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By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-01 22:31:00
We are live at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY for Northeast Wrestling's Autumn Ambush II!

Autumn Ambush II opened with an announcement that Brian Anthony had captured the NEW championship from Matt Taven and they would have a rematch tonight. Haven was originally scheduled to defend against Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer was introduced and came out to the ring. Dreamer said that as a local guy and someone who had dealt with a little bad news in wrestling, he felt it was his job to let everyone know that Kevin Nash wasn't here because the WWE said he couldn't. Dreamer said, "As always, who really cares?" He said that there are a lot of hardcore freaks here in Poughkeepsie and anytime he's on the card, he's going to go hardcore and extreme. He asked everyone to have a good time and they'll blow the roof off the place.

Out came Tough Enough finalist Luke Robinson. Robinson asked Dreamer who he was. He said that he thought Tommy Dreamer was supposed to be here but he only sees a fat, old, pathetic shell of what Dreamer used to be. He said the difference between Robinson and everyone else is that when he looks in the mirror, he loves what he sees but when Dreamer and everyone else looks into the mirror, they are disgusted. Robinson said that he used to look up to Dreamer when he was a kid, but that was a long time ago. He said Dreamer doesn't have the balls to do anything about him coming out.

Dreamer admitted he is old and balding but Robinson has more male pattern baldness at 20 than Dreamer ever did. He said that Robinson was a skinny Randy Orton wannabe and nailed him. Dreamer whipped him into the ropes and hit a Fall Away Slam, then tossed him out to the floor.

Dreamer took a plastic sign from a fan and nailed Robinson with it, then spewed soda in his eyes. Dreamer then nailed him with a cup of soda. Dreamer placed Robinson into a ring as a "Dreamer" chant broke out. He placed the ring bell over Robinson's nether-regions and rang it. That got an ECW chant.

Robinson snapped Dreamer's neck over the ropes, then dropkicked him. He stomped Dreamer low and choked him against the ropes. He started stomping Dreamer in the corner then pulled him out, slamming Dreamer down. He whipped Dreamer into the corner and chopped away at him as the fans rallied Dreamer.

Dreamer chopped back but missed a charge into the corner, nailing his shoulder into the ringpost. Robinson began working over Dreamer's back and cinched in a rear chinlock. The crowd rallied Dreamer, who kicked off a charge in the corner and nailed several clotheslines, then a big right hand.

Dreamer peppered Robinson with punches in the corner, then bit him on the forehead. Dreamer nailed a sitdown spinebuster for a two count. He pulled a chair into the ring. He went to nail Robinson into it but was fought off and nailed with a stepover toehold into the chair. Robinson covered him for a two count.

Robinson went to the center turnbuckles with the chair and leapt off but Dreamer kicked him as he was coming down. Dreamer tied him to the tree of woe and placed the chair over Robinson's face. Dreamer ran and nailed a dropkick into the chair. He then wedged the chair into the opposite buckle and grabbed Robinson for the Spicoli Driver. Robinson escaped but Dreamer tried to throw him into the chair. Robinson stopped himself and jumped away. Dreamer caught him low, then DDT'd him for the pin.

Your winner, Tommy Dreamer!

Good opener. The crowd was super into Dreamer. Robinson looked really good here, both in terms of his poise as a heel and also in terms of his timing in the ring.

A local DJ came out and thanked the crowd for coming tonight. He noted that he was recently assaulted by Vik Dalishus and hoped he was taken care of tonight by Hale Collins. He noted that Bret Hart would be the guest enforcer referee.

This brought out Dalishus. He grabbed the mic from the DJ and said that he used his physical ability to make the DJ look like a nothing and was going to give him a chance to get him back, although he didn't think the DJ was man enough to do it. He placed his face out and the DJ slapped him. Dalishus drilled the DJ and laid him out. He promised that tonight, everyone gets to watch the burial of Hale Collins, courtesy of him. Good angle to get over Dalishus as a heel.

Bull Dredd & Rotten Nick Right vs. Adam Page & Diablo Santiago

Page and Right started out. They went back and forth with some good solid wrestling. Page shoulderblocked him down and Right got him back with one of his own. They had a nice back and forth sequence and faced off. Santiago, who has worked ROH in the past and was over huge as he's the Dean of Students at a local University, and Dredd tagged in. They chopped back and forth. Santiago nailed a dropkick but was caught with a knee to the gut.

Dredd whipped him into the ropes but was kicked off and Santiago nailed him with a bulldog for a two count. Right and Page tagged back in. Right clotheslined Page and then sent him into their corner where Dredd choked him with the ring rope and tagged back in. He caught Page with a clothesline for a two count.

Dredd and Right cut off the ring, tagging in and out while working over Page. Right went to the ropes and dove off, landed on his feet, and covered him for a two count. Right nailed several kicks and an enziguiri for a two count. Page made a comeback but was caught on Dredd's shoulder and then was then dropped down, catching him on his shoulder. Dredd missed a sitdown splash and Page made the hot tag to Santiago.

Santiago cleaned house and tossed Dredd to the floor. Page hit a pescado to the floor. Santiago and Right went back and forth with a series of near falls. Santiago finally scored the pin.

Your winners, Diablo Santiago and Adam Page!

Manscout Jake Manning vs. Vladimir Kozlov

This is Kozlov's first independent bout post-WWE.

Manning played to the crowd and was booed while they cheered Kozlov. They locked up and Kozlov nailed him with a judo toss. Manning went to the floor and stalled. When he returned, Kozlov grabbed his leg but Manning grabbed the ropes to break it. They locked up and Kozlov manhandled him on the mat. Manning grabbed the ropes again.

He sent Manning into the ropes and shoulderblocked him down. He tried to nail an Oklahoma Stampede into the corner but Manning slipped out and dropkicked Kozlov. Manning worked him over but was shoved off. Undaunted, he began choking Kozlov against the ropes. He nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

He cinched in a side chinlock but Kozlov made a comeback with another judo throw. He nailed several headbutts to the chest and placed Mannning on the ropes. He kicked him in the gut, sending him down but was kicked off during a charge. Manning dropkicked his leg, then went to the top. He came off for a bodypress but was headbutt as he came down and pinned.

Your winner, Vladimir Kozlov!

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