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By Mike Johnson on 2011-08-14 20:10:53
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of WWE Summerslam 2011!

We open with Adam Jones of Tool performing the national anthem on guitar.

The Miz & Alberto Del Rio & R Truth vs. Kofi Kingston & John Morrison & Rey Mysterio

Miz came out first alone, wielding a mic. He proclaimed that the most must see champion of all time has returned to Summerslam. He said that he wanted to thank each and every one of the fans for their insistence that he compete tonight and for all their unwavering support. He told them to sit back and steal the show as only he....

R Truth's music began and Truth came out. He said that he didn't know why The Miz would want to thank anyone in Los Angeles. He said that he hates spiders and they start with the letter "S" as does Summerslam. He tied Cee Lo Green into his conspiracy. He started in on the crowd, but Alberto Del Rio's music began. He came to the ring, where he got a nice positive reaction.

The babyfaces all made singular entrances as well.

Kingston and Miz started out. Miz ate a monkeyflip. Morrison tagged in and they doubled oin Miz. Miz was able to tag out to Truth. Morrison tackled him and slammed him into the turnbuckles. Morrison nailed a springboard kick to Truth's head. Truth came back with a big right and several kicks to the head. He charged Morrison in the corner but was kicked off.

Before Morrison could build any momentum, Miz shoved Morrison off the apron to the floor. Truth followed him down and slammed his face into the apron. Truth brought him back into the ring and locked in a rear chinlock after a snapmare. Miz tagged in and drilled Morrison with a kick to the chest for a two count. Miz cinched in a side chinlock, working over Morrison.

Morrison made his way to his feet. Miz went to pull him back down but Morrison kicked Miz as he went down and made the tag to Kofi. Kingston leapt in with a dropkick and followed up with several others. Miz manuevered him into the corner but was kicked off. Kingston hit a double jump bodypress for a two count. He fired up and nailed the Boom Boom Drop. Kingston set up for Trouble in Paradise but Miz ducked and went for the Skull Crushing Finale. Kingston reversed that into the SOS but Del Rio broke it up.

It broke down with the others battling. Miz nailed a cutter into a jawbreaker for a two count. That move will be stolen by everyone in a month. Truth tagged in and beat down Kingston. Truth lifted Kingston for a suplex and dropped him down. Del Rio tagged in. Big reaction for that.

Alberto nailed a textbook belly to back suplex for a two count and began mocking Kingston's mannerisms. Kingston kicked him away and almost made the tag but Miz cut him off and nailed a suplex. Kingston fired back but was cut off with a clothesline. Miz locked in another rear chinlock. Kingston fought back to his feet. He finally made the hot tag to Rey.

Rey came in with some hot offense on Truth and Miz. Truth went for a sunset flip but Rey rolled through and nailed a roundhouse kick to the head for a two count. Rey set him up for the 619. Miz got involved and was set up as well. Rey went for it but Del Rio tripped him up. Morrison dove on Rio. Rey nailed the 619 on Truth as Miz escaped. Miz was dispatched. Rey hit a top rope splash on Truth and scored the win.

Your winners, Kofi Kingston & John Morrison & Rey Mysterio

Good back and forth opener. I'd love to see WWE hold more six man tags on PPVs as it allows for all sorts of different combinations and fresh interactions. Rey was held out for the most part to protect his ailing knee but

Johnny Ace wanted WWE champ CM Punk to tell him that the kick on Raw was an accident and demanded a public apology. Punk just smirked and gave him a completely fake, asskissing apology. He smiled at Ace. Ace walked off and Punk sneered. He turned around and walked into Stephanie McMahon. She said she came to wish him luck. Punk said he finds that hard to believe and told her to run along to her husband or her father. They mentioned he's still Chairman of the Board. She told them that she spoke to both of them and they wished him and Cena luck, but what did she know, since she's just the clueless daughter. Punk agreed and said, "but you said it, not me. I said idiotic." She offered her hand and he said, "I would but I know where that hand has been" and walked off. Pretty entertaining. Stephanie's appearance didn't get the reaction you'd expect.

Video feature on Mark Henry. Really well done.

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

Henry used his power to control Sheamus early. Sheamus fired back with a series of shots across the face and back, taking Henry down to one knee. Henry returned fire and they slugged it out. Sheamus was tossed to the floor. Henry continued the beating and brought Sheamus back to the ring, covering him for several near falls.

Henry set up Henry across the ropes and splashed him, doing the same move the Big Bossman used to do. The crowd reacted bigtime to that. Sheamus kicked up at two. The crowd began chanting for Henry. Sheamus fired back with punches but was caught with a backbreaker.

Henry continued the beating, whipping Sheamus into the corner. Henry went for the Vader Bomb splash off the ropes but Sheamus rolled out of the way. Sheamus made his way to hs feet first and drilled Henry with two big axehandles to the chest. Sheamus takes Henry down with another and begins dropping knee after knee.

Sheamus tied up Henry in the ropes and pummeled him with shot after shot across the chest. They clunked heads charging at the other. Sheamus made a comeback but missed the Brouge Kick and was taken down by Henry. Henry measured Sheamus and went for the World's Strongest Slam but Sheamus slipped over his shoulder and nailed the Brouge Kick. Henry went out through the ropes to the floor and was out.

Sheamus tried to pull Henry into the ring but Henry grabbed him and charged the ring barricade. They crashed through it and into the first row. Henry recovered first and returned to the ring. Sheamus struggled to return to the ring but didn't make it in by the ten count.

Your winner by countout, Mark Henry!

Solid match. Henry's aura and mannerisms improve by the week. They had some good back and forth exchanges and it was a solid slugfest. The ending was booked well as there's no way Sheamus lost any momentum with that finish. He will live to fight another day.

Josh Mathews interviewed World champion Christian. Christian promised that Orton was not leaving the PPV champion. Christian said he had an insurance policy and the entire WWE is the beneficiary. Christian said the match was going to be the epic Summer blockbuster while he's going to be like Harry Potter. He said Orton is going to be like Cowboy and Aliens, overproduced and overmatched flop.

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