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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-09-17 19:16:20
It's main event time!

Ladder War III: Jay & Mark Briscoe vs All Night Express

The Briscoes jump the ANX on their way into the ring and we're off. The winners here get a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Title at the upcoming show in Chicage Ridge in November. The crowd chants "we want blood" as the Briscoes set up a ladder in the corner and beat King down and try a double Beell, but King blocks it and they all go out to the floor and continue brawling. The Briscoes ram both members of the ANX into the barricade and then Jay takes a chair and DRILLS Titus with it. King lays Mark on a table and goes for a charge, Mark blocks and tries to suplex King through the table, King blocks and runs across the ring to hit Shotgun Knees and drive Jay into the barricade, then charges back at Mark and gets backdropped through the table. Mark stomps Titus down in the corner while Jay lays a ladder between the ring apron and the barricade. Mark tries to powerbomb Titus through the ladder, but Titus escapes and instead has his head taken off by a running boot from Jay. Crowd chants "man up" as the Briscoes take turns throwing chairs at Titus' head, but Titus fires up and starts battling his way back until Jay hits another chairshot, then sits the chair between the top and middle turnbuckle and hits a Flatliner into the chair on Titus. Mark keeps King out on the floor while Jay continues to brutalize Titus. Mark tries to backdrop Mark onto the ladder, but Titus lands on his feet on the apron and suplexes Mark out of the ring and onto the ladder. A now bloody Titus mugs for the camera before hitting a somersault dive to the floor onto Jay. The ANX brings another ladder into the ring and double team Jay, sitting him spread eagle in the corner, opening the ladder and laying it point first in front of Jay's crotch, and then each baseball sliding one of the ladder's legs to drive the ladder into Jay's Doomsday Device.

Now they're keeping Mark on the floor while brutalizing Jay, repeatedly slamming him onto the ladder and then putting the ladder around his head and ramming him into the cornerpost. King takes a dive onto Mark on the floor, but Mark uses a portion of the broken table to nail King on the way down and then Mark throws a chair at him. Titus hits a leaping enzigiuri on Mark on the floor as we see that Jay has been busted open, and he nearly rams King through the barricade. King comes backand moonsaults off the barricade onto Mark as Jay picks up a ladder in the ring and throws it to the floor onto Titus. Jay goes to the outside and suplexes Titus onto the ringpost, then gets to his feet and stalks back toward the ring with a look on his face that would send Chuck Norris running for cover. Mark hits a dive off the apron onto King as Jay makes a pseudo table out of a ladder and two chairs, puts Titus on it, and hits a running dive off the apron onto Titus. Mark whips King into the ropes and Jay nails King with a chair from the floor. The crowd chants "make them bleed" at the Briscoes, and they try to oblige by setting another ladder up in the corner and launch King onto it. The crowd chants "you killed Kenny" as Mark baseball slides Titus on the floor, and Jay repeatedly drills King in the head and Mark throws a chair at King's face as the crowd chants at him to bleed. Mark holds a chair in front of King so Jay can dropkick it into King's face, and then Mark repeatedly headbutts King before Jay tosses another chair at his head. King still isn't bleeding, so the Briscoes go for a spike Jay Driller, but Titus suddenly pops up out of nowhere and pushes Mark off the top rope and through a table at ringside, then slams a chair into Jay's skull.

The tide has turned, and King chokes Jay in the corner with his boot as Titus gets another table from under the ring. The ANX sets up the table inside the ring and hit a powerbomb/Blockbuster combo through the table on Jay. Titus brings what appears to be the only climbable ladder left into the ring and starts his way up. Mark comes off the top and dropkicks the ladder, sending Titus crashing to the mat, then picks the ladder up on his shoulders and takes the ANX out helicopter style. The Briscoes go to the outside and pull a gigantic ladder out from under the ring and set it and a table up in the aisle. Mark climbs the ladder as Jay lays Titus on the table, and then dives off and they both go through the table as the crowd starts their favorite religious chant. Jay and King head back into the ring with the giant ladder and King goes for the Royal Flush, Jay blocks and goes for the Jay Driller, and King blocks that and hits a spinebuster. King goes up top and hits a shooting star press, then sets up the giant ladder and starts climbing. Jay climbs up the opposite side and they duke it out on the top of the ladder, King comes out on top and sends Jay crashing to the mat, and grabs the contract to get the win.

Winners: All Night Express

King puts the dot on the exclamation point by dipping his fingers in the blood on Jay's forehead and signs "ANX" on the contract in Jay's blood. Jay is flat on his back with blod literally pooling under his head as Titus comes into the ring to celebrate with his partner.

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