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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-08-28 19:07:47
We start off this week’s show with a look back at what happened in the last two weeks between Dean Ambrose and FCW 15 Champion Seth Rollins. Two weeks ago, we had a fifteen minute tie with neither man gaining a fall so Rollins retained the title. Then we saw Ambrose throw the FCW 15 medal away. Then we move forward to last week where Rollins attacked Ambrose during an interview. Ambrose was the man who was left standing at the end of the brawl. What will happen tonight?

We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Matt ‘Can I join William on Tuesday night’ Martlaro and William ‘Hooray Announcing’ Regal.

William points off by mentioning that Norman Smiley was injured last week so Maxine is the new General Manager. William says that he is looking forward to tonight’s main event with Dean Ambrose facing Seth Rollins in an FCW 15 Title match with a 20 minute time limit.

Match Number One: Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins in an FCW 15 Title Match with a twenty minute time limit

Seth pulls Dean to the floor and then he brings Dean into the ring. Seth takes Dean down as the bell rings. They fight outside the ring with Seth peppering Ambrose with punches and then he sends Ambrose into the apron and ring steps. Rollins chops Ambrose and they go into the ring. Rollins with another chop to Ambrose followed by kicks to the chest.

The referee warns Rollins but it doesn’t look like Rollins cares. Rollins with shoulders followed by an Irish whip. Rollins with a snap mare and a kick to the back. Rollins with another snap mare and another kick to the back. Rollins with another series of chops but Ambrose with a back elbow. Rollins goes to the apron and Ambrose with a running shoulder tackle that knocks Rollins off the apron and into the guardrails. We go to commercial with about two minutes elapsed in the match.

We are back and we have just under sixteen minutes to go. Ambrose with an STF on Rollins as Matt tells us that Rollins almost lost a fall by count out. Rollins bites on Ambrose’s hand to get out of the hold. Rollins punches Ambrose and connects with a forearm. Ambrose with a back elbow for a near fall. Ambrose with a curb stomp into the bottom turnbuckle and then the referee warns Ambrose. Dean with a camel clutch with a chin lock and he rubs his forearm across Seth’s face and then he locks in the camel clutch. Ambrose works on the back and then he returns to the camel clutch. Ambrose with a Dragon Sleeper followed by a forearm to the chest for a near fall.

Ambrose with a boot to the chest but Rollins with punches. Ambrose with punches and elbows but Rollins responds. Ambrose with a knee and a slam. Ambrose misses a snap elbow drop when Rollins rolls out of the way. Ambrose misses another elbow drop when Seth moves out of the way again. Rollins with a lateral press to counter a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Rollins with more chops to Ambrose. Ambrose sends Rollins to the apron and Seth with an enzuigiri. Rollins goes up top but Ambrose stops him. Dean sets for a superplex and he hits it but both men are down as we are about eight and a half minutes into the match. We go to commercial.

We are back and we now have about nine and a half minutes back and Ambrose with a near fall. Rollins with a jaw breaker or two to stagger Ambrose. Rollins is on the mat and Ambrose pulls Rollins up and Seth lands on his feet and he hits an enzuigiri and both men are down.

Rollins with a running clothesline or two followed by a kick and a suplex. Rollins gets a second wind and he gets ready for the running forearm but Ambrose knows what is coming and he hits Rollins in the corner. Ambrose with a flatline into the turnbuckles and then he hits the running forearm. Rollins misses the running curb stomp and Ambrose sets for the Midnight Special but Rollins counters with a sunset flip for a near fall. Rollins with another near fall.

Rollins misses a springboard curb stomp but Ambrose moves out of the way and Rollins appears to have tweaked his knee. Ambrose goes to the knee and he drops some elbows. Ambrose puts Rollins’s leg in the ropes and Ambrose with a kick and a running drop kick. Ambrose with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and Ambrose puts Rollins in the figure four leg lock.

Ambrose gets a near fall while Rollins’ legs are on the mat. Rollins gets a near fall when Ambrose forgets and has his shoulders on the mat. Ambrose bridges to add more pressure to the hold and Rollins struggles to avoid tapping out. Rollins turns it over to reverse the hold and Ambrose struggles to turn it back over and he does it. Rollins gets to the ropes and Ambrose releases the hold.

We are down to the final five minutes of the match and Ambrose tries for the figure four again but Rollins counters with an inside cradle and gets a near fall. Rollins with an enzuigiri that knocks Ambrose down and Rollins gets a two count.

Rollins misses a splash into the corner and Ambrose with forearms to Rollins. Ambrose punches Rollins in the corner but Rollins is able to stop him and he hits a running buckle bomb but before Rollins could hit Ambrose with Avada Kedavra, Ambrose gets up and hits a clothesline followed by Midnight Special but Rollins kicks out at two.

Ambrose tries for Midnight Special again but Rollins escapes and he tries for a rollup but he rolls through and then he hits Avada Kedavra but Ambrose rolls to the floor. Rollins brings Ambrose into the ring but Ambrose gets his foot on the ropes. Rollins grabs both legs for the next cover but Ambrose gets his hand on the rope. Ambrose is pulled into the center of the ring and Rollins tries for another cover but Ambrose kicks out.

