to the chest for a near fall. Bryan with a European uppercut. Slater with a kick when Bryan tries to float over in the corner. Slater with a clothesline for a near fall. Slater with kicks to the back and Slater punches Bryan. Slater with a suplex and he gets a near fall.

Slater with a kick to the midsection and Bryan goes to the floor. Slater rolls to the floor and he kicks Bryan in the ribs. Slater punches Bryan but Bryan reverses an Irish whip on the floor that sends Slater into the ringside barrier. Bryan with a flying knee off the apron and then he sends Slater back into the ring.

Slater crotches Bryan and Slater gets a near fall. Slater with a punch and he chokes Bryan in the corner. Slater with kicks to the chest and the referee warns him. Slater with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over and hits a flying elbow to the head. Bryan gets a second wind and hits a running drop kick into the corner and gets a near fall. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock but Slater avoids it and he hits a flap jack and gets a near fall.

Slater with punches to the head but Bryan lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Bryan and Slater exchange kicks but Bryan applies the Regal Stretch and Slater taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from earlier tonight when the participants in the main event gave us a sample of what we might see in the upcoming match.

Match Number Four: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks versus The Usos

Hawkins and Jimmy start things off and he slams Hawkins followed by a diving head butt for a near fall. Jey tags in and he hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Hawkins with a side head lock and Reks makes the blind tag and he attacks Jey from behind. Reks with kicks to Jey in the corner before Hawkins is tagged back in. Hawkins with a forearm to the back followed by a reverse chin lock. Jey with punches to Hawkins but Hawkins with a back elbow.

Hawkins sends Jey into the turnbuckles and then Reks slams Jey onto Hawkins’ knees. Reks with an elbow to the top of the head and then he tries for a power slam but Jey escapes and he back body drops a charging Reks and both men are down.

Jey tries to make it to his corner to tag and he succeeds. Jimmy punches Hawkins and then he hits a few forearms to the head. Jimmy with a Bubba Bomb after knocking Reks off the apron. Jimmy with a running butt splash into the corner for a near fall. Hawkins pushes Jimmy into the ropes and Hawkins with a suplex for a near fall. Jimmy with a chop and punch.

Jey tosses Hawkins into the air for a Samoan drop by Jimmy and Jey gets a near fall. Jimmy and Reks fight on the floor but Jimmy with a super kick to Hawkins. Reks stops Jimmy on top and Hawkins with a press slam. Hawkins goes up top and hits the elbow drop for the three count.

Winners: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

We go to credits.

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