Rollins goes up top for the Phoenix Splash but Ambrose pushes Rollins off the turnbuckles and Seth hits the guardrail. Ambrose goes to the floor and Rollins sends Ambrose into the crowd. Ambrose hot shots Rollins on the announce table and then he puts Rollins on the announce table. We have thirty seconds to go in the match and Ambrose picks up Rollins and he tries for Midnight Special on the announce table but Rollins gets to his feet. Rollins and Ambrose exchange punches and they both fall off the announce table and go to the floor as time runs out.

Draw 0 Falls Each Seth Rollins Retains

After the match, Regal and Martlaro talk about the effort of both men in the match and their accomplishments over the last two matches.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt and William talk about the FCW 15 Match and Regal tells everyone in WWE that if there are any doubts about being in the WWE and being the best in the world, you need to leave or step up your game because Seth and Dean have set a high standard.

Richie Steamboat comes to the ring for his match and we see what Richie did to Brad Maddox recently.

Brad Maddox comes out for his match with Richie but Brad is in street clothes. He says that Richie Steamboat versus Brad Maddox would be a match that people want to see. The talented first generation underdog versus the overrated second generation guy with an important daddy. Unfortunately, Richie lost his cool two weeks ago and Richie kicked him in the face with an illegal unauthorized street shoe. Brad says that sucker kick gave him a concussion. Brad says that he almost broke his jaw so he is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Brad says that Richie is lucky because he wanted to beat Richie again. Brad says that he got his friends to make sure that these sucker kicks don’t happen again. Brad wants to know if his daddy told him not to . . .

We won’t know what else Brad was going to say because Richie hits Brad with a super kick. Richie then hits one of Brad’s bodyguards with a super kick.

Richie tells the other man that he is the lucky one because he gets to carry them out. Richie decides to give him a super kick as well.

Richie stands over Brad and he puts the mic on Brad’s chest.

Regal is impressed with what Richie just did.

CJ Parker and Donny Marlow are in the interview area with Briley Pierce. Briley asks them how excited they are to be tag team champions. Donny says that he is on cloud nine and he can’t speak. CJ talks about how they are a Cinderella story. He says that he didn’t know who Donny Marlow was three months ago. Donny says that it has been a short road for CJ so he tells him not to get too excited. He tells CJ that they need to fight like champions.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt and William talk what has happened so far.

Matt mentions that he interviewed Ricardo Rodriguez earlier today. We go to the interview and Ricardo has Raquel Diaz, Tito Colon, Kenneth Cameron, and Conor O’Brian standing behind him.

Ricardo says that Alberto is his employee. A few years ago, Alberto came to his father’s agency and Alberto signed with them. Alberto has a lot of talent. Ricardo says that his father told him that the perfect person to introduce Alberto when he comes to the ring is him. He says that he has guided Alberto through everything that he has done. Alberto won the Royal Rumble and main evented Wrestlemania because of him. Ricardo points out that Alberto is his employee.

Matt asks Ricardo what him and his associates are doing watching things in the back. Ricardo says that they are going to be the best thing to happen to the WWE through his guidance. When this ascension rises to the top they will not only take over FCW but they will take over WWE. He says that together they can take everything.

William mentions the ‘human cage’ and he says that he is glad that he doesn’t have to deal with it like Bo Rotundo and Leo Kruger do.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the wrestlers who are going to be the human cage make their way to the ring for the main event.

Match Number Two: Leo Kruger versus Bo Rotundo in a Non Title Match in a Human Cage Match

Bo with a punch to the midsection and then to the head. Rotundo sends Kruger’s head into the turnbuckles as he makes his way around the ring. Bo with a forearm to the back but Kruger with forearms. Kruger sends Bo into the turnbuckles. Leo with punches and kicks in the corner. Leo with a European uppercut. Bo with punches but Leo with knees. Leo gets sent over the top rope to the floor but since he is on the heel side of the ‘cage’ he is shielded as he returns to the ring.

Bo punches Leo and he applies a side head lock. Bo with punches while he has Leo in the side head lock. Leo with a forearm and then he holds Bo up to look at Bo’s banner. Leo is sent over the top rope to the floor and Leo is able to return to the ring untouched by the faces.

Bo with a side head lock and Leo with an atomic drop to the knee. Kruger with elbow drops to the leg and then he continues to work on the leg. Leo sends Bo to the floor and Bo punches Conor before anyone can do something to him on the floor.

Bo with a double leg take down but Leo kicks Bo in the leg and then he hits a knee drop to the leg. Bo kicks Leo and then he punches Leo. Leo and Bo exchange punches and forearms as they return to their feet but Kruger with another kick to the knee. Kruger with a modified figure four leg lock and Bo punches his way out of the hold. Kruger with a snap suplex to Bo for a near fall. Kruger gets a near fall but he appears to be too confident in his situation.

Kruger kicks Bo in the hamstring and then he hits a leg DDT. Kruger with a knee bar and he grapevines the leg. Bo punches Leo to get out of the hold and then he struggles to get to his feet. Bo with a back elbow but he goes back to the mat because of the pain in his knee. Kruger with a kick to stop Bo and then he hits another single leg DDT. Leo removes the knee pad and then he drops a series of knees to the injured knee.

Kruger with a step over toe hold as he continues to work on the leg. Bo is able to kick Kruger to the floor and Leo is protected so he can return to the ring, but the members of the cage distract the referee while Conor O’Brian connects with a big boot to Rotundo. Kruger applies a sleeper and the arm drops three times and Rotundo is out.

Winner: Leo Kruger

After the match, Leo celebrates his victory in the ring while Donny Marlow and Leakee check on Bo.

We go to credits.

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